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Best Park So Jin Movies And TV Shows That You Need To Check Out!

Best Park So Jin Movies and TV Shows
Park So Jin

The kdrama as well as the kpop fandom, cannot stop raving about Park So Jin Movies and TV Shows. And why not? The girl is brilliant at performing, be it as an idol or an actress. For those of you who do not know, Park So jin is a member of the popular kpop girl group Girl’s Day. She was the leader and lead vocalist of the Dream team entertainment girl group. She led the group with grace from its debut in 2010 to its hiatus in 2014.

Additionally, Park So Jin was born in the Daegu region of South Korea. If you thought that performing for Girl’s Day and acting in movies and TV shows are the only thing that Park So Jin is good at, then you were wrong because the girl has also majored in Mechanical Engineering at the well-known Yeungnam University. Many of you may also remember her from the rumor that she was dating EXO’s D.O. Park So Jin has always been in the news, be it for her beauty, love life, or her talent. We have compiled a list of the best Park So Jin movies and tv shows for you.

Best Park So Jin Movies:

Spring Day

Among the many Park So Jin movies and tv shows, Spring Day will always remain in the top three. Furthermore, the movie was released in 2022 and had a brilliant plot as well as a star-studded cast. The mastermind behind the amazing screenplay and direction of this movie is Lee Don Ku. He has been the winner of the NETIZEN award at the Indie online Independent Film Festival for his work in Fatal and Fanfare. Adding to the magic was the brilliant cast. Son Hyun Joo (The Good Detective, Tracer), Park Hyuk Kwon (L.U.C.A: The Beginning, Joseon Exorcist), Jung Suk Yong (Move To Heaven, Inspector Koo), and the beautiful Park So Jin in the lead roles.

Best Park So jin movies and tv shows

Park So Jin at the Spring Day promotions

The plot of the movie revolves around a man named Ho Sung. He was one of the most feared people in the criminal organization until he was caught by the police and sent to jail. When he comes back, his family which comprises his son named Dong Hyuk (Jung Ji Hwan) and a daughter by the name of Eun Ok (Park So Jin). But there are more urgent matters that Ho Sung needs to take care of, which include earning money. So being the brilliant man that he is, Ho Sung formulates a plan to collect condolence money at his father’s funeral in order to start a business. But like all shortcuts, this one too does not go as planned, and two violent rival gangs end up joining the ceremony.

Zombie Crush In Hyeri

Among Park So Jin’s most amazing performances include the zombie apocalypse movie Zombie Crush In Hyeri. Additionally, the direction and screenplay of this movie are done by the talented Jang Hyun Sang, who is known for his previous work in Kissing Cousin and Coffee Noir: Black Brown and Kim Joon Sik. Adding to the impressive screenplay of the movie is the star-studded cast, which includes Lee Min Ji (Psycopath Diary, Farming Academy), Gong Min Jung (Please Don’t Hate Him, Hometown Cha Cha Cha), and Park So Jin. 

Park So Jin movies

Zombie Crush In Hyeri

The intriguing plot of this movie revolves around a village that is attacked by zombies. It is situated in the beautiful Heyri Art Village, which has become the center of destruction because of zombies. Three fierce female friends, Jin Seon, Hyeon Ah, and Ga Yeon, meet at the entrance in order to protect the village. This Park So Jin movie was an amazing addition to the list of recent Korean female empowerment movies.

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Recipe For Happiness

No doubt the best Park So Jin movie is her debut movie, Recipe For Happiness. The brilliant man behind the direction of this sentimental movie is Yoon Jae Won. Leading the cast of Recipe For Happiness were the talented actors Gong Myung (The Bride Of Habaek, Lovers Of The Red Sky) and Park Soo Jin.

