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Best Entrances In Anime History That You Should Watch

Best Entrances In Anime
Sinband Magi

What makes most Anime fights intense and interesting is the feeling right before the very top battle that will decide everything starts. Especially when the hero of the day was absent and when they arrived at the very last minute, making the best entrances in Anime that would want you to watch the show multiple times. So, here we shall discuss the best entrances in anime history.

There are a lot of moments that you could refer to. From all your favorite Anime and, most importantly, those you have not watched yet. Because it is moments like this that make more people want to follow a series and find out what happens. Or try to find similar moments so that they get to enjoy the thrill of most anime fights.

We have other scenes we are still looking forward to in most Anime. Like in most of the ongoing shows like One Piece, we all know that it will be hell when the Supernovas finally face off against Kaidou and Big Mom. Even though that’s yet to happen in Anime, the moment it happens will put it on the top five of the best entrances in anime history, without a doubt.

Naruto Arrives on Battle vs. Pain

Every naruto fan knows this one. When Master Jiraiya was killed by the six paths of Pain without any apparent clue on how to defeat them. Naruto was recruited to learn Senjutsu in Mount Myuboku. While Pain was getting ready to wreak havoc in the Leaf village, going around asking for him.

Naruot Comes Back To Save The Leaf

Naruto Comes Back To Save The Leaf

Just when Naruto mastered and finished his Senjutsu training, the Leaf was on the verge of destruction, and Naruto made a grand entrance in a flashy new style while he was already in Sage mode and ready to face Pain. This should bring us back to in what Episode does Naruto fight Pain. Naruto vs. Pain starts in Naruto Shippuden Episode 163, and this is where we managed to see one of the grandest entrances to a fight in Anime.

Luffy Enters Marineford

This could be well be classified as one of the craziest entrances in Anime. Because it all started as a joke, and no one would take Luffy’s arrival seriously as most admirals and Marines believed that his appearance would not have an effect at all on Ace’s execution. But White Beard always saw him as a lovely young soul and would later on order his crew to protect Luffy and let him escape.

Luffy Enters Marineford

Luffy Enters Marineford

This means that we will look back in One Piece Episodes to see what Episode does Luffy fight. Then we will also get to know how Luffy got into the Marineford War. Well, Luffy makes his entrance and falls from the sky in One Piece Episode 511. He makes a late entrance as he tries to intervene in Ace’s execution. He believed that he had a chance at rescuing Ace and did it successfully. It was only unfortunate that, in the end, things did not go the way he had planned.

Black Bulls Saves Finral

Looking at yet another one of the best entrances in Anime, we should head over to Black Clover in its final stages of the Anime when the Black Bulls started to improve their ranks. We should also look at what Episode do the Black Bulls save Finral because that one surely is one of the most interesting episodes that we have seen in the Anime.

Black Bulls Saves Finral

Black Bulls Saves Finral

The Black Bulls move to protect Finral in Black Clover Episode 80 as he is in trouble and is about to be fatally killed by an enraged Langris. This was even after Langris was declared the winner. He was still enraged when he did not stop his attacks even when the fight had ended. Upon seeing this, the Black Bulls could not stand by and just watch, so Asta and his fellow bulls moved in to protect Finral in one of the flashy best entrances in Anime.

Zenitsu Saving Nezuko In Infinite Train

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 is where we managed to see the next level of the upcoming demon slayers like Tanjiro and Zenitsu. We saw this when everything was in shambles in the Infinite Train arc, so this leads us to what Episode does Zenitsu save Nezuko and also in what Episode does Zenitsu use thunderclap and flash.

Zenitsu Saves Nezuko

Zenitsu Saves Nezuko

Zenitsu entered his thunderclap mode and saved Nezuko in Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 5. In overall, it is Demon Slayer Episode 31. This was when Enmu’s body was fused with the Infinite train with over two hundred passengers as his hostages. Just when his tentacles try to attack the passengers, Tanjiro recognizes the limits of his abilities to protect everyone. An awakened Inosuke, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Rengoku joined Tanjiro and had an all-out fight protecting the lives of the passengers.

