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Meet The Talented Cast Of ‘Semantic Error’

Semantic Error
Semantic Error

The popular South Korean LGBTQ+ kdrama Semantic Error cast has left a long-lasting impression on everyone. For those of you who do not know, Semantic Error is a hit college romance web series. Furthermore, Semantic Error is inspired by Jeo Soo Ri’s famous web novel of the same name. Fans were already on cloud 9 when they heard the news of the web series being adapted into a kdrama. And to take their excitement to another level were the actors that were chosen to be in the Semantic Error cast. Moreover, after years of darkness, there has finally been a surge in LGBTQ+ representation in the kdrama industry.

The plot of the kdrama revolves around two students who are the stark opposites of each other. Chu Sang Woo is a computer science major and does everything by the rule book. Not only is he an A-grade student at school, but Chu Sang Woo has never slacked a day in his life. Because he is known to be studious, during a group project that is extremely important to pass the final exams, it was left for him to do all the work. Feeling rightfully frustrated, Cha Sung Hoon decides to remove all their names and put only his name. This ends up heavily affecting all the other students, especially Jang Jae Young, who is a senior.

Furthermore, Jang Jae Young is the stark opposite of Cha Sung Woo. He is fun-loving, spontaneous, and a celebrity student in his college. Failing in the project ends up ruining his plans to study abroad. He pledges to get revenge on Cha Sung Woo. However, when the two opposite people meet, a unique relationship develops between them. The drama won us over with its comedy, romance, and message. Other than the phenomenal storyline, the Semantic Error cast became a fan favorite. Let us take a look at the actors of the Semantic Error cast.

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Get To Know The Cast Of Semantic Error:

1. Park Seo Ham

If his dashing looks did not already give it away, Park Seo Ham is a Kpop idol apart from being an extremely talented actor. Additionally, Park Seo Ham was a member of the talented 220 Entertainment Kpop boy group called KNK till 2021. Another interesting fact about Park Seo Ham is that he actually trained with the members of Big Hit Entertainment’s BTS, who have now become a global sensation. He joined JYP Entertainment in 2013 as an actor trainee after winning second place at JYP’s 10th Open Audition. Not only can he sing, dance, and act, but Park Seo Ham is also one hell of an entertaining host, and ‘My Kunakeun’ is just proof of the fact. When it was announced that Park Seo Ham would be joining the Semantic Error cast, fans were absolutely elated. He played the role of the charismatic Jang Jae Young. If you loved him in Semantic Error, you could also check him out in Dating Class and Just One Bite Season 2.

Semantic Error cast

Park Seo Ham

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2. Park Jae Chan

Just like fellow Semantic Error cast member, Park Jae Chan too, is a well-known Kpop idol. Furthermore, not only can Park Jae Chan act, dance, and rap, but he is also a talented songwriter and composer. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see his acting capabilities in Semantic Error. Additionally, Park Jae Chan is a member of Dongyo Entertainment’s DKZ. In Semantic Error, Park Jae Chan brilliantly portrayed the character of Chu Sang Woo. He pulled off the studious and rigid character of Chu Sang Woo so well that fans found it impossible to believe that he was a confident Kpop idol. Park Jae Chan, after proving himself as a member of the Semantic Error cast, has earned a spot on our list of Kpop idols who are also brilliant actors. You can also check him out in No Going Back Romance.

Semantic Error Cast

Park Jae Chan

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