How To Watch Bleach? Easiest Guide To Watch It

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When we talk about the Shinigami world, the first anime that pops up in our heads is Bleach. But, not everyone knows in which order to watch it. There are canon arcs, movies, special episodes, and filler episodes. Some of us don’t like to watch the filler episodes as it takes us away from the main story. Fear not friends, as we are here to guide you through the arcs in the right order. If you wish, you can skip through the filler episodes and continue with the main arcs of the manga. But, we would still recommend you to watch the fillers as these stories are not that bad.

For those who have just started Bleach, here’s a synopsis to give you an idea of what this anime is about. Ichigo Kurosaki is a normal high-school guy whose life turns upside down when his home was attacked by a hollow that was hunting human souls, and Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami comes to the rescue but gets injured instead. And Ichigo happens to see her even when he was not supposed to. To protect his family, Ichigo steps in. Watching this Rukia offers him her powers that let him become a Shinigami.

Now that you have the idea of what Bleach is about, let’s begin with the sequence to follow to watch Bleach in the right order.

Agent Of The Shinigami Arc (Episode 1-20)

This is the beginning arc where Ichigo Kurosaki, an ordinary high-school kid living his normal life without any knowledge about the Shinigami world suddenly comes across hollows and a Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki. Due to a certain incident, Rukia gives her power to Ichigo for a short amount of time. It wasn’t her intention to give away her full power but she happened to pass her entire Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Due to this incident, now she has to live as a human and she chooses to stay at Ichigo’s house. And Ichigo has to be the acting Shinigami of Karakura city. And throughout this time, she gets closer to Ichigo and his friends in the human world.

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In hopes that soon Rukia will gain back her powers, she spends a lot of time in the human world, which results in her becoming a wanted criminal of the Soul Society. And soon, two Shinigami were sent to get Rukia back, Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki. While Ichigo trying to stop them fails miserably. In addition to that, he gets his Shinigami powers stripped by Byakuya. Now, Rukia is taken to the soul society for her death penalty.

A suspicious shopkeeper, Kisuke Urahara approaches Ichigo with an idea to gain back his Shinigami powers and go to soul society to rescue Rukia.

Agent Of The Shinigami Arc

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Memories In the Rain-OVA

Episode 8 is a special episode that shows the feelings of Ichigo regarding his mother’s death.

Memories In The Rain

Soul Society: The Sneak Entry Arc (Episode 21-41)

Now that Ichigo regained his Shinigami powers and become stronger than before, he and his friends are ready to infiltrate the soul society. Yoruichi, the talking cat leads the way in the Shinigami world. There they make a plan to land inside the soul society using a canon. They managed to do so, but the plan succeeds halfway, as the entry wasn’t as sneaky as they planned. As they make a grand entrance, every Shinigami in the soul society gets alarmed and are ordered to capture the intruders immediately. Ichigo and his friends get separated during the landing. And as soon as Ichigo lands, he faces Renji. Now that Ichigo is stronger than before, he defeats Renji quite easily. Sosuke Aizen, a kind-looking captain gets brutally murdered during this incident.

But soon, Ichigo faces off with the infamous Shinigami, Zaraki Kenpachi, who is known for his bloodthirstiness.

(Episode 33 “Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero” is a Filler Episode)

The Sneak Entry Arc

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Soul Society: The Rescue Arc (Episode 42-63)

Right before Ichigo could face off Byakuya, Yoruichi knocks Ichigo unconscious and takes him away. She trains him to use his Bankai, Zanpakuto. On the other hand, Uryu, and Orihime, Ichigo’s friends face off with a Shinigami captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

The Aizen murder conspiracy was taking a huge turn of events, as every captain started suspecting each other. Gin Ichimaru was the prime suspect. Ichigo almost transforms into a hollow while fighting against Byakuya, but manages to regain his human form.

Soon, everyone realizes Aizen never died, and all of this was his plan from the beginning. And Gin was always on his side. After his plan to get Rukia executed failed, he managed to get away from the soul society.

(Episode 50 “The Reviving Lion” is a Filler Episode)

The Rescue Arc

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The Sealed Sword Frenzy-OVA

Episode 63 is a special episode that shows the encounter between Ichigo and Baishin who was sealed by the soul society long ago. Ichigo alone wasn’t enough to stop Baishin. So, Renji, Rukia, and other Shinigami came to give Ichigo a hand to take Baishin down.

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The Sealed Sword Frenzy

The Bount Arc (Episode 64-91) – Filler Arc

This is a Filler Arc, where Ichigo and his friends face a new group of enemies, Bount. Bounts are empowered humans that live forever by absorbing human souls. Uryu regains his lost Quincy powers with the help of Nemu Kurotsuchi. As it was getting difficult to confront the bounts in the human world, Uryu opened a gate to the soul society as he thought it would be easier to take down the Bounts in the Shinigami world.

Filler Arc
The Bount Arc

Bount Assault On Soul Society Arc (Episode 92-109) – Filler Arc

Another Filler Arc focused on the Bounts trying to invade the soul society. It was supposed to be easier to take down the Bounts in soul society, but it turns out that the Bounts are in advantage here. Yamamoto, the captain-commander forms Gotei 13 to fight against the bounts. The Bounts have an internal conflict with their leader, Jin Kariya, which results in shortening the group. Soon, only Kariya is left as one by one every other member is defeated by the Gotei 13. Kariya faces off against Ichigo and was defeated.

Filler arc
Bount Assault On Soul Society Arc

Bleach The Movie 1: Memoires Of Nobody (After Episode 109)

After the Soul Society Arc, a new mysterious group called the “Dark Ones” attempts to destroy the human world as well as the soul society. Ichigo is on the rescue again.

