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Manga Similar To 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most

10 years where I loved you the most
10 years where I loved you the most

10 Years Where I Loved You The Most is a well-known Chinese BL manhua. The story is so depressing that it ends up leaving a huge impact on the readers. Besides having a sad storyline, it also has enraging characters and a twisted plot. The manhua is based on a novel that was written by Jiangwen Xu. Later on, the novel gained a manhua adaptation illustrated by Choda.

The manhua has 70 chapters, including an extra chapter. It was completed on 20th September 2020. The story follows the lives of three different men who were entangled together after a series of tragic events. Even though the story was mostly depressing, several readers are looking for similar content. Thus here, we’ll take a quick look at Manga/manhwa/manhua similar to the 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most. These similarities range from having depressing and tragic stories to extremely despicable characters.

Plot Summary

The first panel of the first chapter itself is enraging and explains a lot about the main characters. He Zhi Shu returned from a hospital with terrible news, and that’s when he called his lover Jiang Wen Xu, who was with another man. Jiang has always been cheating on He Zhi Shu, and Zhi Shu was well aware of it. He decided to keep the news that he has blood cancer all to himself and Doctor Ai, who has been treating him for a while.

Jiang isn’t just a cheater but also has the worst personality, unlike his younger self when he was completely respectful towards Zhi Shu. They have been together for about 14 years. Now, Jiang is a Businessman and well known for sleeping around with other men. He is usually away from home (and, of course, Zhi Shu.) Along With the Blood Cancer, Zhi Shu was left with an even worse problem, his loneliness. Even when Jiang returned home rarely, he only caused more pain to Zhi Shu.

10 Years Where I Loved You The Most

10 Years Where I Loved You The Most Illustration

On the other hand, Doctor Ai has been the only support for Zhi Shu, But he has been reluctant to get operated on. Instead, he prefers depending on Medicines alone. Doctor Ai is well aware that it won’t be of any help for long. In between their sessions, Doctor Ai slowly starts falling in love with Zhi Shu. While at home, Hypocrite Jiang keeps accusing Zhi Shu of cheating, going as far as raising his hand and sexually abusing him. After which, Zhi Shu understood clearly that he needed to leave him for good this time. With a series of unfortunate events and mistakes, Zhi Shu Left Jiang and ended up with Doctor Ai, but… not for long.

Manga Similar To 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most:

1. Don’t Want To See You In The Next Life

Xia Lin and Song Yan have been in a relationship for a while now and are also living together. The Xia family, as well as the Song family, are extremely rich with a decent background. One day after immense pain, Xia Lin got the news that he had an Intracranial Tumor. But before he could inform Song Yan, he slapped Xia Lin and accused him of lying about Yu Luo Tong’s Death. Song Yan used to be in love with Luo Tong when they were in high school, but after he confessed to him, Lin informed him that Luo Tong had died in an accident. However, Song Yan saw him healthy and alive in a recent concert. Due to all this, Song Yan broke up with Xia Lin without giving him the chance to explain himself. With this, Xia Lin decided to leave Song Yan once and for all.

Don't Want To See You In The Next Life

Don’t Want To See You In The Next Life

The next day Song Yan met Luo Tong again (this time, he was with his foreign boyfriend, David). This was when Luo Tong told Song Yan about the truth behind his fake death. As Song Yan belonged to a rich business family and was their only heir, him being in love with a man who isn’t even from a good family was a big disgrace for his family. Thus, his grandfather threatened Luo Tong to leave the country and fake his death so that Song Yan could move on from him. However, his relationship with Xia Lin was accepted by his family because he also belongs to a rich family.

After finding out that Xia Lin didn’t lie to Song Yan, he felt terrible, and soon he found out that Xia didn’t have long to live. Eventually, Xia died, and in order to repent, Song committed suicide with the thought of “Accompanying him to death.” With some twisted fate of these two men, Xia Lin found that he had been reborn as himself ten years in the past. In his first life, due to his mistakes, he ended up being Luo Tong’s replacement for Song Yan, but this time things will be different since this time, he will not repeat his mistakes!


Both of these are Chinese manhua and were adopted from a novel. The characters are similar, but Jiang from 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most is way worse. In both the stories, the One who’s been suffering realizes that they need to bid farewell and leave their partners once and for all. And lastly, of course, the main characters in both the manhua get a fatal disease and then get neglected by their partners.

2. Life Senjou no Bokura

This is the only BL Manga that was able to convey every single thing about a realistic gay couple within six chapters. Every story in this list is sad, but this one is specifically sad but in a beautiful way?

While heading to school, Itou played a make-believe game, i.e., if he stepped out of the white line on the road, he would land on pointy stones. That’s when he met Nishi, who was also walking on the white line playing the same make-believe game but from the opposite direction. They both figured out a way to flip each other to the other side so that they could head to their destinations without having to step out of the white line. This short interaction soon became something they both looked forward to. They slowly became good friends, and this friendship started to bloom into love.

