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    New Ranking – All God Of Destruction Ranked Based On Power

    The Gods of Destruction, also recognized as Destroyers, are deities who destroy threats that put at risk the development of their respective universes. There is a Destroyer for each of the twelve universes introduced in Dragon Ball Super. Dragon Ball Super has a complicated Power-scale, and it only gets worse when the Gods of Destruction […]

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    Relation Of Aokiji Kuzan With The Straw Hats

    Aokiji Kuzan, one of the former Admiral of Marine and currently one of the strongest antagonist squad of One Piece, the Blackbeard Pirates. His strength and ability is truly remarkable and dependable for whoever he fights alongside with. Although we haven’t got to see him for that long or got to know much about him […]

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    How Strong Is Charlotte Perospero In Reality? – Explained!

    Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of the Charlotte Family and also the Minister Of Candy of Tottoland; in addition, his bounty is said to be about 700.000.000 Berries. Although Perospero isn’t a Sweet Commander, I think that he can be considered even stronger than Charlotte Smoothie, since when Vito named the “monsters” belonging to […]

  • Dragon Ball Super Episode 116


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    Leaked Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 Photo Shows New Ultra Instinct Level 2 Goku

    Dragon Ball Super fans are eagerly waiting for Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 and 116. As DBS 115 is titled “Kale and Caulifa Fuse! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” and we will talk about the details of DBS episode 116 later in this article. Dragon Ball Super episode 114 was mainly focused on Goku, Caulifla and […]

  • jiren vs kefla

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    New DBS 116 Spoilers: Jiren Fights Back

    Goku vs. Jiren was one of the most amazing fights that we have seen so far in Dragon Ball Super. We saw Son Goku, take his power to new heights with Ultra Instinct Mode. Although it wasn’t enough to take down Universe 11’s Jiren, Goku survived and was even given some energy by his long-time […]

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    Next Universe To Get Erased – Revealed

    Hey guys. I’ve got some huge news. News so big that will cause the termination of an entire universe. Till now, we have six universes left in the Tournament of Power. Out of all the participating universes, two have been eliminated. These are Universes Nine and Ten. However, this is about to change as another […]

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    Hunter x Hunter – 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hisoka

    If we ask a group of otakus what are the best anime ever created, the majority of them will probably answer, among all the others, “Hunter x Hunter”. In fact, if you try to think about it, this anime has everything an anime needs to be considered as “good”: healthy principles, superpowers, fighting scenes, strong […]

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    The Real Super Saiyan God Design Revealed

    Super Saiyan God is one of the most popular form in Dragon Ball Super. We got our hands on the details of original Super Saiyan God design. Super Saiyan God Akira Toriyama Design:- Hair being pushed slightly up by a purple-red highlight Eyes are sharper, somewhat different retinas with purple-reddish in color. His body built becomes […]