How To Watch Sleepover Club? The Most Happening Korean Variety Show!

Where to watch Sleepover club
Sleepover club, Cr: SBS2

Following the success of Kick a Goal Season 2, you might now be wondering how to watch Sleepover club? For everyone who busted some nerves watching the intense head-to-head games on Kick a Goal. Sleepover club presents you with an opportunity to unwind with the chill and leisure vibes of the show. However, if you want a wildcard entry straight into Sleepover club, go right ahead, as it still serves the purpose! As the show is about relaxation and largely focuses on strengthening connections, it is a great watch when you are in the mood for something light and fun.

The guests on the current segment of Sleepover club are the ladies from FC Anaconda, who met with a sore defeat in Kick a Goal season 2. In order to give them a break from that cycle of stress, the ladies are showered with fun and delicious food in Sleepover Club. The episodes are filled with fun activities and engagement sessions that are sure to uplift the minds of these stressed-out ladies! Now that you have learned about the existence of this jolly show. Read further to find out where to watch Sleepover club?

What Happens in The Sleepover Club?

Sleepover Club is also known as Shooting Night out. The series has already obtained a high viewers rating due to its spontaneity and wholesome activities. We get to see our hosts trying their best to coddle and help the defeated champs rejuvenate. Whether it is in the form of a long drive or delicious food, the ladies sure are having fun!

Where to watch Sleepover club
The ladies of Fc Anaconda

Moreover, the show has proved to be a platform for them to express their opinions and plain thoughts while they communicate and connect with each other. A lot of tea was also spilled in the first few episodes of the series. For instance, Shin Ah Young’s pregnancy reveal took not just the viewers by shock but also her fellow teammates. The episode was instantly flooded with more energy as everyone expressed their congratulations to her. After hearing about the fun and frolic on the show. We are sure that the question of Where to watch Sleepover club? Has already entered your mind!

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Meet The Fun Hosts:

As already mentioned, the Sleepover club is a time of relaxation and unwinding for the FC Anaconda football team, who couldn’t win the cup this time. The ladies have assembled outdoors to snowball their dose of fun. To ensure they have the best time as they recoup. We have Lee Su Geun, Lee Jin Ho, and Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun taking over as the hosts of the show. The trio is a deadly combination operating as a unit titled Sleepover Inc. They are determined to deliver the best of times to these ladies.

How to watch Sleepover club online
The Hosts of Sleepover Club

While Su Guen has undertaken the responsibility to drive their guests to scenic locations owing to his Type 1 driver’s license, Jin-Ho has become their personal chauffeur. He is entrusted with the role of ensuring the guests have a comfortable stay with all services at their fingertips. Lastly, the one in charge of putting the fun in this jolly and FUNky show is Kyu Hyun. He also pampers the guests by presenting his flawless cooking skills and feeding them well!

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How To Watch Sleepover Club?

Allow us to finally answer the question of Where to watch Sleepover club? So that you can have unlimited access to entertainment and fun along with the athletes of FC Anaconda. If you are living in South Korea, you can catch the episodes live on the SBS2 television network at 10:40 pm KST. The same would be 11:40 AEST, 7:10 pm IST, and 9:40 am EST. However, if this does not work for you, then Rakuten Viki is here to the rescue. Fans can avail of the episodes well furnished with subtitles of their choice on the Rakuten Viki web apps and mobile applications. You can directly proceed to watch Sleepover Club here!

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