Sakamoto Days Chapter 70 Release Date: Shin is in Great Distress!!

In Chapter 69, Shin goes beyond his limits and tries to get control over the fight by foreseeing the future of Kaji. Despite all the life-threatening warnings he got from that old woman, he decides to try out his luck once again and turn the tables around. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Slur himself showed up on the battlefield to look over Kashima. Can Shin deal with this impossible situation without Mr. Sakamoto’s help? We will find that out in Sakamoto Days Chapter 70.

During the fight, we noticed that Shinaya was following someone’s instructions. There’s no doubt that Slur himself was pulling the strings from a distance, thereby resulting in a 0.5 seconds time lag in Shinaya’s movements. Now that Slur has shown up, there won’t be any time delay, and things are going to get a lot tougher for Shin. We bring you the latest chapter updates of Sakamoto Days manga.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 70 Spoilers and Raw Scans

In Sakamoto Days Ch 70, Shin will be struggling to hold his ground against Shinaya. As we know, someone else was controlling him from a distance, and now that the mysterious deer-headed person has shown up, there’s no way Shin can beat him. He must analyze the situation rationally and run for his life. Trying to pull off something heroic may cost his life.

The Order

A few kilometers away, Sakamoto looks pretty worried about Shin. It’s just a matter of time before he drops his calm attitude and jumps into the battlefield to save his favorite apprentice. Sadly, these are nothing but mere speculations. The raw scans and spoilers of Sakamoto Days 70 aren’t out yet. They are generally dropped a few hours before the chapter’s official release. So, be sure to check back to our site on Saturday. We will try to keep the section updated.

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Recap of Chapter 69

Chapter 69 starts with Sakamoto spotting a deer in the forest, and it reminds him of Slur, who uses a deer mask. As he wonders if Shin is alright, the animals start acting strangely. He dashes further into the forest with his team, hoping to find Shin on their way. Meanwhile, Shin and Kaji are in great distress, and both of them are well aware that they don’t stand a chance before Shinaya.

After fighting for a while and taking a few painful blows, Kaji notices that Shinaya is being remotely controlled by someone else. The opponent is using some advanced VR technology to make this possible. As a result, there’s a 0.5-second lag after Shinaya gets a new instruction from his operator. As he was formulating all these in his mind, Shin reads everything with his clairvoyant abilities. He suggests his partner sync their movements and make the most of the time lag.

However, Shin’s powers aren’t polished enough to pull off something so complicated. Only if Mr. Sakamoto had been there, things would have been different. Shinaya thrashed Shin repeatedly, thereby beating him down to a pulp. Just when we thought everything was over, Shin decided to fight back. Despite all the warnings, Shin pushes beyond his limits and starts foreseeing his opponent’s movements. Yes, he has reclaimed his position in the fight, but how much longer can he continue like this?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 70 Release Date

Chapter 70 of Sakamoto Days manga will be released on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The manga is currently showing the climax of the JCC examinations arc, so don’t miss out on the new chapters dropped every Sunday.

Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 70?

Sakamoto Days Ch 70 will be available on various online platforms like vizmedia, mangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. Chapter 70 will be free to read for the next three weeks, but if you want to access the entire catalog of 70 chapters, you must switch to a paid alternative.

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