How To Watch ‘The Witch’ The South Korean Mystery Horror Film?

Where to Watch The Witch full movie?
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Doing what it does best, South Korea came out with an action mystery horror film titled ‘The Witch’ in 2018. Additionally, this masterpiece of a movie is also popular as The Witch: Part 1.The Subversion. Just a glimpse at the intriguing poster and the star-studded cast had everyone searching up where to watch The Witch? Additionally, The Witch is the perfect watch if you love mystery and horror. It has combined the two most interesting genres, mystery, and horror, realistically and brilliantly. Starting off as a perfect dream, The Witch follows a young girl whose life turns into a nightmare.

The Korean movie earned praise both domestically and worldwide and is treasured by horror genre fans. Another reason to search up where to watch The Witch as soon as possible is that the man behind the brilliant screenwriting and direction is none other than Park Hoon Jung. For those of you who do not know, Park Hoon Jung is also the mastermind behind popular movies such as V.I.P, Night In Paradise, and The New World. If you are wondering where to watchnThe Witch, then look no further. In this article, we have all of The Witch streaming details.

How To Watch ‘The Witch’ Film?

The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion is cooked up with all the perfect ingredients. The movie has not only a splendid cast but also a very well-written storyline and layered characters. The movie was a box office hit when it was released on the 27th of June in 2018. Even after years of its release, fans still want to watch The Witch. You can stream The Witch on Rakuten Viki, where it is available in HD with subtitles in various languages. Just another proof of how good the movie is that Part 2 of The Witch will be released in June of 2022.

Moreover, even if you are not a fan of mystery and the horror genre gives you the shrills, you will still watch The Witch because of the talented actors and actresses that play the lead roles in this movie. The main cast of The Witch consists of Kim Da Mi (Our Beloved Summer, Itaewon Class), Jo Min Soo (My Daughter The Flower, My Name is Princess), Park Hee Sun (A Model Family, My Name), and Choi Woo Shik (Our Beloved Summer, Fight For My Way). Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi were next seen in the hit kdrama Our Beloved Summer, which is the polar opposite of what The Witch is.

Where to Watch The Witch?
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Where To Watch ‘The Witch’ Full Movie Online?

Hit Korean horror movie starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik ‘The Witch’ is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. All you need is a subscription, and you can stream The With online on Amazon Prime Video in the language of your choice. Additionally, the movie has also been dubbed in various languages for international viewers. So get your popcorn ready to stream The Witch.

The Witch Streaming Details
The Witch cr: Amazon Prime Video

What Is The Plot Of ‘The Witch’?

A young girl named Ja Yoon, played by Kim Da Mi, miraculously finds herself out of the suffocating government facility. However, all her memories are completed wiped out. Ja Yoon gets lucky and is adopted by an old couple. Furthermore, Ja Yoon grows up as a brilliant daughter and does very well at school. She even helps her family financially when she wins the first prize in an audition show that was broadcasted and watched by the entire nation. And instead of becoming a top star and enjoying success and fame, Ja Yoon’s life goes downhill after this appearance.

The Witch cr: Rakuten Viki

Strange people who claim to know her start appearing in her life. Nobleman, Dr.Baek, and Mr. Choi snatch away the peace from her wholesome and ordinary life. There is a huge secret behind why Ja Yoon was kept in a government facility and is being chased by three people. To find out, make sure to watch The Witch!

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