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Coolest Tokyo Revengers Tattoos That You Shouldn’t Miss


The tattoos of Tokyo Revengers characters have meanings, and some are related to the battles and history that the characters have. Also, they reveal how strong the character is, and once a character with a fierce tattoo like Draken shows up, the enemies know that things will turn ugly. With Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc around the corner, we will be looking at the coolest Tokyo Revengers Tattoos and give a summary of characters that have those coolest tattoos.

We all know how entertaining Tokyo Revengers is, and most of the characters have the coolest tattoos according to their ranks. We will also include the characters that have passed away, like Draken. This is an interesting thing that we have to consider as fans of Tokyo Revengers. Still, soon we will see new faces in the upcoming season of Tokyo Revengers that is yet to be announced, and we will also see new coolest tattoos from the new faces. Most of us know a few characters that are always on the scene, and this is a good chance to know about other characters with the coolest tattoos.

Tokyo Revengers has attracted many audiences due their the story arc and the appearance of the characters. Also, tattoos are one thing that draws the attention of fans, and the new season of Tokyo Revengers is on-demand, but it will arrive soon. Before the arrival of Tokyo Revengers’ new season, we will be looking at a few things related to Tokyo Revengers. This is a reminder to the fans that Tokyo Revengers is still one of the best series that will continue soon. The tattoos of Tokyo Revengers characters reveal the character’s identity and how strong they are.

Draken: Dragon Tattoo

We all know that Draken has passed away in the previous arc of Tokyo Revengers, but his tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos. Draken was also feared and known because of his tattoo, and those who have forgotten him will see his tattoo and remember that it is that powerful Draken from Toman. Draken’s tattoo is one of the most iconic tattoos in Tokyo Revengers. The Dragon tattoo is on the side of Draken’s head that remains bald with blond hair on top of the scalp that looks like a mohawk cut.



This tattoo has meaning since dragons are the protectors and deities, and Draken was the protector of his friends, like when he protects Takemichi and Mikey during countless battles. The dragon tattoo also symbolizes how strong Draken was during his prime time.

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Hanemiya Kazutora: Tiger Tattoo

Kazutora’s tattoo is one of the best tattoos among Tokyo Revengers characters, and most Tokyo Revengers characters have tattoos. It is always interesting when a character like Kazutora appears, and they first make an introduction of his tattoo to steal the heart of a fan and then reveal who he is. In the previous season of Tokyo Revengers, we see this when Kazutora arrives inside the class to meet Takemichi.


Hanemiya Kazutora

Kazutora’s tiger tattoo is on the right side of his neck, and it is notable. This tiger tattoo is suitable for Kazutora’s name since he is strong and courageous like a tiger. He has shown this during the battle between Toman and Valhalla gang. The tiger tattoo also symbolizes the life span of Kazutora, and we have seen him facing all the hardships and his faults.

South Terano’s Tattoo

Minami Terano, aka South Terano, is the formidable leader of the Rokuhara gang, and his strength increases during the battle. He has a tattoo that starts from the left side of his head and goes down his beck and reaches his chest. This tattoo made him fearsome, and it is one of the best and coolest tattoos among Tokyo Revengers bosses. Unfortunately, we are unaware of the name of the tattoo, but it has a meaning and represents who South Terano is.

Coolest Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Minami Terano

South Terano is a tall, muscular guy who faced three powerful members of Brahman, but Mikey trashed him. We have seen how strong South Terano was, and we also know about his strength since this was revealed during the battle of their deities.

Madarame Shion: Lion Tattoo

A Lion tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos that many people would like to have since they know that lion is the king of the jungle. This tattoo reveals Shion’s life and strength, par of Lion. Shion loves to fight like a lion protecting its territory, earning him the title of the “Mad Dog.” He is one of the characters that love to fight for various reasons, and he remains loyal to his friend and his gang.

Shion never backs down from a fight, just like a lion that can’t accept defeat. Shion’s lion tattoo is drawn like Draken’s tattoo, but it goes down to his left side of the neck, making him look intimidating when he is in the middle of a battle or a crowd.

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Shuji Hanma’s Hand Tattoo

Shuji has the character of “Sin and Punishment” that appears on the back of his hands. This tattoo of the “Sin and Punishment” characters is related to Shuji’s life. The tattoo earned him the title Hanma, aka Punishment. Shuji is a sinner and punisher, so he has a tattoo of “Sin and Punishment” on the back of his hands.



We saw Shuji punishing other members of gangs and making sins when he tricked Takemichi and his friends. He is known for his reputation because of the tattoo on the back of his hands. Shuji played an important part in various arcs, and he kept showing his hand tattoo every time.

Taiju Shiba’s Neck and Chest Tattoo

Taiju Shiba was a head of Black Dragons and had the coolest two tattoos from his neck and the other from his chest. His two tattoos symbolize brutality and his abusive behavior. During battles, Taiju loves to beat his opponents to a pulp, and he has helped the 10th Generation Black Dragon gang during training and reformed it to be a powerful army. He is known for his strength and abusive behavior and always beats his siblings over little things.

Coolest Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Shiba Taiju

Chonbo Kurenji’s Tattoo

Chonbo Kurenji is a member of Valhalla and its captain, who played an important role during the various battles. Kurenji is a tall man with bushy eyebrows. His tattoo runs from the top of his left eye and reaches his chin. Kazutora knows Chonbo to be a capable fighter and one of the strongest guys in local juvenile detention. Chonbo’s tattoo also represents how strong he is.

Coolest Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Chonbo Kurenji

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Haitani Brothers’ Tattoos

Rin and Rindou have duo tattoos named after their surname. The two have tattoos of Bell Flower on their back, and another different tattoo is on their chest. It is rare to see their tattoos unless they are topless. The Haitani brothers are stubborn, and during battles, they take time to join the battle, and we have seen this when Toman battles Valhalla. These two brothers are strong, but one is on another level, and they help each other if one makes a reckless decision.

Haitani Brothers

Haitani Brothers

Keizo Arashi’s Chest Tattoo

Keizo Arashi, also known as Benkei, was a member of Guard Unit Captain of Black Dragon. He was a former executive in Brahman. He later joins Senju and becomes a member of Brahman. Benkei earned his rank when he was President of Ragnarok, and he played an important role during the battle of the three deities. We have seen him fighting with Terano, but after a long battle, Terano defeats them, and Mikey finishes the battle.


Keizo Arashi

He has the coolest tattoo on his chest, but we have seen a little part of it since he wears a long unbuttoned jacket. Benkei is the coolest guy with the coolest tattoo in the Brahman gang. We have talked about various characters’ tattoos. Still, it is surprising that the leader of Toman has no tattoo even though most of the strong characters of Tokyo Revengers have tattoos. However, not all characters from Tokyo Revengers have tattoos, but most of them have the coolest tattoos you might admire.

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