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Meet The Talented Cast Of The K-Drama ‘Her Private Life’

Her private life cast

After watching Her Private Life, you would undoubtedly want to find out who was a part of the talented cast of the rom-com series. Her Private life is undoubtedly one of the best K-dramas that the year 2019 has given us. The story gives us a perfect romance with the mixture of the right amount of comedy and cliche, aka a really fun K-drama to watch. The plot revolves around the characters named Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold. Sung Deok Mi is an art gallery curator and is simply excellent in each and every way. However, many people might not know that there is something that Sung Deok Mi is desperately trying to hide.

Her secret is that she is the ultimate Cha Shi Ahn fan. Like every fangirl, her whole life revolves around this one celebrity called Cha Shi Ahn. In fact, she eats and sleeps just for him. Not only that, but she is also the loyal manager of Cha Shi Ahn’s fansite. But her daily life routine changes with the entrance of Ryan Gold. Ryan Gold was once a really famous painter himself and now has become the director of the art gallery that Cha Shi Ah works in. He is very narcissistic and does not care about others’ life until, of course, he meets Sung Deok Mi. As fans start thinking that Deok Mi and Shi Ahn are dating, Ryan Gold suggests she act as if he, Ryal Gold, is her boyfriend. What will happen next?

The cast of Her Private Life had shown splendid chemistry, so evidently, everyone wants to know who they are. Without further ado, we will be listing down the casting members of Her Private Life!

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is an exceptional South Korean actress who is known far and wide for her acting skills. Plus, she has a knack for office K-dramas and has made three already. That is why we can see why the producers wanted her to become a part of the cats of Her Private Life. She is mostly known for the portal of the characters like Chae Yong Shin (Healer), Shin Chae Kyung (Queen For Seven Days), Kim Mi So (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim), and Jin Ha Kyung (Forecasting Love And Weather). We are sure that after watching any one of these K-Dramas, you would immediately become a fan of hers!

Her Private Life cast

Park Min Young cr: Namoo actors

2. Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook has recently become a new heartthrob in K-Dramaland. He first gained recognition as an actor as Noh Sun Gi in Coffee Prince. Ever since then, he has starred in many more roles out of which he is most popularly known for the portrayal of Jung In (Mary Stayed Out All Night), Mo Tae Goo (Voice), Park Jung Woo (Temperature of Love), and Noh Go Jin (Crazy Love). Not to mention, becoming a cast member of Her Private Life also brought him a lot of popularity!

Her private life cast

Kim Jae Wook cr: Management SOOP

3. One

Other than an actor, One is also popularly known as a South Korean rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has not starred in many K-dramas but has written one called Mute. He plays the role of Cha Shi An in Her Private Life. 


One cr: Private Only

4. Kim Bora

Kim Bora is an underrated actress that you all must know of. She had started to gain popularity after she acted in the legendary K-drama Sky Castle as Kim Hye Na. In Her Private Life, she was added to the cast to play the role of Cindy. Cindy is someone who wants to prove that Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold are in a fake relationship.

Kim Bora

Kim Bora cr: MCMC

5. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun is the next big actor in the town. Ahn had made his acting debut back in the year 2014, but his career started to look up after he played the role of Jang Geun Won in Itaewon Class. After that, he kept getting more and more popular with roles like Ku Woong (Yumi’s Cells), Jeon Pil Do (My Name), and Do Bae Man (Military Prosecutor Doberman).

Ahn Bo Hyun cr: FN Entertainment

You can go ahead and watch the amazing performance of the cast of Her Private Life on Rakuten Viki or Netflix!

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