20 Most Liked Videos On TikTok In 2021 That You Can’t Miss!

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20 Most liked Videos on Tiktok 2021
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After the massive popularity gained by Tiktok, the next most searched question is, “What are the 20 most liked videos on TikTok in 2021?” When TikTok provided a platform to showcase your talent, many talented people became famous. Some overnight or some with a little bit of struggle. The TikTok craze never ended, even when it got banned in India. The Tiktok got replaced by Instagram reels. From one platform to another. What’s the difference? There won’t be any person today who doesn’t know about TikTok. Even so, I’ll give you a little intro about TikTok. This App was created by ByteDance Ltd, a Chinese Company, and got launched in 2016. However, it became available worldwide in 2018, known as Musical.ly. It is an Online Video Platform where you can create a video for a maximum of three minutes. Several Personalities used this platform to create different videos like dancing, singing, acting, sketching or cooking, etc.

One of the richest Tiktok personalities, Charlie D’Amelio, has around $17.5 million net worth through making videos on Tiktok and creating a reality show. The second richest person is her older sister Dixie D’Amelio, who has a net worth of around $10 million in 2021. And the list goes on with Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, etc. They all gained a frame from TikTok, and with the frame on your back, what things you can’t achieve? Here, we shall look into the 20 most liked TikTok videos in 2021!

Addison, Charlie, and Bella

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20 Most Liked Video on Tiktok 2021

Before we start listing the popular videos and our reviews on them, these 20 most liked videos on TikTok in 2021 aren’t only famous on Tiktok. Some of them have gained worldwide popularity through other social media platforms also like Instagram or Facebook. These videos’ hype was too much that multiple further content creators recreated them and gained followers.

1. Bella Poarch Lip Sync

Bella gained massive love after her Lip Sync video went viral on TikTok. In 2020, Bella created a video on Soph Aspin Send” by Millie B (popularly known as “M to the B”) Her deadly expression and beauty don’t take much for people to hit like button. Till now, her video retained 50+ million likes on TikTok. Recently Bella released her hit song, build a bitch.

2. Jalapeno pick-up line

This video got posted on TikTok in June 2021 and achieved more than 30 million likes. Jalapeno is a famous creator now who has created several videos. However, he’ll always be remembered for his viral pick-up line video.

3. Billie Eilish’s Time Wrap Scan

We heard people becoming famous through TikTok, but what happens when a Famous personality creates a viral TikTok. Well, our Billie Eilish made it possible. In her Viral Video, she was seen enjoying a Time Wrap scan filter, and Just like that, her fun TikTok converted into one of the 20 Most liked Videos on TikTok 2021. She has around 47.5 M fans on TikTok, with 246.9M likes on her videos.

20 most liked Videos on tiktok 2021
Billie Eilish and Bella Poarch

4. Nina Christine’s Kitten Running

We all love babies, whether they are humans or animals. This video can surely win thousands of hearts. So what’s so special in this TikTok, then? In this Video, Nina captured her cute Kitten running over her. This video gained around 32 million likes within a few months.

5. Khaby Lame Opening A Car Door

This guy has eight videos out of the 20 most liked Tiktok in 2021. The fun fact is, he doesn’t even say anything or lip-sync. He just makes reaction videos on some ridiculous Tiktok. In this video, he re-created another viral hack of opening a car door. Although, do you really need a hack to open a door? He politely conveyed his message with a logical reaction.

6. Khaby Lame’s T-shirt Hack

In this video, he recreated a TikTok that provides a hack on how to pull your shirt out from a car. But seriously, who needs a lengthy hack when Khaby Lame is here to provide us with Facts!

7. The ‘Stay’ drone dance by totouchanemu

This dance was one of the most recreated videos on every platform. Many famous personalities took part in this, like Bella or others. Drone dance became like a symbol for the one who invented it. Tyler got invited by many people to recreate his viral video. He gained massive followers on TikTok as well as on Instagram. He achieved more than 41 million likes on his solo video.

20 Most Liked Videos on tiktok 2021
In frame Khaby Lame and totouchnemu

8. Cachita7gri Silly Dancing

Dancing is one of the most famous talents across the globe. So many types and so many dancers it is hard to remember the name of everything. However, this video is quite different because of her Silliness. This girl danced on Trap De Amarella’s song and hit 30 million-plus likes within months. Nowadays, she is called after her viral dance video.

