How To Get The Sad Face Filter On TikTok?

Sad Face Filter on Tiktok
Sad Face Filter on Tiktok

These days, the Sad Face Filter on Tiktok is going viral insanely. You may call it the Crying Face filter as well. Well. Nobody wants to be sad or cry over something in real life. However, people are enjoying this Sad Face Filter and are crazy about it. Haven’t you tried it yet? There are a lot of things that you can do while using the Tiktok filters. The funniest part is, now people have started making pranks on others using this crying filter so that they may ask, ‘Why are you crying?’ Isn’t it funny? Even the voice seems to be a bit cracking.

Each of the filters on Tiktok appears to be very realistic, and it gets difficult for the other person to detect. Little did you know, this crying filter on Tiktok is also available on Snapchat. If you haven’t tried out this, you are missing out on something funny. In case you aren’t aware of the usage, this article is exactly the right choice that you have made. We will discuss How to get the Sad Face Filter on Tiktok and every other detail related to it.

How to get the Sad Face Filter on Tiktok
The viral Sad Face Filter

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How to get the Sad Face Filter on Tiktok?

With the name itself, you must have understood why this filter is trending on the said platform. People always love to confuse others. Sounds funny, though! Well, people are using Sad Face Filter and are successfully making creative and entertaining short clips. While using it, the face depicts the exact expression that one gets at the time of being upset. Since it originated from Snapchat, in order to use this, you have to use that platform too. There is no rocket science; in fact, it is very easy.

Sad Face Filter on Tiktok
Sad Face Filter on Tiktok

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. You have to download the Snapchat application on your phone (Play Store for the android users and Apple Store for the iPhone users).
  2. After you open the application, tap on the ‘smiley face’, which contains the filters. It is present next to the record button.
  3. Tap on Explore.
  4. In the search bar, type ‘Crying’ and go for it.
  5. Several results will be out. Choose the one stating ‘Crying Face.’
  6. Now, you have to tap on the record button to record videos or short clips for Tiktok with the filter on.
  7. If you wish, you can also add the filter to your favorites. Doing this will help you get the filter automatically without searching for it.
  8. After you are done with your filming, tap on the ‘Save’ option. It will get downloaded on your mobile.
  9. Finally, open your Tiktok account. You can now post the video on this platform from your camera roll itself.

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Alternative Method

Well, here comes another way of using Sad Face Filter on Tiktok. Suppose you don’t use Snapchat or don’t want to rely on it. This method is for you.

  1. Open your Tiktok account.
  2. Using the search bar from the ‘For You’ page, go for the ‘Crying’ filter.
  3. From the results, choose the one that says ‘Crying Face’.
  4. Record your video using ‘Try this Effect’ option.
  5. Once you are done with that, you can either save it in drafts or can post it directly on Tiktok.

If you follow these steps, then you are good to go for this Sad Face Filter and can easily join the trend. Another interesting thing that you may not know, one can also combine the effects and the filters from both the platforms for some amazing, funny, and creative videos. Also, make sure that you add a proper caption with loads of hashtags to get more likes and views. Even though it sounds sad but is just the opposite in reality. It will make you laugh out loud once you try this out. The expression is hilarious!

How did you use this Sad Face Filter on Tiktok? Do let us know!

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