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  • Attack Titan 2 : Details Story World Mode

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    Attack On Titan 2 : Details Of Story And World Mode

    First and foremost the following information is for Attack On Titan 2 ; Future Coordinates for the Nintendo 3DS and not Attack On Titan 2 for consoles. Now that has been said, Famitsu presented the public with a two page scan showcasing new information for Attack On Titan 2 : Future Coordinates! Judging from the […]

  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z Confirms 10 Stages

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    Dragon Ball Fighter Z Confirms 10 Stages

    Famously known Japanese Website (Famitsu) interviewed the Producer (Tomoko Hiroki) for Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well as the Director (Junya Motomura). Hiroki and Motomura are employees at Arc System Works (the company developing Dragon Ball Fighter Z). In this interview, Hiroki and Motomura revealed that Dragon Ball Fighter Z was inspired from the game, Dragon Ball […]

  • best horror games


    10 Amazing Games That You Cannot Play Anymore

    Often the older games disappear in the gaming market. Some of them are then remade , and that’s how the next generation gets to enjoy these games, but that’s not the case with all of them. Some games just disappear, and they’re not available to be downloaded, to bought anywhere, which is a shame really, […]

  • Dragon Ball Saikyo no Senshi Announced IOS Android

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    Dragon Ball Saikyo no Senshi Announced For IOS And Android

    It seems like nowadays mobile gaming is starting to expand. Seeing as how a lot of people are on the go these days and only get time to play console games when they get home from school or work. However with a phone you’re able to take the game with you on the go and […]

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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 New DLC 5 Spoilers!

    Dragon Ball has easily become one of the highest grossing fandoms by being the second top selling manga in the entire world (with One Piece being the number one spot). With a successful anime, comes other streams of revenue to be made such as merchandise and products. One of those products just so happens to […]

  • COD WW2 Zombies

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    Call of Duty: WWII Zombies New Screenshot And Details Revealed

    Coming soon to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles,  Call of Duty: WW2 gives us a new take on World War 2. This game has been highly demanded from nearly all Call of Duty fans of the franchise who were disappointed with the previous game. The return to the boots on ground style and […]