‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 Release Date: Tae Hyung Realizes That His Mother Lied To Him About The Victim

Tae Hyung accident
Tae Hyung accident

Ji Hwan and Joo Hong catch her father and Sook Jin talking in the park. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21, Sook Jin offers Joo Hong’s father money to keep quiet. However, to hide this fact, he lies to his daughter and says that the money is to break up her relationship. After this, Joo Hong feels like her father sold her off for money, and this turns into a big fight.

The next day, she is still not able to understand the situation. Tae Hyung forces her to have lunch with him, and there she tells him to keep his mother away from her father. However, this is not the only problem. At the end of ‘The Secret House’ Episode, Tae Hyung realizes that he hit Ji Hwan’s mother in the past.

What Happened In ‘The Secret House’ Episodes Till Now?

In ‘The Secret House’ previous episodes, till now, we have seen that Tae Hyung gets into an accident. After being admitted to the hospital, he remembers a certain accident in which he was involved nine years ago. He goes to the spot and tries to remember what exactly happened in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21. At the same time, Ji hwan comes to the place trailing the tracks of his lost mother. After this, Ji Hwan goes to meet Joo Hong’s mother. He asks her if his mother knew the chairmen? She couldn’t answer the question but responded by saying that Kyung Sun had a lot of secrets.

On the other hand, Sook Jin sends a man to do her dirty work, and he hands Min-Young some money. She refuses to accept it at first but later says that she will return the money directly to Sook Jin. Also, Tae Hyung lies in his interview, saying that he has never done anything immoral in his life. ‘The Secret House’ Ep 21 will unveil a horrific truth about Joo Hong’s father. He is the one who helped Sook Jin in covering Kyung Sun’s murder, and Joo Hong overhears his conversation with Sook jin.

The Secret House ep 21
Still from The Secret House

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Ji Hwan Catches Sook Jin Admitting To Her Crime

After hushing Joo Hong’s father in front of Ji Hwan, she tells him to wait in the park. Then she meets him secretly and starts talking about Kyung Sun’s accident. Just when she hands over the money to him, Joo Hong comes there. In ‘The Secret House’ Ep 21, Joo Hong’s dad lies to her to hide the truth. He tells her that he accepted money from Sook Jin to break her and Ji Hwan up. Also, the Ep 21 of ‘The Secret House’ will bring a lot of drama as Joo Hong tells Tae Hyung what his mother did.

‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 Preview

To cover up the truth, Joo hong’s father lies and says that he does not approve of Ji Hwan and Joo Hong’s relationship. He tells Ji Hwan that he can never marry his daughter. Later, at home, he tells his daughter that he took the money to break up her relationship. Also, he says that she should marry Tae Hyung. This upsets Joo Hong very much, and in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21, she tries to figure out why her father is acting weird.

The secret house preview (4)
The secret house preview

‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 Release Date

‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 release date is 9th May 2022. When Min-Young finds out that Sol wants Ji Hwan to marry Joo Hong, she takes matters into her hands. She calls Joo Hong’s mother in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 and asks her to let her daughter get married to Ji Hwan. However, even she is against this match and refuses. When Min-Young finds out that Tae Hyung is interested in Joo Hong, she calls and threatens him. After the call, he comes running over to the restaurant and gets into a fight with her. However, in the end, he realizes that Ji Hwan’s mother is the person he hit nine years ago.

Watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘The Secret House’ is a television series broadcast by the MBC channel. People from South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘The Secret House’ on the official channel, and for international fans, there is no official site to watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 21. So, to know all the details of ‘The Secret House’ episodes, stay tuned with Otakukart.

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