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    Bleach Mystery- Who Is The New Soul King?

     The forced ending of bleach left so many mysteries. One of those is who is the new soul king? I will try to pile some possibilities up for you. Soul king is the medium that regulates the flow of souls in and out of soul society. If he dies, the entire existence will crumble away. […]

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    Facts You Should Know About The Soul King

    Here are facts about the Soul King from Bleach that you will enjoy. He is quite mysterious as he died so early but here is what we know. 9. He is the King and God of all Shinigami and the entity that keeps the flow of souls stable. 8. Soul King resides in a separate dimension […]

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    Bleach Manga Fights That Deserve Animation

    The Thousand Year War Arc has not been animated yet. There are many fights in the manga that seriously need to be animated. If you haven’t read the manga, this article contains major spoilers. Yhwach and his Sternitters Vs. Zero Squad The time when Yhwach invades the soul king palace and defeats the zero squad. […]

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    Is Bleach Anime coming in 2018? Explained

    Bleach anime was canceled after the Fullbringer arc. This question has been asked repeatedly as to why it was dropped and when will it continue? I will try to answer as much as I can. Right now, There is whole final ‘Thousand Year War’ arc that still needs to be animated. The legendary Quincy King is […]

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    10 Amazing Facts About Yhwach!

    Here are 10 Amazing Facts About Yhwach. Yhwach is the main villain of The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. He was undoubtedly the most powerful character in the series.  “Such a wonderful dream. The nightmarish ones are always the most enjoyable.” Yhwach 10. He was the Father of the Quincy and his age was more than 1200 years. […]

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    EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Royal Guard!

    This article restrains EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Royal Guard! They are also known as the Zero Squad. It is total of 5 members with immense strength and experience. Members: Ichibē Hyōsube Title: Monk Who Calls the Real Name Senjumaru Shutara Title: Great Weave Guard Ōetsu Nimaiya Title: God of the Sword Kirio Hikifune Title: […]

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    Top 10 Bleach Strongest Male Characters

    Hi, this article features the list of Top 10 Bleach Strongest Male Characters. This list is just my opinion, feel free to agree and disagree. Enjoy! 10.Gremmy Thoumeaux The Sternitter V, the visionary makes his imagination come true. It was a formidable power as he was able to summon a meteorite from the sky. However, […]

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    How viable was Rukia Kuchiki?

    Rukia Kuchiki has to be one of the most underrated characters within the Bleach universe and by extension, the entire anime universe. Prior to her Bankai revelation within the manga, many compared Rukia to Sakura in the Naruto universe. In other words, they claimed that Rukia was not at all needed within the series. Which […]

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    Bleach – The Truth About Captain Kyoraku’s Bankai

    In the world of Bleach, with no doubt Shunsui Kyuoraku is one of the strongest characters ever. He’s the captain of the 8th division of the 13 Gotei and, together with his friend captain Ukitake, he’s the only owner of a double Zanpakuto; in fact, his Zanpakuto, which is called Katen Kyokotsu, is composed of […]

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    Top 10 Strongest Bankai Ever In Bleach – Ranked

    In the world of Bleach there are several powerful characters; among them, some of the strongest are the Shinigami who belong to the 13 Gotei and who are able to use their Zanpakuto’s bankai form during a fight. Since there are a lot of different bankai, let’s see what are the 10 strongest bankai ever […]