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    Revealed: When Tournament Of Power Will End

    Its been some time since the universe survival arc made its debut. And for a battle royale that only lasts for 48 minutes I got to say that is way overdoing it. The arc debuted somewhere around march earlier this year. And it was revealed to be just half way not long ago. If you […]

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    The Real Rules For Tournament Of Power

    The Universal Survival is without a doubt one of the most significant arc in DBS. It has several Universes appearing in it, and only one of them can survive. Every single fighter is fighting for life and the survival of their universe. At this point, it’s unclear which universe will win. In the last episode, […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Anime Is Not Ending

    Dragon Ball Super anime is more than two years old, and the anime is still going on high. “Dragon Ball Super” is quite popular in Japan and now getting dubbed in various other languages across the globe. But there are those fans who are already counting down the days until Dragon Ball Super ends. In […]

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    Dragon Ball Team Reveals If Dragon Ball Super Is Ending

    Its been some time since dragon ball super made its debut in 2015. After the franchise has been out of screen for several years, finally it is back in action to make the top headlines amongst other anime. Dragon Ball GT was non canon and very short and now that DBS is already on its […]

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    Mitsuki’s Backstory And Upcoming Powers – Explained!

    One of the most important and, at the same time, mysterious characters in the Boruto series is with no doubt Mitsuki. Mitsuki was originally created synthetically in a laboratory by Orochimaru, who used his own DNA, so that we can consider Mitsuki as Orochimaru’s son, although we can’t define if Orochimaru is Mitsuki’s father or […]

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    7 Best Trapped in Another World Anime [Recommendation]

    It’s a Famous theme in anime the protagonist suddenly gets thrown into another world entirely different than their own and has to either get out or learn to survive there. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Protagonist awakens to find himself among many strangers in a dark room. This anime series depicts the main characters living […]

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    No One Noticed One Thing About Vegeta In ToP

    This post is written by DannyzPlay on reddit. First off let me just say that Vegeta vs Toppo happening off-screen is not a good thing for fans. This match-up was something many desired before the Tournament Of Power even began. A fight like this really should have an episode or two dedicated towards it, hopefully, […]

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    Top 10 Anime Series With Best Animation

    Here’s the list of my top Best Graphics Anime Series. 10. Guilty Crown – The best part of this Series is not only its Animation, but the music is the best you are ever going to get in anime period. 9. Afro Samurai – A Black samurai goes on a mission to avenge the wrongful death […]

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    Silvers’ Rayleigh True Powers – Revealed!

    Silvers Rayleigh was once a member of Gol. D. Roger’s crew and he has been able to reach Raftel. He also trained Luffy during the two-years time skip and we all saw his incredible strength when he fought against Kizaru in the Sabaody islands. In addition, Oda revealed that Rayleigh’s King’s Haki is as powerful […]