How To Get The Last Of Us Filter On TikTok? Step By Step Explained

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The Last of US Filter Demo
The Last of US Filter Demo

If you are someone who wants to be in the world of video games, here is an opportunity for you. Tiktok has introduced a new filter where you could see yourself as one of The Last of Us survivors. This filter on Tik Tok can now calm your curiosity. The Last of Us, a survival video game for PlayStation 3, was released back in 2013.

The Last of Us filter, which is available on TikTok, brings its users more opportunities to showcase their enthusiasm and talent with originality. It provides you to interact with other users by means of recreating moments, coming up together with fan theories, or just paying tribute to the iconic Playstation game.

The “Last of Us” Filter Tiktok:

The Last of Us filter on Tiktok, a popular social media platform, has taken users by storm. Everyone has been talking about it. The Last of Us is a newly released filter that has allowed users to immerse into a completely virtual world of video games.

The filter was officially released way back in the year 2013 for PlayStation 3 and had gained immense popularity and interest from users and gamers. Last of Us also made a feature recently on the small screen in a popular HBO television series, which again reminded fans of the cool feature.

"Last of Us" Filter Tiktok:
The “Last of Us” Video Game from Playstation 3 was recreated as HBO series. (Credit: HBO Max)

The filter allows the user to interact with their virtual surroundings and have a look into the virtual world of the game, irrespective of whether the users have played the Last of Us. They can feel and interact with the virtual surroundings, which makes it a cool experience. The users have the opportunity to create custom situations, popular characters, create backgrounds, and explore a vast array of things.

How to make a video with the Last of Us Tiktok Filter?

TikTok is the most famous app for keeping up with most trends. Recently, there has been super hype around The Last of Us filter. This new filter, however, can only be accessed after making a little diversion from other filters that are easily accessible within the app.

The Last of Us filter isn’t directly accessible within the TikTok app. Instead, you’ll need to look into alternative approaches to obtain this well-liked filter and join the expanding Last of Us group.

"Last of Us" Filter Tiktok:
“Last of Us” Filter on Tik Tok (Credit: TikTok)

You can also gain access to the Last of Us filter on many online communities, discussion boards, or websites through this search that offers guides or links on how to download and use the filter on your TikTok videos. The filter may need to be imported as a video effect or accessed via the TikTok filter management tool.

To have access to this filter, there are two recommended apps called Photoleap and Capcut. Photoleap is a photo editing app, and CapCut allows you to edit videos. These apps are available on the Appstore and the Play Store.

  • Open the Photoleap app after installing it on your device. Tap on “AI Selfies.”
  • Select an image from your library.
  • Select the Custom button, which is available at the bottom of your screen, then type “Last Of Us”
  • Drag a vertical line which is dividing the “before and after” effects to the whole screen to fully apply the filter. Save the image to your device.
  • Open Capcut and choose the photo transition template. Save the video to your device.
  • After uploading the video on TikTok, you can also edit your post so that you can make it more engaging.
  • You can also add more sound effects and filters to enhance the video.
  • After the whole editing thing is complete, click the “Next” button on your screen, and put a caption and hashtags to your video.
  • Now your TikTok video is ready to hit the “Post” button, and ta-da, your “Last of Us” filter video, is there on your feed. 

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