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Meet The Talented Cast And Lovely Characters Of A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal cast

The cast of the hit K-drama A Business Proposal has taken over the internet as well as our hearts. A Business Proposal is a K-drama that has rightfully taken over the world right now. Yes, the K-drama is full of cliche, but weirdly the plot somehow makes it all make sense! A Business Proposal focuses mostly on the romance of two couples, Shin Ha Ri- Kang Tae Mu and Jin Young Seo-Cha Sung Hoon. It all started with a blind date with Jin Young Seo. Jin Young Seo’s father usually set her up on blind dates for her to get married to a rich and wealthy man. However, jin Young Seo usually, with the help of Shin Ha, always made them refuse.

Well, this happened this time too! Jin Young Seo pursued Shin Ha Ri and said that she would give her all the money she wanted in this world. She should just make her blind date reject her. Shin Ha Ri agreed but ran into great trouble when she realized that Jin Young Seo’s blind date was Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company that she worked in. She worked hard as a fake Jin Young Seo to make Kang Tae Mu reject her, but Kang Tae Mu was set on marrying her. But this is not because he actually liked fake Jin Young Seo, aka Shin Ha Ri, but because he wanted his grandfather to stop sending him on blind dates. Things take a lot of fun turns as Shin ha Ri tries to hide her identity from her boss!

Undoubtedly, the cast of A Business proposal did not fail to snatch our hearts in seconds with the portrayal of the characters. Keep reading to get to know more about them!

1. Kim Se Jeong As Shin Ha Ri

Shin Ha Ri is a kind and humble food researcher of Go Food. Kim Se Jeong once again proved that she is an exceptional actress through her portrayal of Shin Ha Ri. The actress is most popularly known for some of her K-dramas, such as The Uncanny Encounter and School 2017. Kim Se Jeong had also blessed us by lending her soulful voice for the acoustic version of A Business Proposal’s OST Love Maybe. For those who might now know, she was a member of the really popular girl group IOI too. Honestly, Kim Se Jeong is an all-rounder!

A Business Proposal Cast

Shin Ha Ri cr: Netflix

2. Ahn Hyo Seop As Kang Tae Mu

Kang Tae Mu is the work-obsessed CEO of Go Food. He literally said yes to marrying anyone since he wanted his grandfather to stop making him go on blind dates and pestering him about marriage. K-drama fans might already know that Ahn Hyo Seop is one talented actor. Starring in Dr. Romantic 2 and 3, Abyss, Thirty But Seventeen, Lovers Of The Red Sky, and many more, Ahn Hyo Seop has undoubtedly become one of the top Hallyu stars! Fun fact: He, too, had trained to become an idol and was going to be part of GOT7; that is why he is close to the group’s members.

A Business Proposal Cast

Kang Tae Mu cr: Netflix

3. Seol In Ah As Jin Young Seo

Jin Young Seo is the rich best friend of Shin ha Ri. She is the heir to the Marine Group as her father is the president! Although she and her father do not have the best of relationships. Jin Young Seo is one funny character that makes you laugh as soon as she appears on the screen! The actress Seol In Ah she had first gained recognition when she played the role of Guk Doo’s girlfriend in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Since then, she has starred in Beautiful Love, And Wonderful Love, and Sunny Again Tomorrow.

A Business Proposal cast

Jin Young Seo cr: Netflix

4. Kim Min Kyu As Cha Sung Hoon

This character was honestly everywhere on the internet! There was no one who did not get totally whipped for him while watching the K-drama. Cha Sung Hoon is the secretary of Kang Tae Mu as well as his best friend. They are so close that people thought that the two were dating! This is not the first time that Kim Min Kyu had the audience swooning over him in a K-drama. He had started to get attention when he acted in Snowdrop, in which he played the role of the loyal North Korean soldier Joo Gyeok Chan. No one is immune to Kim Min Kyu’s handsomeness!

Cha Sung Hoon cr: Netflix

These were all the main cast members of A Business Proposal that you must look out for as you watch the drama on Netflix.

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