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IU Talks About The Cannes Film Festival, New Film Broker and Her Co-Star Song Kang Ho

IU Broker

IU has received internal and critical praise for her role in the new South Korean film Broker that has taken over the world. Broker is about two men who decide to sell baby boxes left at churches for adoption. Sang Hyeon would steal the bay boxes while his partner in crime Dong-Soo would delete the footage of the baby from all of the Church’s CCTV cameras. A mother named So Young catches them in this act and decides to go on a trip with them to see what kind of parents will her young one be getting. While they are on this trip, two detectives, Soo Jin and Detective Lee, are sharp at their trail.

Directed and written by Hirokazu Kore-eda, Broker had already been nominated and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won Ecumenical Jury Award. Song Kang Ho even made history by becoming the first South Korean actor to win the Best Actor Award at the award show. In fact, the film even received a twelve-minute standing ovation! Not only us but also many celebrities that we love were all ready for the premiere of the South Korean Film. Not to mention how gorgeous IU looked at the Cannes Film Festival, she surely is a queen! Recently, IU sat down to talk about the success of Broker and more!

IU’s Response To Song Kang Ho Winning The Best Actor Award

IU was obviously immensely happy to see her co-star achieve such an amazing feat. She said that it felt like a scene straight out of the movie when he got up and accepted the award. In addition to that, she had been really happy and grateful that he took her name during his acceptance speech. She even pointed out that Song Kang Ho would always come the earliest to the sets of Broker and that she wanted to do her best to fit in his environment.

IU broker

IU and her Broker Co-stars at the Cannes Film Festival

Moreover, the Korean idol and actress reacted to people by saying that she also might as well won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her excellent performance in Broker. She replied humbly by saying that she is grateful that they perceive her like that. At first, she did not completely believe it when people say that she had done completely splendid but only realized this through the translator. IU thought that it was all the director’s magic! Iu revealed that she really wanted to work with the director of Broker and got in contact with him through her fellow co-star Bae Doona.

IU Broker

IU in Broker

How IU Prepared For Her Role In Broker?

IU said that she had practiced cursing in front of her parents. She says that she remembers herself telling her parents to tell her whether her cursing looked awkward. Furthermore, IU said that it was hard portraying the role of Seo Young since there is a lot that her character has gone through and she has not. She kept thinking of ways to portray her character even better.

You could watch more of IU’s works like Hotel Del Luna and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo on Netflix and Rakuten Viki, respectively.

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