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  • Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet New Characters Announced!


    Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet New Characters Announced!

    We are back with more Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Info and today we are going to be discussing the new characters that have been added into the game and officially announced in scans! So without further ado let us begin! To begin with, the following information provided below is accurate and 100 percent confirmed […]

  • One Piece VR Game Launching In 2018

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    One Piece VR Game Launching In 2018

    As One Piece gains popularity in the manga and anime and industry, it is growing in the gaming space as well. In Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine, the latest issue revealed that the new One Piece VR Game will be launching in 2018 in Japan so far! So without further ado lets get to it! To begin […]

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    Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker TGS 2017 New Gameplay

    Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker is one of the newest Naruto games to enter the franchise as the next big Naruto game following the Naruto Storm series developed by Cyber Connect 2! Now, Shinobi Striker was recently shown at TGS 2017 and new gameplay footage was released showcasing some features! Now for those who don’t […]

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    OtakuArt News: Late o’clock update. Cuphead Edition.

    Be it through Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Cuphead was the topic of discussion. Normally, I would try to stay away from mainstream Indie games; however, due to the entire buzz I decided to check it out. Truth be told, I was not disappointed. The game is amazingly difficult. The graphics are a lot better than [...]
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    One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Nintendo Switch Launch

    Available to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, One Piece Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition is proud to have its debut on the portable Nintendo Switch! So now the game will be playable on all three consoles now. Bandai Namco Entertainment gave permission for development of this game onto the next platform of Nintendo. The […]

  • One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

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    One Piece Grand Cruise New Interaction Details

    Apart of the old big three anime, One Piece is still dominating in the manga department as the number one sold manga in the world (with Dragon Ball Z ranking second, and Naruto ranking third). However even if the anime and the manga are doing very good, they’re also stepping it up in the video […]

  • Bleach : Paradise Lost

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    Bleach : Paradise Lost – New Story Mode And Mission Mode Details

    Although the Bleach anime has been finished for quite some time now and the fans begging for more content as the manga hasn’t been animated, there is another department of media content that can satisfy Bleach fans like you and me! Video games seem to be the solution, seeing as how they’re cheaper to make […]

  • Sword Art Online - Fatal Bullet Game's New Trailer 3


    Sword Art Online – Fatal Bullet Game’s New Trailer 3

    Sword Art Online has kept its known presence in the anime industry for quite some time ever since its first season, however anime formatted episodes are not the only thing that sells from underneath this franchise title. Ever since the success of the anime’s first season, a second season, and even a movie, it seems […]

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    Nintendo is Back in the Game

    Nintendo is back on top. There is no denying it anymore; Nintendo is back to the forefront of the gaming world. They can no longer be dismissed by saying “That’s a kid’s console/no real gamer plays Nintendo games/Nintendo isn’t for hardcore gamers.” In all honesty, even though the PlayStation is capable of pushing games to […]