Le Sserafim, HYBE’s First Ever Girl Group: All That We Know

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Le Sserafim Members
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

The wait is finally over! All the Le Sserafim members have been revealed. The mastermind behind the success of the most popular Kpop boy bands such as BTS, Enhypen, NU’EST, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and SEVENTEEN is now going to be debuting its first-ever girl group. Ever since BTS became the face of the Kwave that swept over the world, fans have been waiting for HYBE to also debut as a girl group. It is no secret that the company is the home to some of the best talents in Kpop today. Those of you who are new Kpop fans may not know, but the entire industry was dominated by three major companies known as the Big 3. The companies were JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment.

It was considered nearly impossible to have a successful career as a Kpop idol if these three names were not associated with you. However, BTS and HYBE, which was formerly and more popularly known as Big Hit, did the unthinkable, and currently, more than 5.43 Billion dollars of the South Korean economy come solely from HYBE. So when fans heard that HYBE will be debuting as a Kpop girl group, they were all ears. On the 9th of April, the company dropped teasers featuring the six members of its first-ever Kpop girl group by the name of Le Sserafim. Without further ado, let us find out what the girl group is about, Le Sserafim Members, and Le Sserafim’s debut date.

What Is Le Sserafim?

Trust me, you are not the only one having trouble pronouncing the name of the Kpop girl group. The name of the group comes is an anagram of ‘I’M FEARLESS’. Furthermore, it also sounds very similar to the term LESSERAPHIM, where seraphim are the name of a heavenly being that has six wings. Moreover, the group is debuting under a subsidiary company named ‘Source Music’, which manages talents like GFriend. Fans were anticipating the reveal of the girl group ever since their picture with the one and only Hitman Bang, aka Bang Si Hyuk, surfaced on the Internet.

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Finally, on the 9th of April, HYBE dropped multiple teasers officially introducing each member of Le Sserafim. Two of the teasers released titled ‘CASTING CALL’ and ‘FEARLESS SHOW’ featured all the members together. The fast-paced teasers had each of their members showing off their beauty and charms. Additionally, the teasers also featured the famous Boston’s Dynamic Spot Robot. The girls were seen sporting famous brands like Prada and Chanel. More importantly, Le Sserafim also has foreign members originating from Japan. Some of the Le Sserafim members already have a fan base due to their prior ventures in the showbiz. Although the debut date has not been officially confirmed, inside sources claim that Le Sserafim will be debuting in May.

Get To Know The Le Sserafim Members:

1. Kim Chaewon

You heard that right, folks! The powerhouse of talent from the former Kpop girl group IZ*ONE is now a member of HYBE’s first-ever Kpop girl, Le Sserafim. Kim Chaewon used to be the lead dancer and lead vocalist of the IZ*ONE, which was formed on Produce 48. This time around, Kim Chaewon is the leader of Le Sserafim. Furthermore, she was born on the 1st of August in 2000. One of the many interesting facts in Kim Chaewon’s portfolio is that she is the daughter of the famous theater actress Lee Ran Hee. During her time on Produce 48, she also received tons of attention for resembling Stray Kid’s Felix.

Additionally, Kim Chaewon has graduated from the well-known Hanlim Multi Art School. Her hobby is watching Kdramas, and her inspiration is SNSD’s Taeyeon. Before joining Source Music in 2021, Kim Chaewon used to train under Woolim Entertainment. Fans cannot wait to see more of ‘Angel Chaewon’ again in Le Sserafim!

Le Sserafim Members
Kim Chaewon cr: HYBE

2. Miyawaki Sakura

Next up, we have Miyawaki Sakura. Her stunning visuals made her the center of attention ever since day one. Furthermore, Sakura stepped into the Kpop industry through the popular variety show Produce 48. Just like Kim Chaewon, Sakura too used to be a member of IZ*ONE. In IZ*ONE, Sakura was the sub-vocalist, visual, and sun-rapper. Fans are sure that in Le Sserafim, too, Sakura will hold the position of a visual. Additionally, Miyawaki Sakura was born on the 19th of March in 1998 in Japan’s Kongshima City. The beautiful singer is 24 years old, making her the eldest member of Le Sserafim. Sakura has an INFP-type personality and enjoys lazing around at home and watching movies.