Park So jin movies

Recipe For Happiness

The plot of the movie revolves around a fine man named Nam Goong Jin. Ever since he was young, Nam Goong Jin had decided that he would become a civil servant and help others out. However, dreaming and becoming are two different things, and Nam Goong Jin fails the exams not once but four times. However, he passes in his fifth attempt. He meets up with his school friends after ten long years, and many of them think he could have done better for himself. But Nam Goong Jin believes in finding happiness in small moments. Park So Jin plays Jung Soo, the woman that Nam Goong Jin dearly loves. However, his father, who is a fortune teller, tells Nam Goong Jin that they are not meant to be together. And playing right into his cards, Jung Soo is planning to leave Korea soon. The movie will make you emotional and nostalgic.

Park So Jin KDramas

The idol-turned actress has played a plethora of diverse characters ever since her kdrama debut in 2013. We have listed down below the best Park So Jin tv shows!

Hong Ik Super

One of Park So Jin’s earliest tv shows is Hong Ik Super. Despite having aired in 2017, the show still remains a fan favorite. This Park So Jin kdrama is the perfect mixture of all things good. It has mystery, romance, magic, and also humor. Apart from the perfect storyline, the unique characters in this drama are being played by some of the most well-known Hallyu stars. Park So Jin and Lee Yi Kyung (Eulachacha Waikiki, Secret Royal Inspector) play the lead roles in this kdrama while Park Hae Mi (Smashing Your Back) plays an important side character.

Hong Ik Super

The plot of Hong Ik super is set up around a supermarket. Additionally, it is very popular because it has everything a person can dream of buying. We mean this literally because the supermarket even sells potions that can help you get over your ex-lovers. The owner of Hongik Super, Na Jeong Boon, has magical powers that help her see a person’s future. This power helps her in predicting whatever her customers are going to need. When she finds out that her son Myeong An also possesses the same powers, she wants him to take over. But Myeong An is not interested. However, a visit from his first love Yeon Hee played by Park So Jin, makes him change his decision, and he decides to use his powers. 

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Oh! Dear Half Basement Goddesses

Also known as Underground Girls, the series is one of the best romance comedy fantasies. Furthermore, the talented Lee Rang, who is well known for her in Women At A Game Company and The Cravings, has worked as the screenwriter and director for this amazing drama. The Oh! Dear Half Basement Godesses is full of talented stars. Ha Yeon Soo (Legendary Witch, Rich Man), Na Hae Ryung (Judge vs Judge), Park So Jin, Cha Jung Won (Flirty Boy and Girl), Park Sung Woo (Today Office Tomorrow Romance), Baek Su Ho (Queen For Seven Days) play the lead roles in this drama.

Best Park So Jin Movies and TV Shows

Oh Dear Half Basement Goddesses

The plot of Oh! Dear Half Basement Godesses revolves around four Greek Goddesses who have come to Korea in order to spread love and peace. But their plan does not go as they thought it would. Waiting for them in Seoul is high rent prices and other living expenses. The four Goddesses hide their identities and start living in a half-basement apartment. 

Sh**ting Stars

Park So Jin’s role in the popular ongoing kdrama series, Sh**ing Stars, has become her breakthrough role. The kdrama has everyone in awe of the actresses’ talent. Additionally, Sh**ting Stars is directed by the popular South Korean director Lee Soo Hyun who is known for his work in Find Me In Your Memory and The Witch’s Diner. Choi Young Woo and Choi Yeon Seo are the genii behind the amazing screenplay of this drama. The Sh**ting Stars cast consists of Lee Sung Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), Kim Young Dae (Cheat On Me, If You Can), Yoon Jong Hun (My Healing Love), Kim Yoon Hye (The Magic), Lee Jung Shin (My Sassy Girl), and Park So Jin play the lead roles in this drama.

Park so jin in Sh**ting Stars

This kdrama gained popularity not only because of its amazing cast but also because it focuses on the behind-the-scenes of an actor’s life. How many people are involved in the perfect images that the idols have? Furthermore, it focuses on Oh Han Byun and Gong Tae Sung’s relationship. The two were enemies during their high school and college days, and now one is an entertainment agency’s PR head while the other is an actor. Park So Jin plays the role of Jo Ki Peum, who is an entertainment reporter in this kdrama. You can watch this exciting Park So Jin tv show with subtitles in various languages on Rakuten Viki.

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