Our Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date: ‘I Don’t Ever Want to See You Again’

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our beautiful now episode 20
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In the last episode, we saw that Mi Rae was pulling back, but Hyun Jae was successfully able to console her and push her toward him. In Our Beautiful Now Episode 20, Mi Rae has made it very clear to Hyun Jae that she does not have a lot of expectations regarding the course of their relationship. She is hurting and does not want a repeat of what happened with his ex. Good thing for both of them (and shippers of the Mi-Hyun couple). Hyun Jae knows where Mi Rae’s reservations are coming from. But things are looking a little worse for the wear for Yoon Jae and Hae Jun. True to his name, Yoon Jae is behaving like a dolt since Hae Jun is unable to connect with him, and he is clueless.

On the other hand, in Our Beautiful Now Episode 20, Jung Ja – Mi Rae’s grandmother went drinking with Kyung Chul and Kyung Soo. While Min Ho did come to pick up his father and his aunt, Jung Ja was left adrift. She sat at the restaurant alone for a long time, waiting for her son to pick her up. She felt incredibly insulted since she was forced to sit alone when she had bragged about her son and daughter-in-law to her friends.

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What To Expect In Our Beautiful Now Episode 20?

In a sweet ad heartwarming conversation, Mi Rae and Hyun Jae talk about their families. Well, Hyun Jae talks, and Mi Rae listens. Hyun Jae says that he is silent most of the time, but being the middle son in a family of three boys, he had to fight to get what he wanted. Hyun Jae adds that he is also called selfish by his mother and younger brother, but when push comes to shove, everyone rallies around him for his help. He bottles up his feelings in order to be liked by people, and Mi Rae supplements by saying that she is the same.

Our Beautiful Noe episode 20
Hyun Jae tells Mi Rae about his family. cr: KBS2

Yu Na and Soo Jae go to a bakery late one night after Yu Na gets off work. They make a playful wager of $10 – if Yu Na wins, she gets $10 if the bakery does not have chestnut bread. Since it’s already late, Yu Na wins. Soo Jae gives her the $10. But later on the bus, Yu Na gives Soo Jae the money back, saying that she does not want to engage in any more wagers or gambling systems and all she wants is to spend time with him. After saying this, she lays her head on his shoulder during the bus ride.

our beautiful now episode 20
Yu Na and Soo Jae make a friendly wage over bread. cr: KBS2

Yoon Jae takes Hae Jun to a romantic restaurant. But, this is the restaurant where he took his blind date to. Nothing seems to go his way tonight, and his blind date walks in and lets Hae Jun know that this was the same restaurant Yoon Jae brought her to. She later adds and tells Hae Jun that she never hopes to see her again since it is bad luck to have a lawyer in your life. Hae Jun has had enough of Yoon Jae, and she storms off. But Yoon Jae catches up to her, and to tell her that he likes her, he kisses her! OMG, everyone is glad that the dolt did something right!

Yoon Jae kisses Hae Jun. cr: KBS2

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Our Beautiful Now Episode 20 Release Date

Our Beautiful Now Episode 20 will be released on 5th June 2022, which is a Sunday. People are now anxiously waiting to know if Hae Jun and Yoon Jae will be a serious couple or not.

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Watch Our Beautiful Now Ep 20 Online – Streaming Details

People who are in Korea can watch Our Beautiful Now Episode 20 on the KBS2 channel at 8 pm KST. Americans and Canadians can watch these episodes on Kocowa TV at 7 am EST, but Indians, Australians, and Britishers cannot watch this anywhere.

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