What Anime Is Lee Hoon From? All That You Should Know

Lee Hoon
Lee Hoon

Let’s talk about What Anime Is Lee Hoon From? Every anime has its major character and this reference is not just for the protagonist. In fact, sometimes the side characters grabbed the limelight and overshadow even the major protagonist. I am sure, you would have observed this case many times in your anime ride and even you have some of the side characters on your favorite characters’ bucket list. Sometimes, we heard about certain characters so much that the hype just made us watch that anime and I am sure that this article will make you at least do more research about a certain anime.

As you read from the title, In this article, we will analyze the character of Lee Hoon also known as Lee Hoon, and see from what anime he belongs? We will also discuss every single thing related to anime itself so you won’t need to spend hours on the Internet researching the anime. Lastly, we will discuss some of the legal platforms where you can enjoy that anime along with other interesting shows.

Who is Lee Hoon?

Lee Hoon is a boy with self-destructing tendencies and kind of not-so-cool ambitions. He is also one of the interesting that you definitely love whenever you see him on the screen. He has a very sensitive personality and gets embarrassed easily. He really cares what people think about him and sometimes he overreacts to very minor issues. Sometimes he shows quite great desperation for performing any task and his self faith climbed to another level. He is also an occasional liar with mixed morals.

You will see him stealing money from others for his self-betterment. Even though he is one of the major characters of a certain show, sometimes he will leave you in dire thinking about himself.

Lee Hoon
Lee Hoon

If we talk about his appearance, Lee Hoon has black hair and dark eyes with heavy bags underneath them. You will mostly see him in a solid white t-shirt, shorts, and black socks which depicts that he loves casual and comfortable clothes more than in-trend and uncomfortable clothes. Whenever he is in school, you will see him in a typical school uniform consisting of a shirt and brown covering. Apart from this, he has bandages all over his body which majorly comes from injuries.

This was all about Lee Hoon’s appearance and personality. Now let’s know more about him and see which anime he belongs to?

Which Anime Lee Hoon Belongs?

Lee Hoon belongs to the Korean Manhwa Suicide Boy. He is the major protagonist and most important character of this Manhwa. This manhwa is one of the popular manhwas worldwide with a very strong story base. Created by Park Gee, this manhwa is based on the life of 17 years old Boy, Lee Hoon who is suffering from a very tragedic time of his life. The high medical cost of the hospital for his mother (ultimately, she died) and his father’s addiction to gambling leaves him in extreme debt and trouble. He faces a lot of criticism in school.

Priorly the manhwa revolves around Lee Hoon who is finding ways to kill himself however as the show progresses, it reveals that life is not as bad as it seems and there are many ways to deal with any kind of trouble.

Lee Hoon
Lee Hoon

How To Read Suicide Boy?

As we discuss above, Suicide Boy is a Manhwa which means it originated from South Korea and is not related to the Japanese manga industry. Manhwas have its own platform where you can read thousands of high-quality manhwas at a bare minimum price. If you want to enjoy Suicide Boy and you belong to any country other than South Korea, then you have to purchase this manhwa either through importing websites or big E-commerce stores like eBay or Amazon. In South Korea, you can easily find this manhwa in any of your nearest bookstores.

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