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Le Sserafim Members
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

A very intriguing fact about Sakura is that she has the talent of guessing any person’s blood type just by looking at them. Sakura’s charms do not end here. She also used to be a child actress and is still very interested in acting. As if being a visual, singer, and actress were not enough, Miyawaki Sakura also has a gaming channel named Channel Miyawaki Sakura, where she is found playing Fortnite, Undertale, and Splatoon 2. Before making her debut as a Kpop idol, Sakra was a member of the Japanese girl group HKT48, produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Furthermore, Sakura is also a huge Red Velvet fan, and her bias is Irene. Fans cannot wait to be dazzled by more of Sakura’s endless charms in Le Sserafim’s May debut.

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3. Huh Yunjin

Yunjin was the last member of Le Sserafim to be revealed. Furthermore, just like her bandmates Kim Chaewon and Miyawaki Sakura, Yunjin was also a participant in Produce 48. Because of her time on the show, she and Kim Chawon became close friends after performing Into The New World by SNSD together. Furthermore, Huh Yunjin was born on the 8th of October in 2001. She was raised in the United States and moved to South Korea with the aim of becoming an idol. Her American name is Jennifer Huh. She is also friends with CLASS:y’s Myung Hyungseo because they attended Hanlim Multi Arts School together. Before joining Source Music, Huh Yunjin used to train under Pledis Entertainment. But long before becoming a trainee, Yunjin was practicing to become an opera singer. She is also exceptional at playing the ukelele and guitar. She is a Libra and measures 171 cm in height and 53 kgs in weight. Fans cannot wait to witness more of Yunjin’s talents in Le Sserafim’s upcoming debut.

Le Sserafim
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

4. Nakamura Kazuha

Kazuha was the fifth member of the group to be revealed. Additionally, Nakamura Kazuha was born in Kochi, Japan. She was raised in Osaka from 2 to 16 years of age before she moved to the Netherlands. A very intriguing fact about Nakamura Kazuha is that she is a professional ballerina and has received many honorable awards back in the Netherlands. Additionally, Kazuha’s birthday is on the 9th of August. She was born in 2003, making her eighteen years old. Although she is a part of the maknae line of Le Sserafim, with a height of 174 cm, she is the tallest. We cant wait to see more of this beauty!

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Le Sserafim
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

5. Kim Garam

She was one of the earliest members of Le Sserafim to be revealed. Furthermore, she was born on the 16th of November in 2005, making her just sixteen years old. Kim Garam is a Scorpio and is 170 cm tall. Kim Garam is currently a student at the prestigious Seoul Performing Arts High School in the theatre and film department. Although not a lot is known about her as of now, we will have enough to fangirl about when she debuts with Le Sserafim in May.

Le Sserafim Members
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

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6. Hong Eunchae

Last but not least is Hong Eunchae. She was the third member of the group to be revealed. Furthermore, Hong Eunchae was born on the 10th of November in 2006. If you did the math right, then you must have found out that Hong Eunchae is just fifteen years old. Although she is the maknae of the group, her talents know no bounds. Hong Eunchae joined Source Music at the start of 2021.

Furthermore, she was a student at Def Dance School for two years. Hong Eunchae is currently attending Incheon Popular Arts High School. The maknae of Le Sserafim seems to be a social butterfly because she has already made close friends with Bahiyyih from Kepler and Haruna from Billie. Eunchae too, just like the other maknaes of Le Sserafim is a giraffe with a height of 172 cm. Fans are very excited to see Hong Eunchae in Le Sserafim’s debut.

Le Sserafim Members
Le Sserafim cr: HYBE

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