Who Is Billy Ray Cyrus Dating? Busy Man Singer’s Love Interest

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Billy Ray Cyrus

Want to know who Billy Ray Cyrus is dating? Yes, we’re talking about the Achy Breaky Heart singer, who made headlines with his engagement news a few months ago. He is also majorly known for being the father of Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus. What’s going on in Billy Ray’s life? 

Starting from the basics, Billy Ray Cyrus is a versatile country singer. You must have listened to his song- Busy Man. Born on 25 August 1961, Billy is now 61 years old. He hails from Flatwoods, Kentucky, United States. 

Some of Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit songs are- It’s All the Same to Me, Somebody Said a Prayer, Country Music Has the Blues, Change My Mind, Hey Elvis, Nineteen, and a lot more. 

Not to forget to mention, each of Billy Ray Cyrus’ studio albums has been notably successful. Some of these are titled as- Home at Last, Thin Line, Set The Record Straight, etc. 

If you are a big fan of the Disney show Hannah Montana, you must have watched Billy Ray Cyrus playing the role of Miley’s father. It seems like their father-daughter relationship has always been strong, even off-screen. 

Coming back to Billy Ray Cyrus’ personal life, the country singer has tied the knot twice so far. They were Cindy Smith and Tish Finley. However, that didn’t stop him. Billy is again in love and is happily engaged too. So, his current dating status has become stronger. 

If you are looking for who Billy Ray Cyrus is dating or is engaged to at present, here is what we know. 

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Billy Ray Cyrus Dating: The Country Singer Is Engaged 

Talking about his current love interest, Billy Ray Cyrus is dating the singer, Firehose. Who is she? 

Billy Ray Cyrus Dating
Billy Ray Cyrus

From a very young age, Firerose has a separate passion and dedication for songwriting. She hails from Sydney, Australia. The best part is, Firerose is well aware of her fiance’s skills and fame. Because of that, she considers Billy as her “mentor.”

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After Billy’s marriage with Tish ended, the former started sharing a romance with Firerose. So, it’s not like he cheated or had an extramarital affair. 

It’s not known particularly since when Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose are dating. But, last year, it came out to the public that they got romantically linked while working together on music. 

When it comes to Firerose’s confession about her relationship, she made it official on the occasion of Billy Ray’s birthday. She paid tribute to him on social media, flaunting him as her love interest. A part of her caption said, “The world is a better place with you in it.” 

A few months back, more specifically in September, Firerose got spotted wearing a beautiful diamond ring. That actually confirmed their engagement rumors. Later, things chad to the limelight, stating Billy Ray Cyrus had proposed to her in August. The country singer asked her if she wanted to marry him. And it was a yes from her side. 

Billy Ray Cyrus Dating
Firerose with Billy Ray Cyrus, flaunting her engagement ring

Want to know more about Billy Ray Cyrus’ romantic gestures? He confessed his love for her and his willingness to make their relationship and engagement official. Billy added, saying, “I wanna be with you forever.” 

Recently, on 16 December 2022, Billy Ray Cyrus made news on his Instagram account. What is it? He shared about releasing another collaboration with Firerose, titled- Silent Night. 

Best Wishes to Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose for their new life. Hoping the news of their marriage comes up soon. It’s evident that Firerose is the “real deal” in Billy’s life at present. Looking at them, it seems like Billy and Firerose are made for each other! 

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