Miley Cyrus Before & After: The Hannah Montana Star’s Glow Up

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Miley Cyrus (Credits: Billboard)
Miley Cyrus (Credits: Billboard)

Pop singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus is known and loved by many for her unique tone of voice and her insane range when it comes to making music. With her songs topping every mainstream music chart right after the release and having at least eight critically acclaimed and lauded albums, the thirty-year-old singer has surely made her presence felt in the industry. 

Where most know her because of her present popularity, which came with the release of iconic singles and songs like “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” The pop star started her career way before, facing more lows than ups to reach where she is right now. Miley auditioned and made her debut with the highly successful Disney show titled Hannah Montana, where she played the lead character with the same name as the title of the show. 

The show brought Miley success like never before and helped her release music that was constantly making records and going higher on the music charts. But the success she got from being associated with Hannah Montana was not everlasting, and the singer went through a period of bad music reviews and a failing acting career. 

The year 2013 turned her life for good once again, and the singer released music that was setting new records and going on tours that had good positive reviews. Miley has been in and out of controversy for many reasons, of which the one that comes up time and time again is her overtly sexual behavior and scandals. The singer is known for putting out music videos and doing performances that are overtly sexual, making many uncomfortable.

Miley Cyrus during her time in the show, Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus during her time in the show Hannah Montana (Credits: The Cut)

Fans also did not seem to take her shift of image from being the little kid from Hannah Montana to the mature, dark, and sensual grown woman vibe the singer gives off now. Many are convinced that the singer-slash actress’s direction of her career would take her down, but others appreciate the honesty and vulnerability in the way she expresses herself. 

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Miley’s Before & After Transformation

While Miley has been in the show-biz since her childhood, it would only be right to say that fans have seen the young thirteen-year-old grow into this amazing musical genius and rock star. Obviously, puberty and genes, and money bring one access to so many procedures and products that could help you in your upkeep. 

Fans have suspected one too many times that the singer may have gotten work done either on her body or her face. And every time the rumors go out of hand, Miley gladly shuts them down with the truth while also calling out her “fans” for being too invasive and nosy. 

Though the rumors of the thirty-year-old having gotten a breast-enhancement surgery have been around since even before 2011, the singer has always refuted the nonsense and confirmed that her body is completely natural and that she has her parents to thank for that.

Almost a year later, there were some more speculations about Miley having gotten her lips injected to make them look fuller and better, but she confirmed once again that she was all natural and felt sad that plastic surgery was so common that people almost seemed to have stopped believing in natural beauty.

Miley Cyrus Before (L) and After (R)
Miley Cyrus Before (L) and After (R) (Credits: Elle)

Many were also curious about her flawless skin and what procedures she had got done on her face to get such a glow. To these questions, Miley once again confirmed that she was just taking care of herself by eating healthy and keeping her mental health in as good a condition as possible. She also revealed that her good skin is mostly a result of science.

The singer had a whole day-long worth of meeting with her dermatologist to figure out her skin and what it needed best. She has told in interviews that her skincare is personalized according to her skin, and that is what keeps her skin so young and alive.

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While Miley continues to deny all speculations regarding any surgery procedures, fans have found pictures of the singer and compared them, noticing a change in the structure of her eye that went from being hooded to not being hooded, and some possibility of a chin implant. All of these remain just observations and rumors, as the singer-songwriter has not commented on her body or anything she does with it. 

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