How To Watch Love All Play? All That You Should Know

Where to watch Love All Play
Where to watch Love All Play

If you are wondering how to watch ‘Love All Play’, then here is what you are looking for. The drama has really captivated the hearts of the viewers and fans. But can we expect any less with the amount of mind-blowing series we have been getting? With interesting stories like “Sound of the Magic”, “Shooting Stars” and many more, “Love All Play” is also making its place in everybody’s heart.

If you are a fan of sports Korean drama, then ‘Love All Play’ is definitely for you. Are you feeling empty because ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-one’ has ended? We know the thrill which you had when our main leads won a match, and that is exactly what you can get in this series too. Along with this, the cherry on the cake is the sweet friends-to-lovers trope for romance which will tickle your heart. We can assure you that this series will capture your attention at once and fill you with motivation and hope if you are going through a hard time. So let us check out more details on how to watch ‘Love All Play’, its cast, and much more.

Love All Play: Sypnosis

The plot of the Korean drama Love All Play is very beautiful and motivating. Park Tae Yang, which is played by Park Ju Hyun, was a very famous and extremely good badminton player. Her whole life revolved around badminton, and she loved the sport. But three years ago, she got entangled in a ‘bribing scandal. But this was just a false scandal, and the real reason because of why Park Tae Yang left was something completely different.

Meanwhile, Park Tae Joon was predisposed to the world of badminton because his family was into the business of badminton equipment. But for him, playing badminton was just a job. But things took a turn when he met Park Tae Yang. He started to find happiness and thrill in the sport and practiced with his whole heart and soul.

Where to watch Love All Play
Love All Play Korean drama

A cute romance emerges here, and both the leads heal each other and become each other’s support and strength. Another charm of a sports drama is that not only are we hooked on the plotline, but we also develop a love for that game even if we did not play it before. Along with the romance of our main leads, we also have a mysterious story about the past of Park Tae Yang and Yook Jung Hwan. Why is he so cold-hearted towards her? Start watching the drama if you want to find out.

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‘Love All Play’: Cast

Park Ju Hyun plays the role of Park Tae Yang, who is a bright and hard-working girl. She is not a person who would give up, instead, she keeps practicing as if it is her last chance. And this is what makes her stand out from the crowd. The actress is very talented and is highly popular for her roles in hit Korean dramas like “Extracurricular”, ” Mouse”, and “Zombie Detective”. Joining her is Chae Jong Hyeop, who plays the role of Park Tae Joon, a charming and naturally talented person. He recently made a guest appearance in the ongoing Korean drama “Shooting Stars”. Along with this, he was also a part of “The Witch’s Diner”, and “Nevertheless”.

Where to watch Love All Play
Love All Play Cast

Now we have Kim Moo Joon playing the role of Yook Jung Hwan. He plays a cold character at the start, but we find out that he is warm on the inside. The actor made his debut in 2020 with a web drama, and he was also a part of “Nevertheless”. We have Seo Ji Hye as Lee Yoo Min and Park Ji Hyun as Park Jun-Young. We also have Jo Han Chul as Lee Tae Sang. The actor is also famous for his works in “Vincenzo” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”. The whole cast has brought their characters to life, and we cannot wait to watch the whole series.

How To Watch ‘Love All Play’?

The original broadcasting network of ‘Love All Play’ is KBS2, and the episodes air on Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to watch it online, the Kdrama is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. So get ready for an adrenaline rush while you watch and enjoy the drama.

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