9. Lip-syncing to “SugarCrash!” by thenickluciano

Sugar crash song lives rent-free in my heart! If someone asks me the lyrics right now, I know I won’t disappoint anyone. All thanks to this guy who won millions of hearts through his Lip Sync. Although with a camera quality like that, it was bound to happen. He gained 48 million likes on Tiktok, and don’t get me started on Insta reels. Many Creators tried to remake them in their way, but not everyone gained fame like him. Nowadays, he is one of the most popular creators on Tiktok and Instagram.

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10. The Ocean Guy Wave hitting the camera.

This guy is famous for his photography. In his Viral video, he captured the Ocean waves that are hitting the camera. With that quality and sound effect, his videos soon made a home to millions of hearts. He gained more than 30 million likes on this viral video, after which many ocean lovers started stalking him for more content.

11. Khaby Lame’s How To Drink A Glass Of Water

Isn’t that what is learned even before we can remember, so why a hack on this? Ask this question to the channel that actually created it. Khaby Lame is simply stating the facts. Use your hands!

12. Enbiggen Spirited Away Animation

With the craze of Anime, who doesn’t love a good Animation? Enbiggen here created an animation and named it Spirited Away. His Tiktok has achieved more than 30 million likes is counted as one of the top 20 most liked videos on Tiktok 2021.

13. Demi, Dae, And Josh’s Cute Baby

How much Love a newborn baby receives on the internet is uncountable. This Account posted a video of their baby in December 2020, and within a few months, this video is one of the 20 most liked videos on TikTok 2021. This Cute baby has achieved more than 30 million likes on TikTok.

20 most liked videos on tiktok 2021
Josh copying Babies Expressions

14. Adrian Chateau Wile’s Comedy

As entertaining as this TikTok is, it was obvious to be one of the top 20 most liked videos. The Dog’s reaction is priceless. This video has also crossed 29 million likes on TikTok, and many creators have recreated it, making it trendy.

15. British Promise Cats Pawing A Camera

So you think only humans have a right to with millions of hearts? Well, this cute British cat doesn’t think so. Her Pawing in front of a camera has won more than 35 million likes. This channel is heaven if you are a cat lover.

16. Khaby Lame Removing A Mask From Cup Handle

Most of the time, he recreates a reaction video from 5 min crafts. However, this one is particularly hilarious. Here is his reaction to the hack specially created to remove a mast from a cup handle. Again, backfiring them with Logic and his facts.

Khaby Lame

Other than that, some of his videos like ‘Face covered in flour’ or ‘tearing a piece of toilet paper also come under the top 30 most liked videos on TikTok. In these videos, he achieved more than 25 million Likes per video. Not only that, he is famous on Instagram too! He has around 72 Million Followers on Instagram with 965 followings.

17. Khaby Lame Opening a Door

This guy has delivered some remarkable videos: His Car door opening video, Normal door opening video, His Viral removing T-shirt from a car, or how to drink a glass of water. In these videos, he has achieved more than 30 million likes. 

18. Mary & Secret Dog Painting

We always believe that humans are the most talented species, great artists. But is that true? After watching Mary’s dog’s painting, you’ll be proven wrong. He is a talented doggy with great painting skills.

20 most liked videos on tiktok 2021
Mary and secret dog painting

19. Realistic Mouth Drawing by fredziownik

Many achieved their way popularity through Lip Sync or reaction videos, however, some people earned through their Skills. Fred is one of them. He achieved this with his drawing skills. His Mouth Drawing TikTok went viral, and many were too stunned to speak! He gained around 30 million-plus likes, and his followers increased drastically.

Realistic Mouth Drawing

20. Khaby Lame Peeling a Banana

I love this guy’s reactions. He conveys a message without saying a word. His expression is his biggest strength. Many famous personalities have created Tiktok with him. However, he earned this affection after his viral ‘how to peel a banana’ video. This video gained 40 million-plus likes and made him a star overnight.

It’s obvious no matter how talented you are, the audience will love you according to their mood, and there is nothing you can’t do. Except keep making videos and showing your talent.

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