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What Is Next For The Happiness K-Drama Cast?

After the world was hit by a major pandemic by the name coronavirus, most countries imposed a nationwide lockdown without prior warnings. There have been countless brilliant pieces of cinema that came after the crisis depicting the hard work put in by the workers, the desperation of those affected, and the courage of the fighters. Happiness kdrama gives a new and exciting twist to the pandemic. What would happen if a contagious virus broke out that made people hungry for the blood of their own neighbors. Over the course of twelve mind-blowing episodes, Happiness kdrama answers just that with its top-notch cast.

Apart from having a brilliant storyline written by the trusted screenwriter Han Sang Woon (WATCHER, The Good Wife), the Happiness cast was a major reason behind the swarm of viewers that tuned in to watch the drama. To add the cherry on the top, Happiness kdrama was directed by Ahn Gil Ho, who is well known for his work in Record Of Youth and Memories Of Alhambra. The intriguing storyline and the phenomenal acting by the Happiness cast will have you hooked every second of the show. If you are wondering who are the actors in the Happiness cast and what they are up to now, keep on reading!

What’s Next For The Happiness Cast?

1. Han Hyo Joo

The brilliant actress Han Hyo Joo played the role of Yoon Sae Bum in Happiness. When it was announced that Han Hyo Joo would be joining the Happiness cast, fans lost their marbles because it was the actress’s return to the screen after nearly a five years-long hiatus. For those of you who do not know, Han Hyo Joo is a hotshot actress in South Korea. She is popularly known for her roles in the evergreen kdramas Dong Yi and Brilliant Legacy.

For her first main role in a movie, Han Hyo Joo won the Best New Actress at the Korean Association of Film Critics Award and Singapore International Film Festival. Just like her character in Happiness kdrama, Han Hyo Joo is a total girl crush in real life too. In a Happiness cast interview, the actress revealed that out of the plethora of characters she has played in her nearly two-decades-long acting career, she is the most similar to Yoon Sae Bum. This year, Han Hyo Joo will be starring as Lee Mi Hyun in the Disney+ original kdrama Moving. If you do not want to miss out on the latest Korean entertainment updates, then check out our Korean Wave page.

Happiness cast

Han Hyo Joo cr: BH Entertainment

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2. Park Hyung Sik

When it was revealed that Park Hyung Sik was a member of the Happiness cast, to say that fans were excited would be an understatement. This was the actor’s comeback drama after his discharge from the military. Moreover, the fact that he was starring next to Han Hyo Joo was like a dream come true for the kdrama fans. Additionally, it is safe to say that Park Hyung Sik is the national crush in the kdrama land. He won our hearts in the popular romantic comedy-drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. And then played the cutthroat yet warm police officer in Happiness. After winning fans’ and critics’ approval as a Happiness cast member, Park Hyung Sik was seen as a shy photographer in Soundtrack #1. The actor will be starring in Youth, Climb The Barrier, which is set to release in late 2022.

Happiness cast

Park Hyung Sik

3. Jo Woo Jin

Our favorite ajusshi, no matter what the drama, has got to be Jo Woo Jin. For the plethora of supporting characters that he plays, Jo Woo Jin was awarded the Best Supporting Actor at the 48th Blue Dragon Awards. You may remember him as the trusted secretary in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. However, Jo Woo Jin played a lead role in the Happiness kdrama. Furthermore, this was Jo Woo Jin’s first leading role in a drama, and he absolutely killed it. Jo Woo Jin’s portrayal of the unpredictable officer Han Tae Seok was phenomenal. This year he will be playing another lead role in the kdrama titled, The Accidental Narco.

Jo Woo Jin

Jo Woo Jin

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