Does ‘Happiness’ K-drama Have a Happy Ending?

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'Happiness' Has a Happy Ending

With zombie apocalypse k-dramas taking over the world, tvN’s 2021 k-drama ‘Happiness’ is one of the recent additions to the list. Very relevant to the recent events taking place in real life, ‘Happiness’ is one of the highest-rated k-dramas of 2021. Being one of the most successful k-dramas, k-drama fans still wonder if ‘Happiness’ has a happy ending or not. The director-screenwriter duo of Ahn Gil Ho and Han Sang Woon returns for the k-drama after their last success ‘WATCHER’.

The k-drama stars ‘High As Sky Wide As Earth’ and ‘W’ fame Han Hyo Joo, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ fame Park Hyung Sik, and ‘Goblin’ fame Park Hyung Sik. With the supporting cast including Lee Jon Hyuk, Park Joo Hee, Baek Jee Hyun, and a lot more talented actors. Airing from November 5, 2021, to December 11, 2021, ‘Happiness’ received 4% nationwide ratings. The story of ‘Happiness’ follows Yoon Sae Bom, a special agent, and Jung Yi Hyun, a detective.

'Happiness' Has a Happy Ending
Does ‘Happiness’ k-drama Have a Happy Ending?: A still from ‘Happiness’

Being high school friends, the two pretend to be a couple and live together. They live in a coveted apartment complex meant for the civil servants. But soon a virus spreads all over the city. Taking the charge, Han Tae Seok who is the head of the task force to control the spread of the disease, orders the complex to be sealed off from the rest of the city. The two end up getting trapped in the building but not for long.

Does ‘Happiness’ Have a Happy Ending?

Standing true to its name, the k-drama ‘Happiness’ does have a happy ending. It was a bit rushed but gave enough information to make us believe that everything was slowly getting back to normal. But the journey and ups and downs throughout the k-drama leave the viewers in a thought provoking stage. ‘Happiness’ shows human behavior during a period of crisis. Almost similar to the ongoing Covid pandemic in real life, the k-drama touched upon a lof situation we are either facing or seeing on the internet.

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From the existing social caste system to the lack of resources and side effects of chemical and vaccine research and trials. Quoting one of the viewers, the moral question of whether the infected are still considered human. And if they are worth saving. If they haven’t technically committed any crime yet except be unfortunate enough to be scratched or bitten. Filled with so many moral dilemmas, the story of ‘Happiness’ might’ve concluded with a happy ending. But the episodes being very close to reality is concerning.

Here’s A Vague Look At ‘Happiness’ K-drama Ending!

Taking the lead of the mission throughout the story, Tae Seok was looking out if anything could lead to more trouble. But it happens anyway. As the ending approaches, Andrew came face to face with Yi Hyun and shoots him in the stomach. But with Sae Beom’s help, he is saved as Sae Beom uses her blood to turn Andrew. And before Andrew could attack Sae Beom, Yi Hyun shot Andrew at the moment. After all the fighting and confessions we finally get to the ending of ‘Happiness’. The bad people i.e. Joo Hyeong and Yeon Ok were safe and sound but not for long.

'Happiness' Has a Happy Ending
Does ‘Happiness’ k-drama have a Happy Ending?: A still from ‘Happiness’

After making sure they are okay, the two are sent to court for murder and their crimes. Moving a year into the future, we also saw Park Seo Yoon and Sae Beom living happily together. As for Yi Hyun and the infected population, they were cured of the virus and lead their lives normally. The vaccine was successful and everyone had access to it. With everything opening up again, the country’s economy also healed.

Where To Watch The K-drama ‘Happiness’ With English Subtitles?

All the episodes of the k-drama ‘Happiness’ are available to watch on streaming platforms like Netflix, TVING, Rakuten Viki, and WeTV with English subtitles. The streaming platforms also have subtitles in other languages like Russian, Spanish, French, etc. With each episode having a runtime of 1 hour and 15 minutes, ‘Happiness’ k-drama has a total of 12 episodes.

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