Dr. Stone

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Dr. Stone (ドクターストーン)

Manga | Anime

Adventure, Post-apocalyptic, Science fiction

Written by
Riichiro Inagaki

Illustrated by

Original Manga Publication
Weekly Shōnen Jump, March 6, 2017 – March 7, 2022

Anime Television Series
Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, BS11, TVh, TBC, TVA, TVQ, July 5, 2019 – Present, 48 Episodes

Dr. Stone Reboot: Byakuya
Written by Boichi, October 28, 2019 – December 23, 2019, 1 Volume

Anime Television Film
Dr. Stone: Ryusui, Released July 10, 2022, 54 minutes

In a world where humanity is turned to stone, young scientist Senku awakens. With a passion for science, Senku aims to rebuild civilization. However, he faces challenges, especially from Tsukasa Shishio, who has a different vision for the new world. Senku eventually discovers a tribe founded by his adoptive father, and with their help, he confronts Tsukasa and aims to restore humanity using science.

Available on
Netflix, Crunchyroll

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