Kengan Omega Chapter 159 Release Date: Narushima Koga Becomes the Shinning Star of Underworld

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Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega Chapter 159 Release Date

Chapter 158 showed how ineffective Xia Ji’s Heavy Whip Technique was against Narushima Koga. The young fighter knew that Ji had absolutely no faith in his abilities, and he took him down with his Crescent Moon Kick. Well, there’s nothing to be surprised about since nothing less is expected from someone trained by masters like Ohma Tokita and Kanoh Agito. Can Koga be the torchbearer of the Kengan Association and bring an end to the Worm Problem? We will find that out in Kengan Omega Chapter 159.

Both Ji and Koga are gifted individuals, one has the Superman syndrome, and another bears the Fist eye. What differentiated them was their resolve to win and their tenacity. Right now, Ji is lying on the ground with pretty slim chances of getting back on his feet from there. Nothing but a miracle can save him from being tortured in the cells till they spill every small detail about the Worm. We bring you the latest chapter updates of Kengan Omega manga.

Kengan Omega Chapter 159 Release Date and Spoilers

Kengan Omega Chapter 159 will be playing an important role in Narushima Koga’s character development. We will get to see how Koga deals with success and if he gets arrogant after his one-sided victory. Meanwhile, Gaoh Ryuki will be watching Koga from a distance, thereby realizing how much his friend is ahead of him. He may start regretting wasting his years with someone as weak and fragile as Akoya Seishu. The only way he can catch up with Koga is by resorting to the technique with which he killed Naidan 2 years ago.

Kengan Omega
Gaoh Ryuki needs to catch up with Koga

The Worm leader, Xia Yen, is well aware of the situation, and he knows that Ji won’t stand a chance before Koga. He can’t let Ji fall into the wrong hands, so I won’t be surprised if he gets his brother disposed of before it’s too late. Sadly, these are nothing but speculations. The spoilers and raw scans of Kengan Omega Ch 159 aren’t out yet. They generally surface 1 to 2 days before the chapter’s official release, so don’t forget to check back on Wednesday. We will keep the section updated for you.

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Recap of Chapter 158

Chapter 158 takes us to the climax of the Narushima Koga vs Xia Ji fight. Koga remembers how he was shamefully defeated by Ji in their first fight. Back then, Koga was nothing as strong as he is today, and he ran for his life. A single kick from Ji was enough to make him realize his inferiority before Ji. However, the tables have completely turned after two years, and he continues beating Ji into a pulp.

Kengan Omega
Narushima Koga fighting

Ohma is impressed seeing Koga land perfect kicks from a point-blank range. Crippled in pain, Ji somewhat regains his composure and comes up with a new technique. He slit Koga’s arms with the swift movements of his two fingers. The technique is called “The Heavy Whip,” where the attacker moves their body in tandem, thereby concentrating their weight on their arms. It uses centrifugal force to shift the body’s weight from the feet to the hips, to the trunk, to the shoulder, and finally to the two fingers.

However, Koga could easily see through the whip-like movements with his Fist eye. He keeps evading Ji and then finishes him with his Crescented Moon kick. Meanwhile, Xia Yen is enjoying an exquisite supper with the Connector, Shen Yulong. He knows that Ji won’t win against Koga and is already devising a plan to dispose of his brother if necessary.

Release Date of Kengan Omega Chapter 159

Chapter 159 of Kengan Omega manga is not on a break this week. It will be released on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. The manga is gradually taking us to the final fight between the Alliance and the Worm. So, don’t miss out on the new chapters dropped every Wednesday.

Where to Read Kengan Omega Chapter 159?

Kengan Omega Ch 159 will be available on Comickey’s official website. Moreover, the chapter will be free to read for the first few hours, so please keep a close eye on the site.

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