Bubble Guppies Season 7 Episode 1: Is it Happening?

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Bubble Guppies season 7
The intro screen for the show (Credit: Nick Jr.)

The Bubble Guppies is a Nick Jr. children’s show that has had a very long and dilated trajectory dating back to 2011 and six seasons. Today, as the final episodes of season six make their way to the small screens, we’re going to explore a few details concerning the potential renewal of this children’s series as part of Nickelodeon’s young kids’ grill in the entertainment and education segment as they try to stay competitive with rival networks, streaming platforms, and independent content creators.  

The show, created by Jonny Belt and Rubert Scull, has had a 124-episode run with very long seasons spanning two years each, telling the tales of Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Molly, Nonny, and Zooli in an underwater world where kids are shown all sorts of entertaining and educational episodes in a fun, half-hour format. This is a show you’ll want your kids to watch because of its content and potential. So, let’s explore a few details about it. 

Bubble Guppies Season 7
Learn something new each episode (Credit: Nick Jr.)

Bubble Guppies During The Pandemic

It is important to note that the Bubble Guppies series, while still popular and having a substantial fan base, has been likely impacted by the pandemic’s current situation. With production halted in some cases and delayed in others, it has made it difficult to keep up with the show’s original schedule and future plans for new seasons.

Bubble Guppies Season 7 Preview

Bubble Guppies is a hilarious, moving, interactive show that teaches kids about a variety of subjects, including dinosaurs, dentists, rock & roll, recycling, and cowboys. Jump into the watery world of learning and chuckles with Bubble Guppies. This preschool musical comedy is set in a vibrant, aquarium-inspired diving classroom and teaches kids about math and science, literacy, and much more through these topics. Like all preschoolers, Molly, Gil, and their friends with fishtails are learning about the universe through exploratory play.

The television series provides models of school-readiness skills through dance, music, and plenty of laughs, all while taking place in an astounding 3D CGI world of swaying kelp forests, amazing coral reefs, and underwater gardens. So do water your wings and dive in with Bubble Guppies for some education and entertainment!

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Bubble Guppies Season 7 Episode 1 Release Date

So far, Nickelodeon hasn’t made public a statement concerning the renewal of Bubble Guppies season 7; as such, the release date isn’t confirmed yet. While the show has been successful in the past several factors will intervene in the show’s renewal which we’ll explore further down the article, and as such, the future of Bubble Guppies remains uncertain.

Fans of the show can take solace in the fact that there is a high possibility that Bubble Guppies will be renewed for a 7th season, given its success in past years. Until then, fans should stay tuned to see if Nickelodeon releases an update.

What Factors Intervene In Bubble Guppies Season 7 Renewal?

While these factors are influential, it’s important to note that renewal decisions involve a complex evaluation by the network, taking into account various data points, audience feedback, and strategic considerations. Ultimately, the decision to renew “Bubble Guppies” for another season will be based on a combination of these factors and the network’s overall programming strategy.

Firstly, we have ratings and Popularity: The viewership ratings of the show are crucial in determining its success. High ratings indicate a strong fan base and viewer demand, which increases the likelihood of renewal.

After that comes content quality: The quality of the show’s content, including its educational value, entertainment factor, and production value, plays a vital role. If “Bubble Guppies” continues to provide engaging storytelling, captivating visuals, and educational elements, it will enhance its chances for renewal.

The longevity and brand loyalty towards “Bubble Guppies”, which has been on air since 2011, indicates its ability to sustain an audience over an extended period. A strong and loyal fan base that has grown with the show increases the likelihood of renewal, as the brand has established itself as a staple in the Nick Jr. lineup.

And lastly, the most key factor is financial viability: The financial aspect is also a consideration. Factors such as production costs, revenue generation through merchandise, licensing, and syndication deals contribute to the decision-making process.

Bubble Guppies Season 7
Will Bubble Guppies return? (Credit: Nick Jr.)

Where To Watch Bubble Guppies?

New episodes of Bubble Guppies are broadcasted on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. segment during the air times and dates described above. Furthermore, since this is an ongoing season, live television stream providers will air the show during its broadcast time; as such, you’ll find the show on platforms like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling, and Fubo TV. Furthermore, you can log in to Nick Jr.’s website or its app with your cable credentials. 

One of the best places to watch the current and previous seasons of Bubble Guppies is Paramount+, Paramount owns Nickelodeon and all of its subsidiaries, and their content is distributed through that service. Since Nickelodeon belongs to Viacom, and Viacom is owned by that studio, you can also enjoy other shows from Nickelodeon, MTV, as well as all the original content by Paramount+, as well as CBS for as low as $5.99 a month. 

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