Movie 1
Memoires Of Nobody

Arrancar: The Arrival Arc (Episode 110-131)

In this cannon arc, an attempt was made to recruit Ichigo to join the Visored, a group of Shinigami that gains the power of hollows. At first, Ichigo rejects to join. But, later on, after confronting a strong opponent, Grimmjow, his hollow side keeps on taking over, he realized that he needs to train to control his hollow side. So, he joins the Visored to control his Hollow side.

(Episodes 128-131 are Filler Episodes)

Arrancar Arc

Arrancar: The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry Arc (Episode 132-151)

This arc focuses on Ichigo’s journey to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime, who got kidnapped by the Arrancar under the orders of Sosuke Aizen. As usual, there is a conspiracy to lure Ichigo out. Captain-commander, Yamamoto had a hunch about this conspiracy. As the elder member, he ordered Ichigo to stay out of it. If they want Ichigo, then their main focus is to not give them what they want. But, Ichigo being Ichigo, ignores all orders to rescue his friend at all costs.

(Episodes 132-137, 147-149 are Filler Episodes)

The Hueco Mundo Sneak Entry Arc

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Bleach The Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (After Episode 137)

When Toshiro Hitsugaya faces execution from the soul society as he failed to escort an artifact successfully, he goes rogue. As he goes rogue, the door to his past busts wide open.

Movie 2
The Diamond Dust Rebellion

Bleach The Movie 3: Fade To Black (After Episode 137)

Ichigo and Rukia face their consequences when everyone in the soul society was made forgotten of Rukia’s memories. No one knows anything related to Rukia now.

Movie 3
Fade To Black

Arrancar: The Fierce Fight Arc (Episode 152-167)

Continuing from the previous arc, Ichigo faces off against Privaron Espada Dordoni. Ichigo was no match to Dordoni as he kept refusing to use his Bankai. But, when Nel was attacked, Ichigo was forced to use his Bankai as well as hollow powers. And in no time, Dordoni was down. On the other hand, Rukia faces her past again. Her opoponent Espada Aaroniero, when removed his mask, it was Kaien Shiba. Even though she killed Kaien in the past because he was taken over by a hollow, but still she feels guilty for doing what she did.

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Further, Ichigo faces off against Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, one of the toughest opponents he ever faced. Grimmjow was so strong that Ichigo’s Bankai along with his hollow powers was not enough to bring him down. But, the resolve to bring his friends back home safe and sound gave him the strength to hold on even beyond his limits. The power of friendship helped him win against Grimmjow.

The Fierce Fight Arc

The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc (Episode 168-189) – Filler Arc

This is a Filler Arc, which revolves around the new captain of the 3rd division of the Gotei 13, Shusuke Amagai. Three new characters were also introduced, Princess Rurichiyo, and her two Shinigami Guards, Kenryu and Enryu. Ichigo and Rukia get involved with Rurichiyo’s problems soon. And by the end of this arc, Captain Amagai’s true face and intention are revealed.

Filler Arc
Shusuke Amagai Arc

Arrancar Vs Shinigami Arc (Episode 190-205)

In this Cannon Arc, Nnoitra Gilga takes forward the fight right after the previous filler arc. Ichigo being tired and weakened from the previous fight couldn’t do much, but Zaraki Kenpachi steps in and gives Ichigo the time to heal. Other Captains fight their battles too. In Kenpachi’s fight, he stands victorious. But, Orihime gets kidnapped again.

(Episodes 204 and 205 are Filler Episodes)

Arrancar Vs Shinigami Arc

The Past Arc (Episode 206-212)

As the name suggests, this arc shows the 110 years old past. The past of the Shinigami World and how Aizen ended up the way he did. The past of Urahara, when he was chosen as the captain of the 12th division.

The Past Arc

Arrancar: The Decisive Battle Of Karakura Arc (Episode 213-229)

This Arc shows the battle that takes place in Karakura town between the Shinigami group and Aizen’s Arrancar army. Aizen’s plan is to use Karakura town to destroy the Shinigami world, and the Shinigami group plans to stop this from happening.

(Episodes 213, 214, 228, and 229 are Filler Episodes)

The Decisive Battle Of Karakura Arc

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Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc (Episode 230-265) – Filler Arc

This is a Filler Arc, that shows how Zanpakuto becomes the enemy of the Shinigami, and how internal conflict among friends and comrades makes things complicated.

Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc

Arrancar: Downfall Arc (Episode 266-316)

In this Cannon Arc, while the group of Shinigami is busy fighting Aizen’s army of Arrancar in Karakura town, Ichigo and his friends fight Arrancar in Hueco Mundo trying to rescue Orihime, who got kidnapped in the ‘Arrancar Vs Shinigami’ arc.

(Episodes 287, 298, 299, 303, 304, 305, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315 and 316 are Filler Episodes)

Downfall Arc

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Bleach The Movie 4: Hell Verse (After Episode 299)

This movie shows Ichigo’s journey to hell along with his friends to rescue Yuzu, who got kidnapped. Meanwhile, in hell, the hollow side of Ichigo is creating hurdles for him.

Movie 4
Hell Verse

Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc (Episode 317-342) – Filler Arc

In this Filler Arc, after the battle with Aizen is over, now there’s peace, but not for long. As imposters of the squad members attack the members of Gotei 13 to take over their places.

Filler arc
Gotei 13 Invading Army Arc

Final Bleach Arc: The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc (Episode 343-366)

Ichigo lost his powers after defeating Aizen. While trying to defeat Aizen, Ichigo reaches his ultimate form, Final Getsuga Tenshou. But even after seventeen months, he keeps trying to get back his Shinigami powers.

(Episode 355 is a Filler Episode)

The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc

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