Road to Perdition is a 2002 movie American crime and drama film. Even after 20 years of its release, the audiences love this movie. It is an adaptation of the graphic novel by the author Max Allan Collins. The movie Road to Perdition revolves around the time of the Great Depression in 1931, and it focuses on the father-son bond as well as vengeance. After watching this 2002 movie, many fans are wondering where was Road to Perdition filmed.

The movie ‘Road to Perdition’ is a talent-loaded movie. The star cast of the movie includes brilliant actors like Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, and also many outstanding actors in the supporting roles. The movie hit the cinema screens on 12 July 2002. Road to Perdition received a lot of appreciation for the performances of Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan Sr., as well as for the cinematography done by Conrad L Hall. Being nominated for five categories in the Academy Awards is a sign of the success of this movie.

paul newman as john rooney
Paul Newman as John Rooney in Road to Perdition

‘Road to Perdition’ Plot

Tom Hanks acting as Mike Sullivan, was an orphan, but his upbringing was taken care of by the boss of the Irish mob, John Rooney. The mob boss had an inseparable bond with Mike. He started to love him more than his legitimate son, Connor Rooney. Mike Sullivan’s son, Michael Sullivan Jr., is unaware of how his father manages to make a living. On one fine day, he saw Connor and his dad shooting a man, Finn McGovern and his henchmen. Mike’s 12-year-old son could not digest the fact of his dad shooting someone. He swears to hide what he saw. But Connor did not want this secret to be disclosed, so he plans to murder Mike Sullivan’s family. Mike has to choose between family and business, so he goes on a journey of revenge. Watch the movie Road to Perdition on Showtime or Fubo TV to know more.

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Where Is Road to Perdition Filmed?

The shooting was wrapped up in June 2001. The filming of Road to Perdition, the classic crime drama movie of all time, took place in the United States of America. However, the crew also chose Chicago as one of the principal filming locations for the movie. Most of the shots were also taken in and around the state of Michigan. Only a few shots were taken in California. Let us dive into the details of where was Road to Perdition filmed.

Chicago, Illinois

To give the movie a natural aesthetic, Chicago was the primary choice for filming the majority part of the movie. The Wrigley Building was converted as the exterior of the Hotel Lexington in the movie. The filming of the scene when Sullivan Junior found his father committing a murder took place in Florence Hotel in the Historic District. Two of Chicago’s main bridges, the Franklin-Orleans Street Bridge as well as La Salle Street Bridge, were also used as a backdrop in the movie.

where was road to perdition filmed
Florence Hotel in Chicago

Michigan, United States of America

The filming crew used the indoors as well as the exteriors of the state of Michigan as the filming location of the movie. The city of Saugatuck in Michigan served as the main location to get the desired shot. The shooting of the church scenes took place inside a local church in the city. However, the movie’s climax scene occurred on the set of a beach house made at Port Sheldon Township in Michigan.

where was road to perdition filmed
Saugatuck in Michigan, United States of America

California, United States of America

How can’t the media capital of the industry be used for the production of a classic movie? Warner Brothers Studio in the city of Burbank in California was used by the shooting crew for some indoor shots in the movie.

warner bros studio burbank
Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California

The iconic movie Road to Perdition is a perfect blend of awesome performances, cinematography, and sets for filming. In case you dig out for the crime and drama genre, then Tom Hanks’s Road to Perdition is your perfect watch!

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