Life Senjou no Bokura -10 years where I loved you the most

Life Senjou no Bokura

They came into a relationship and spent years together. Everything was smooth sailing till they turned 25. This was around the time when Itou decided that he could never have a real family with another man. He broke up with Nishi and married a girl since that was the “normal” thing to do. After years he got divorced because he started getting aware that his happiness was never meant to be with anyone besides Nishi. What’ll happen next?


10 Years Where I Loved You The Most and Life Senjou no Bokura both have the worst main characters. Still, Jiang is at the top of being a terrible human being. And the second main characters in both stories are forgiving and kind. While the plot itself is different in both the stories, the sentiments are similar. Plus, they both are heavy tear-jerkers, so be prepared to cry.

3. Happy Ending Kuso Kurae

Harada Yoshio and Ume Taizou are childhood friends. However, Ume is gay and has a huge crush on Yoshio. One day he decided to confess his feelings, and surprisingly Yoshio agreed that he had feelings for him too. This obviously meant that they were together now, but as it turns out, Yoshio is still dating different women, and yes, in front of Ume. And what did Ume do? Nothing. He agreed to his fate and simply became his plaything. Even while Yoshio dated other girls, he stated that Ume would always be the most important person in his life, which was apparently enough for him.

Happy Ending Kuso Kurae -10 years where I loved you the most

Happy Ending Kuso Kurae

On a different day, Ume met Mori, an old friend of his, and Yoshio saw them together and assumed that Ume also had other partners. And as hypocritical as a person can be, Yoshio hated to see Ume with another man while he dated several women on a daily basis. While Ume has been nothing but a spineless person, what will he do when Yoshio decides to get married!?


Unlike 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most, both the characters of Happy Ending Kuso Kurae are completely despicable. It’s simply one panel of anger after another. The main characters are completely clueless and dumb. While Yoshio told Ume about being with a woman, he never disclosed his relationship with Ume to anyone else, which is clearly him playing with the girl’s heart. But this is shown as a completely reasonable thing in the manga. This story isn’t sad but rather annoying, as both the characters are so rotten that they deserve each other.

4. Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru

Shinobu has always been a gloomy man with no self-confidence. So, after having a broken one-sided love for years, one day, Shinobu visited a gay bar just to find himself in a difficult position. That’s when Kou arrived and rescued him from other men who were hitting on him, and they both ended up spending the night. The next day Shinobu found out that Kou was the new director of the company where he worked, which is a classic BL cliche.

After spending time together, their relationship started getting deeper, and Shinobu finally got over his one-sided love and became affectionate with Kou. After confessing his feelings, he thinks that everything will go smoothly from here on. But well, Kou started avoiding him for no reason. After waiting for him to call, text, or meet in person, Shinobu decided to visit Kou at his house.

Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru

Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru

He waited for hours, and when Kou did arrive, he was accompanied by another man. That’s when Shinobu realized that he was nothing for Kou. That’s when Shinobu decided to change and transfer to another department. After which, Kou became depressed about Shinobu’s absence in his life, and he started looking around to bring him back. Will Shinobu give him another chance?


The main character is absolute garbage, while the second main character is realistic and rational. Even though in 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most, Zhi Shu gave multiple chances to Jiang, Shinobu left after the first sign of betrayal. The other similarity is the business setting of both the stories.

5. Nigai no Theme

Nigai no Theme features the story of Natsuki and Arata, Two childhood friends who have been dating since middle school. They finally moved in together and are living peacefully. What could go wrong? Whenever this question is asked, something definitely goes wrong. And that’s what happened. Arata found a Bathhouse near their new apartment and decided to pay a little visit and relax. He met someone named Ryouma, a perfect man with a perfect body who happens to be a regular visitor of the bathhouse. On the other hand, Natsuki joined an outdoor club at his university as it was a compulsion for every student. Coincidentally the president of this club was Ryouma.

Ryouma’s first impression of Natsuki was pretty bad, so he decided to stay away from him. Still completely avoiding him was a tough job as he was the president. Soon Natsuki found him in the bathhouse as well as after some time, they started to bond over things and got closer. Later, Natsuki joined him on an Annual camp night organized by the outdoor club. One event led to another, and Natsuki ended up sleeping with Ryouma, and that’s where it all went wrong.

Nigai No Theme - 10 years where I loved you the most

Nigai No Theme

This wasn’t a simple mistake, as they continued to do it on a daily basis. However, Ryouma wasn’t aware that Natsuki already had a partner. As soon as he came to know about it, he refused to be involved with Natsuki. But it was too late Since Arata found out about his affair. But instead of breaking up or separating for a while, Arata got violent and took out all his frustration on Natsuki, who was reluctant to leave Arata even after everything that happened. How will they continue to keep their relationship now?


The main characters are similar, and cheating is involved in both stories. The plot also contains a classic love triangle with one innocent person that gets caught up between the main couple. However, unlike 10 Years Where I Loved You The Most, in this story, the character that cheated (i.e., Natsuki) suffered way more than the person who was cheated on. As Arata, that used to be a simple and loving partner, became extremely violent. Thus both the stories involve some extremely violent and sexually abusive scenes as well. Read this one with caution as it has contents that are triggering for some people.

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