Billie Members’ Siblings: The New 4th-Gen Group

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Billie members' siblings

Who are the Billie Members’ Siblings, fans want to know it all! Billie is the newest girl group in town that has been taking over our minds with their catchy music. Billie is the newest girl group of Mystic Story, the company established by Yoon Jong Shin. Consisting of six members- Moon Sua, Suhyun, Haram, Tsuki, Sheon, Siyoon, and Haruna, the girl group debuted with its extended play The Billage of Perception: Chapter One. One of the members Moon Sua, who is also the eldest, had trained in YG Entertainment for a whopping ten-year duration and had also competed in the show Unpretty Rapstar 2  and became the third runner-up.

Suhyeon has participated in Produce 101 and Mix Nine and has also acted in the web drama A-Teen. Furthermore, the group consists of two former SM Entertainment trainees Haram and Tsuki. Even Sheon had been a very popular contestant in the survival show Girls Planet 999. Apart from their addictive music beats, we are also in love with their storyline as well as their music videos. No wonder why the group has gotten more popular every second. The members are also very fun and easygoing, which is maybe why many want to find out more about Billie Members’ siblings, it would be really fun to be around them! Keep reading to find out more about the siblings of the Billie members!

1. Moon Sua

Moon Sua is the eldest of the Billie members but is the youngest among her siblings. In fact, her sibling is a very K-pop idol, insert drum rolls, ASTRO’s Moonbin! Moonbin and Sua have proven countless times that they are one of the best celebrity duos in the K-pop industry. They just proved that talented runs in their blood! Moonbin had even advised Moon Sua on many things about becoming a K-pop idol and a trainee itself, they sure are great siblings. Plus, they even like to tease each other on-screen, but like every family’s siblings, they really care for each other.

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Billie Siblings
Moon Sua and Moonbin

2. Suhyeon

Suhyeon is the main vocalist and lead dancer of Billie. The Billie member does not have many siblings and just has a brother. We do not even know whether her brother is younger or elder than her. But what we do know is that she would be an amazing sister!

Billie Members siblings
Suhyeon cr: Mystic Story

3. Haram

The group’s main vocalist, Haram has a sister. Not much about the Billie member’s siblings have been revealed to the public. Maybe we might get to know more about the Billie members’ siblings later on in their careers.

who are the siblings of billie
Haram cr: Mystic Story

4. Tsuki, Sheon, Siyoon and Haruna

For now, it looks like the group’s main dancer and sub-vocalist, Tsuki, does not have any siblings. As there has been no information about Tsuki’s siblings, we can assume that she is an only child.  The other members, Sheon, Siyoon, and Haruna, also do not reportedly have any siblings.

The Billie Members cr: Mystic story

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