If you like dating reality shows and enjoy Netflix’s The Circle, this story is for you. How long is The Circle filmed for? The bizarre reality dating show where participants play as themselves or catfish, isolated from the world in an apartment. Moreover, now on its fourth season, the show gets even more traction because of the weird interactions.

Each season, a group of participants goes into an apartment, isolated. Then, the only contact they have with each other is via “The Circle,” a social media app that lets them talk. But without any physical contact. So, let’s take a look at how long this social experiment lasts without any further ado. Let’s begin!

What Is The Circle’s Premise?

As stated earlier, “The Circle” is a Netflix reality dating series where participants interact with each other via social media in an apartment isolated from the world. They’re allowed to talk to each other, contact each other, and mingle. Just via the Circle app. Moreover, the players can play themselves or go as “catfish.”

How Long Is The Circle Filmed For?
The Circle is now on its fourth season on Netflix, don’t miss it!

The format allows users to present whichever persona they desire because they’re quarantined individually. The Circle emphasizes this point by enabling each contender to select a profile photograph that they believe will help them achieve popularity. While some contestants of The Circle will choose a flattering photo of themselves, some will decide to catfish the rest. They can either use the personality and pictures of someone they know or create a character they believe would be popular. We’ve seen two of the original eight participants have radically different personalities in Netflix’s version in previous seasons.

What Is A Catfish?

If you’re unfamiliar with “Catfish,” we’re not referring to the actual catfish. This is a slang term used by Gen-Z’ers and Millennials on social media. And it refers to an identity —either fake or stolen—created with the sole purpose of beginning a deceptive relationship. If you ever mingled on social media, you might’ve stumbled upon a profile of someone passing as someone else. Well, that, my friends, is a catfish. And in “The Circle,” we see a lot of that!

The Circle Season 4 Trailer

Participants Have Access To Therapy During Filming

Imagine isolating yourself from the world if the pandemic gave you a sense of awareness of your mental health. Having your life exposed to cameras and interacting only with a screen can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why the participants in this reality show have access to on-set therapists to guide them through the strain. In that sense, they’re not alone per se. That would be not only highly unethical but also illegal.

How Long Is The Circle Filmed For?

You’d be surprised to know exactly how long this reality show is filmed for. And the answer is a really short time. In fact, shooting this reality show takes only fifteen days. That’s amazing in comparison to how they picture it. Still, it can be strenuous to those participating, hence the therapists on the set and all the other accommodations. Plus, the sleeping schedule and other minor details.

How Long Is The Circle Filmed For?
The Circle’s premise is bizarre but still fun!

Overall, The Circle is rather cheap and fast production for Netflix. Moreover, they can’t really make the filming any longer. Not only because of time constraints but also because of the players’ mental health. You see, cameras aren’t on all the time. Plus, the players need some time off to unwind and see to their personal things like eating, showing, and sleeping.

On top of that, they need counseling from the therapists. So, if you’re thinking about applying for the show, think about how it will impact your mental health. As the producers are certainly thinking about their participants. With that, we are wrapping things up here at Otakukart concerning The Circle’s filming time. Thanks for reading our piece, and please go to our main page to see what else is new in the world of Netflix. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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