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‘Eve’ Episode 1 Release Date: Will Lee Ra Ei Choose Love Or Revenge?

Eve Kdrama
Eve Kdrama

The upcoming K-Drama ‘Eve’ is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2022. After ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,’ Seo Ye Ji’s popularity has soared, and fans have been waiting desperately to see her new show. ‘Eve’ Episode 1 will release next month, and we have all the information you need before watching it.

The cast of ‘Eve’ is very carefully chosen and well placed. Han So Ra’s role is played by the actress Yoo Son. She is the only daughter of a politician. She is a confident woman who marries a wealthy family. However, when she finds out about her husband’s affair, her unstable personality starts to come out of the cracks.

‘Eve’ K-Drama Plot

The upcoming South Korean drama ‘Eve’ is a roman melodrama that will not let you rest on your seat even for a second. The actress Seo Ye Ji is playing the role of an unbelievably beautiful woman named Lee Ra Ei. The whole nation is entangled with the news of an heir being involved in a divorce lawsuit settlement. The amount of the lawsuit is enough for the people to get invested in the news. The ‘Eve’ Kdrama’s story is about a rich heir that is involved in the two trillion won lawsuit.

Moreover, Ra Ei is the daughter of a perfect family with a genius father and a beautiful mother. However, from ‘Eve’ Episode 1, we might see the consequence of the family tragedy she faced in life. Furthermore, Ra Ei has deadly charms that can make anyone fall in love with her. As she is the center of an unbelievably expensive divorce, she meets Seo Eun Pyung. He is a human rights lawyer who ends up falling in love with Ra Ei and is ready to do anything for her. Another person who is infatuated with staying young and beautiful is Han So Ra. She is the only daughter of a famous politician. Also, she is a smart woman who marries the L.J. Group family. However, there is a deeper secret she hides from the world.

Eve ep 1

Eve ep 1

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The Upcoming Drama ‘Eve’ Teaser

Teaser 1

The teaser of ‘Eve’ drama gives us an idea about what to expect in ‘Eve’ Episode 1. The trailer starts with Laa Ra Ei thinking hard about something in the bathtub. Also, her beauty is infatuating and dangerous. On the other hand, Kang Yoon Gyeom’s wife, Han So Ra, is unstable and cries in the arms of her husband because she does not want him to leave. He is a big public figure who has to maintain his facade appearance in front of the media. However, he might also be in love with Laa Ra Ei. When Han So Ra finds out about this, she breaks things in anger and frustration. Furthermore, the little affair between them might have soon gotten as it is not good for Yoon Gyeom’s family and public image.

Teaser 2

Teaser 2 of ‘Eve’ Kdrama again starts with Laa Ra Ei in the bath. However, this time something is different. The thirty seconds trailer starts with a news article that might be linked to Ra Ei’s family tragedy. Also, she is desperate for Yoon Gyeom’s love. She wants to keep him with her at all costs. Moreover, it seems they have a deep bond between them that cannot be easily broken. Besides their passionate side, in ‘Eve’ Episode 1, we might also see Han So Ra’s unstable personality that makes her break things and crash cars. Finally, when Yoo Gyeom breaks up with Ra Ei for the sake of his family, a new gentleman comes in. It is the human rights lawyer Seo Eun Pyung. He falls in love with Ra Ei’s beauty, and when Yoo Gyeom witnesses this, he is not able to hide his jealousy.

Eve ep 1 (1)

Eve ep 1 (1)

‘Eve’ Episode 1 Release Date

‘Eve’ Episode 1 release date is 1st June 2022. As for the story, Seo Ye Ji is perfect for playing the role of Lee Ra Ei as she emits unbelievable beauty and confidence. As for the other characters, Han So Ra is another powerful woman in the Kdrama Eve’ who hides the secret of her instability. If you are a fan of great melodrama stories, then ‘Eve’ Kdrama is the best choice for you.

Watch ‘Eve’ Episode 1 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean upcoming drama ‘Eve’ will be broadcast by the tvN network from 1st June 2022. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Eve’ on the official network. As for international fans, they can watch all the episodes of ‘Eve’ Kdrama on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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