Layne Norton Divorce: Did The Nutrition Advocate Cheat on His Wife?

Did Layne Norton cheat on his wife?
Professional Bodybuilder during one of his YouTube video

Layne Norton’s divorce was quite a sensitive issue for his ex-wife, Isabel, as she suffered greatly from it. The professional bodybuilder’s cheated on his wife, which lead to his divorce. His then-wife also uploaded the post on social media explaining her condition in 2017. Isabel stated in her video that she has been going through a lot, and whatever she is going to talk about in her video is hard for her. She continued and said that the past year has been very challenging mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is very hard when someone had business, fame, children, husband, and mental health in the mix. 

Isabel explained how her husband, Layne decided to step out of their marriage in 2016. It would be an understatement to say that she was devasted, blindsided, or heartbroken. The pair decided to reconcile after much counselling but did not last long. They have thoroughly separated, and their marriage had fallen into the process of divorce. It means that they both are decided to uncouple in the most amicable way possible, taking into focus their children. Later on, Layne posted a video in 2018 regretting his cheating and speaking about the mistakes he did in life. 

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Layne Norton’s Divorce: Did He Cheat His Wife?

Layne Norton’s divorce took place in 2017 after his ex-wife, Isabel Norton, found him cheating. Well, several people came to know about his divorce as he owns his YouTube channel being a nutrition advocate and professional bodybuilder. Furthermore, his then-wife posted a video on social media platforms claiming about his affairs. Initially, Norton did not admit to his cheating and affairs. However, he uploaded a video a year later on his YouTube channel where he admitted his mistakes. The extramarital affair of Layne also left Isabel devasted and went into postpartum depression. He shares two children, a daughter and a son, with his ex-wife.

Layne Norton's Divorce
Nutrition Advocate Layne Norton with his ex-wife, Isabel Norton

Layne Norton On His Cheating and Mistakes

Layne Norton spoke about his cheating and mistakes in his YouTube video titled Learning From My Mistakes-My Affair in 2018. He started the video by saying that he got something to talk about and is something very personal. It is not an easy topic for him, and he debated for a long time before he decided to make the video. One of the reasons he decided to make the video was because of the coaching bodybuilding. He went into coaching bodybuilding is because he remember to show many mistakes he made when he into coaching or competing.

Norton also makes so much content because he wants to show people all the mistakes he made and not wanted people to make those mistakes. He wrestled for putting out the video and thought about why people needed to know about his personal life. But, it had already been put out unfortunately by quite a few people. He wants to talk about the issue so that other people can learn from his mistakes and not make them. Norton continued and said how he used to be a judgemental person.

After that, he begins to talk about him having an affair, as most people know. He also got divorced within a year after his ex-wife came to know about it. The nutrition advocate said he had an affair a while back, and there is no excuse to do that. He has been in a very bad place in his marriage and was very unhappy. However, it is not an excuse for cheating, including physical and mental abuse is also not an excuse. No excuses or situations suffices to get outside of marriage and cheat.

Layne Norton Cheating
Layne Norton married Holly Baxter

Where is Layne Norton & Isabel Norton Now?

Layne Norton & Isabel Norton could not have parted ways amicably, but they are living their own life now. They also have found love for the second time in their life. Layne got married to Holly Baxter, who is also into female bodybuilding just, like her husband. Isabel is also married to another, as evident from her social media posts. Layne and Isabel are co-parenting their two kids despite them not ending in good ways. Recently, Layne had shifted into his dream home with his wife, Holly. 

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