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    Five of the strongest users of each element in Naruto

    In the world of Naruto series, shinobi are attuned to using specific techniques which may include one or more elements. But, every character is strong with specific one. Therefore, I give you five of the strongest users of each element in the whole show. Sit back and relax, here we go, dattebayo! To make things […] More

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    10 Most Overpowered Ninjutsu In Naruto

    One of the reasons why I love Naruto show is because of its diversity. A whole bunch of characters which are unique in every way are there to make one hell of a ride with the show. As the characters are different, so are their skills. Therefore, here are 10 most overpowered ninjutsu in Naruto. […] More

  • Closed Beta Announced For Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker
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    10 Of The Best Friendships In Naruto Show

    Some friendships are only temporary. Others are made and broken in the split of a second. In Naruto, friendship bonds are that what makes the show keep on. Although it is ended, here are top 10 friendships in Naruto which are most memorable. Naruto and Sasuke Straight off the bat, the most important bond around […] More

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    One Piece – Top 10 Best Quotes

    It was hard to make this list, because there are many good quotes. This list only includes quotes which are connected to real life too, so quotes like Whitebeard’s last words: ” One Piece is real! ” or Roger’s last words are not in this list. Source – Youtube(Subscribe):  Black Leg VinSmoke   10. Jinbe […] More

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    Future Power-Ups Of The Straw Hats! – One Piece

    I think everyone believes that the Straw Hats will get new power-ups in Wano. Some of the Straw Hats are doing great right now, but they will still need new powers to fight strong enemies in Wano, so in this video, you will see their possible new powers.   Source – Youtube (Subscribe):  Black Leg VinSmoke […] More