Children of the Corn Filming Locations: All The Locations of the Cult Classic Movie

Children of the corn filming
Where is Children of the Corn filmed? All the locations of the Movie

Stephen King’s 1984 movie is an all-time cult classic. The filming location of Children of The Corn was in the fictional town of Gatlin, Nebraska. But where is it actually located? It’s a religious horror about ” he who walks behind the rows” describing the demon god. Instead of adults, it’s a children’s cult group that goes around killing adults in the name of sacrilege to please the demon kid. Not very innocent of the children, right?

In the title of the movie, corn implies the actual crop and the demon god possesses the cornfield and influences the children. The cornfield plays an important role throughout the movie. Also, the connection between yearning farmers and black magic is quite unique in this movie.

Children of the Corn is a film series with 8 sequels to the original. Despite the unlikely and bizarre storyline, the film series is much recognized and loved. It’s one of the classic horror movies of all time! So if you love classic cult horrors, do not miss this one!

Children of the Corn Filming Locations

Where the filming locations of Children of the Corn are? Although the movie is shown to be shot in a fictional town of Gatlin, Nebraska. The filming took place in many locations in Iowa. One of the most recurring locations of the movies is ‘The House,’ located in 325th Moville, Iowa.

Children of the corn filming
The House from Children of The Corn: located in Moville, Iowa

This is also the house where all the “children” gather around with their knives to kill the people inside it. Although the movie was shot in the 80s, the resemblance of the house is uncanny even today. If you have seen this movie, you must know the Hansen’s cafe from the opening scene. It’s filmed in Whiting, Iowa and now serves as a thrift store.

Children of the corn filming
The Hansen’s Café from Children of The Corn: located in Whiting, Iowa

The streets of Iowa are filled with the movie’s locations. If you ever visit Iowa, you’ll find most of the locations almost exactly like the movies. Another memorable spot is the red and blue door motel which in Iowa is known as Ridgeway Inn. Although the colorful doors are missing, they will still remind you of the iconic Motel. The location of this set is 103 Sergeant square, Iowa.

Children of the corn filming
The Motel from the 1984 Cult movie: Children of The Corn

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What is The Story of The Movie?

Children of the Corn is quite intense and murderous. The townspeople are working on harvests as their only survivor. But one-time harvest fails, and the townsfolk gather to pray for a future successful harvest. However, a 12-year-old boy Issac Chroner convinces the people into joining a cult, and that’s how it begins.

Children of the corn filming
A still from the movie Children of the Corn

It’s the children who are part of the cult and murder adults in sacrifices. The city of Gatlin continues this practice for years. However, three years later, Vicky and Burt enter the scene. Burt immediately becomes the target of the group, but he is a fighter. He eventually saves the day and kills the evil demon and Issac along with it.

The thing that started it all was the cornfield. Apparently, the demon-possessed cornfield became the source for the fake god. However, Burt sprays gasoline and burns the field to a crisp, killing the demon for good. This movie is heavy on religious symbolism! It sheds light on the dark practices in the name of Christianity. So, despite the dark theme, it sends an important message.

The Cast of Children of the Corn

All the kids from the 80s cult movie are now in their 40s and 50s. The most hated kid of the Issac was played by John Franklin. Terminator fame Linda Hamilton plays Vicky Stanton along with Peter Horton as her boyfriend, Burt Stanton.

Children of the corn filming
Burt Stanton, played by Peter Horton.

Courtney Gains plays the rebel young kid Malachai, who was one of the main leads of the show. The Fuller House star Anne Marie McEvoy essayed the role of little Sarah, who used to have visions of the future. And Robby Kiger plays her brother Job in the movie.

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