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How To Stream ‘Ya Boy Kongming’ Anime Online?

Where to Watch Ya Boy Kongming
Where to Watch Ya Boy Kongming

Written by Yotu Yotsube and illustrated by RyŌ Ogawa, Ya Boy Kongming is a Japanese manga series. This comic series was published on Kodansha’s Ltd Comic Days website between 13 December 2019 and 16 November 2021. It started publishing in Weekly Young Magazine on 22 November 2021. The Ya Boy Kongming manga has a total of 9 volumes. Ahead, we will be talking about where you can stream Ya Boy Kongming.

The Anime television series of this manga has started airing on various networks like Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV on 5 April 2022. It has aired 3 episodes till now. These networks do not work in countries other than Japan. But this does not mean you can not watch this anime series. The only thing you have to do is to continue your reading and you will get to know the platform where you can stream Ya Boy Kongming. 

Ya Boy Kongming is the story of Zhuge Liang Kongming. In his previous birth, he was a military strategist and died performing his duty. While he was on his deathbed he wished for a peaceful life where he would not have to experience bloodshed in his next life. Universe responded to his wish, and he was reborn in Japan. He appeared directly in the club district of Tokyo. There was a costume party for Halloween going on. Later he meets singer Eiko Tsukimi and begins his new life.

Where you can Watch Ya Boy Kongming

Party People Koumei which is initially Ya Boy Kongming is available on various streaming platforms like Bilibili and HIDIVE. But if you are wondering whether Ya Boy Kongming is available on Netflix, then let me tell you that Ya Boy Kongming is available on Netflix but only in Japan.

It is disheartening to know that in spite of being an enormous platform for series, Netflix is not streaming this anime worldwide. Even if you are a full-time subscriber, you can not watch Ya Boy Kongming if certain features are restricted in your area. But it is not the end, possibly, sometime in the future, Netflix might start streaming this series. All you have to do is to go and check if your country is geographically restricted on Netflix or not.

Another renowned platform in the western world for streaming anime is Crunchyroll. It distributed almost all kinds of anime in its market. But at this time, Ya Boy Kongming is out of the list. This means that you can not watch Ya Boy Kongming on Crunchyroll either. All the other platforms do not distribute anime much, so it is useless to talk about them. 

Let us discuss how you can watch Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE if you are living outside Japan.

How to watch Ya Boy Kongming?

HIDIVE is not that famous for distributing anime but this time it is the prime distributor of Ya Boy Kongming. If you’re someone who is living outside Japan, then you can stream Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE. But there is one issue, you can not stream it on HIDIVE if you are living in any part of Asia. 

Stream Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE

Stream Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE

To stream Ya Boy Kongming on HIDIVE, all you have to head on over to the HIDIVE website or app and buy a subscription plan. After this, you can watch your favorite anime. Your subscription will not go waste as apart from Ya Boy Kongming, you can watch other anime as well. For instance, The Familiar of Zero, Elfen Lied, Redo of Healer, Angel Beats, and many more.

Characters of Ya Boy Kongming

The important characters of this anime series are as given. Elko Tsukimi and the voice behind this character is Kaede Hondo. Zhuge Kongming, a Chinese military strategist. He was the most intelligent strategist of his time. Not just this, he even got compared to Sun Tzu. He was famous for his nicknames like Wolong meaning crouching Dragon and Fulong meaning Sleeping Dragon. The voice-over artist for the character of Zhuge Kongming is RyŌtarŌ Okiayu.

Zhuge Liang Kongming

Zhuge Liang Kongming

Kabe Taito and the amazing voice behind this character is ShŌya Chiba. Apart from this, the other characters are. Nanami Kuon and the voice over artist for this character is Hibiku Yamamura. And Owner Kobayashi got the voice of Jun Fukushima. 

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