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What Is The Connection Between Semantic Error’s Park Seoham and BTS? A Sweet Friendship

Park Seoham And BTS Friendship

Recently, fans swooning over the friendship between Semantic Error’s star Park Seoham and BTS members. BTS members often update their fans with the latest work-related things. However, one must have noticed that they also like to keep their personal life private, out of the limelight. It doesn’t mean they don’t have any friends or are not friends with fellow kpop idols or non-celebrities. But they tend to keep it low. Therefore, whenever fans witness their friendship moments, they can’t help but admire them!

It is not an easy thing to be in the kpop industry and maintain a close friendship with other celebrities. After all, a tiny spark, some may even blow up, declaring fandom wars anytime. However, there are numerous examples where fans witness beautiful friendship bonds between idols from different groups or from different work fields. And BTS is one of them! Even after becoming the world-famous kpop group, BTS has kept their sweet bonding with their friends. Although not every time, ARMYs still witness their precious bonding with other idols such as the recent one- Park Seoham and BTS’s friendship! Therefore, fans find ‘Park Seoham and BTS Friendship’ adorable, which even started before the group was debuted!

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Connection Between Semantic Error’s Park Seoham and BTS

With the rising popularity of BL kdrama ‘Semantic Error,’ fans have found a sweet connection between the main lead, Park Seoham, and BTS. Although their friendship is nothing new to the old ARMYs, some fans still find it fascinating that Park Seoham, the rising star and the former member of KNK, is a friend of BTS members. Their friendship goes back in time, even before the group was debuted.

Park Seoham And BTS Friendship Connection

Cr: parkjsmin/Twitter

Before debuting as an actor, Park Seoham had a long history as a trainee. That is where he made many unforgettable connections and memories with BTS members. Originally, he was debuted with the name Park Seungjun and had used that name since his trainee days. Fans may not know that Park Seoham had trained under various entertainment agencies such as JYP Entertainment, BigHit Entertainment, etc. Although BTS members and Park Seoham eventually went their separate ways, he still remained close with them.

During their early debut era, many ARMYs had seen BTS members sharing pictures with Park Seoham, such as Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, and Kim Seokjin. However, many didn’t realize who he was for a long time and considered him as one of the group’s mutual friends. The pictures clearly show how close they are to Park Seoham. And even after so many years, they continue their precious friendship. Furthermore, among all members, Park Seoham was spotted most often with Kim Seokjin, showing their endearing bonding on social media.

Park Seoham And BTS Friendship Connection

Jimin and V with Seoham

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BTS Jin And Park Seoham

Throughout the years, Park Seoham and BTS Jin have kept their friendship. BTS Jin is often known for having a wide range of friends when it comes to friendship. The perfect example will be his heartwarming affinity with the celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok who never gets tired of admiring his bonding with Jin. Such a beautiful soul he is.

Furthermore, their friendship knows no boundaries. Therefore, even after Park Seoham debuted in KNK, Jin had once gifted him an expensive figurine to congratulate him on his debut. And of course, the star didn’t even hesitate to show off his friend’s gift on social media. However, it is not all! Jin had promoted KNK and Park Seoham through BTS’s official Twitter with a witty caption stating- hyung doesn’t express support for someone with his bare face often so he should be thankful for life. Later, the duo was also spotted embracing each other at the Idol Sports Athletic Competition (ISAC). Thankfully, the sweet moment was captured by fans showing their little reunion. Therefore, it intrigues fans that Park Seoham and BTS hold a lovely friendship.

Park Seoham And BTS Friendship Connection

Cr: KNK/Instagram

Currently, Park Seoham and BTS members are busy with their separate schedules. Whereas Park Seoham has recently enlisted, BTS is preparing for their upcoming concert ‘Permission to Dance on Stage- Las Vegas.’ Therefore, don’t forget to send love to Park Seoham’s drama ‘Semantic Error’ and get ready for PTD on Stage- Las Vegas!

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