Wi Ha Joon Net Worth: Assets of the The Squid Game Star

Wi Ha Joon net worth

Wi Ha Joon must be earning tons of money right now, so it is just natural for people to wonder what his net worth might be. Wi Ha Joon had been in the acting industry for a while now, he has literally spent ten years of his life acting already! The actor had gained international fame with Netflix’s Squid Game. Honestly, there was no one person who was not chanting the words ‘Squid Game is awesome!’ in 2021, and there were right to do so.  In this hit K-drama, Wi Ha Joon played the role of a very courageous detective named Hwang Jun Ho.

Hwang Jun Ho had come to know about Squid Game while looking for his long-lost elder brother. He followed the cars when they took in the players and disguised himself as one of the workers/soldiers of the area. Spoiler alert! However, as fans had been dreading, he did die by the ending of Squid Game, but you may never know whether he will make it back in the second season of the K-drama.

Now, Squid Game aside, Wi Ha Joon had also been playing some of K-drama fanatic’s most favorite characters such as Yoon Seung Ho in Something In The Rain, Ji Seo Joon in Romance Is A Bonus Book, and Ye Ji Hoon in 18 Again. Subsequently, Wi Ha Joon must have earned a lot of cash through these K-shows, so find out more about his net worth as well as his early life!

What Is The Net Worth Of Wi Ha Joon?

The net worth of Wi Ha Joon has been estimated to be $1 Million USD. Although there must be a clear raise in his earnings through the global stardom that he achieved after Squid Game. First of all, since he has become internationally famous, he can ask for more money for acting in a k-drama or movie.

After Squid Game, he has acted in Bad And Crazy with Lee Dong Wook and is also planning to act in Little women alongside Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Ho. Second, did you know that Wi Ha Joon runs a business of his own? It is not known to many that the star has built his own Yeezy Sneakers business. But it is not known whether the South Korean actor runs the company on his own or with a partner. Looks like Wi Ha Joon is not just good at acting but has the mind to run a whole business!

Wi ha joon net worth
Wi Ha Joon cr: MSTeam Entertainment

Aside from his business and acting careers, he even has a flourishing modeling career. He had been famous in the modeling world ever before the fame he got after Squid Game. Wi Ha Joon has a perfectly built physique that makes us want to hit the gym right away! Undoubtedly, due to his popularity and awesomeness, many brands have taken a liking to the actor. He currently ambassadors brands like the watch brand TAG Heuer and is a regular in the men’s magazine. No wonder why, the actor is known for his luxurious vibe!

Wi Ha Joon’s Early Life

Wi Ha Joon led a simple and quiet life on his family’s abalone farm. Unsurprisingly, his family holds a very special place in his heart. You can see the love for his family every time he goes around taking care of and meeting his niece and nephew. You can see their adorable relationship in many of his Instagram videos and photos. In an adorable post of his niece kissing him on the cheek Wi Ha Joon said that ”whether it is a kiss or a headbutt, I am healed because of you.” We know you can not stop smiling since this is pretty cute. At the least, this is K-drama worthy uncle-niece relationship.

Wi Ha Joon net worth
Wi Ha Joon cr: MSTeam Entertainment

As revealed by his co-stars, Wi Ha Joon even after his success remains totally down to earth. All in all, you can never regret staining this kind and a talented man called Wi Ha Joon!

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