Shanks Stops Marineford War

Another great entrance in One Piece Anime was when Shanks arrived in Marineford and stopped the war as it was starting to get out of hand. This was after the marines already got what they wanted. So he no longer saw any need for the fight to continue because the main aim of the fight was to execute Ace and also lure White Beard out, so they tried and eliminate him as well.

Best Entrances In Anime

Shanks Stops Marineford War

In the end, both of those things happened as White Beard and Ace ended up dead. So to see what really transpired in detail, we will have to look at what Episode is Shanks in and also at what Episode does Shanks stop the Marineford war. All this happened in One Piece Episode 489 when an enraged Akainu attacked an innocent Coby, with Shanks swiftly moving in and intercepting the attack before declaring that the war should end or they will be fighting him next.

Kabuto Summons Madara

Kabuto summoned Madara for the first time to coerce Obito into allying with him. But from the looks of it, Kabuto wanted to use him for his benefit. The highlight of the moment, though, was when Madara entered the war facing the Shinobi alliance. So this is detailed in full in Naruto Shippuden Episode 332. So if you were wondering which Episode is alliance shinobi vs. Madara, then things should be clear by now.

Madara Enters The Fourth Great Ninja War

Madara Enters The Fourth Great Ninja War

We managed to see Madara making one of the best entrances in Anime as he quickly dealt with the fourth division by using only taijutsu and kenjutsu to swiftly dominate them. It took the intervention of skillful shinobi like Temari to push him back a bit, but that did not hold him back for long as he now switched to his signature fire jutsu as he got the battle up and running. In the end, all efforts to stop him had fruitless results and resulted in Madara using stronger attacks each time.

Ichigo Prepares To Fight Aizen

When Ichigo broke through a Garganta and arrived in the Fake Karakura Town, he made a grand entrance and appeared behind Aizen and used the opportunity to attack him at point-blank range. But all this is turned to nothing when Aizen revealed that he had prepared for a moment like that. This was one of the best entrances in Anime as it was the very beginning of the final fight against Aizen.

Ichigo vs Aizen

Ichigo vs Aizen

To find out how things transpired in this Episode, we should look at which Episode Ichigo fights Aizen. Bleach Episode 292 saw their fight continuing and counters by swinging his Zanpakuto against Ichigo, who managed to dodge the attack. This was followed by mind tricks as Aizen tried to figure out what was on Ichigo’s mind and correctly figured it out.

Escanor Entrance Boasts His Strength

When the demon clan invaded Lines, Escanor challenged Estarossa as he singled him out as the strongest of the Ten Commandments. This happens after Escanor transforms into his Sunshine form, which boasts a lot of self-confidence and shows no weaknesses at all. To get a full understanding of what happens in this confrontation. We should look at what Episode does Escanor and Meliodas fight because this ended up leading to one intense fight in the series.

Escanor vs Estarossa

Escanor vs Estarossa

Escanor fights Estarossa in Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 22 when the ten commandments wanted to take over Lioness. This happened after Ban and the Holy Knights were paralyzed by Estarossa’s powers. Escanor then made an entrance in one of the best entrances in Anime and ended up thwarting the fall of Liones from the Ten Commandments. This also settled the debate on who is stronger between Escanor and Estarossa, as all this ended up in Estarossa’s defeat.

All Might Saves UA Students From Villains

Looking at one of All Might’s flashy appearances in My Hero Academia. We should look at My Hero Academia Episode 12 when All Might saved the UA students from the villains in a flash. So we will also find out in detail about which Episode All Might saves the students from the villains. This happened during the USJ incident when All Might joins in on the fight late.

All Might Saves UA Students

All Might Saves UA Students

This was when other pro heroes present were immobilized, and the students had to fend for themselves in the meantime. So All Might tried to get to the scene as soon as he could. He enters the battlefield and shouts his signature phrase, and tells the students not to be afraid because he has arrived. He managed to take out most of the villains present, leaving only the Nomu, Shigaraki, and a few of his companions. So the battle rages on intensely as the students also assisted All Might to victory.

Saitama Fights Elder Centipede

When Elder Centipede was fighting Bang, who was prepared to go all out against it, King distracted the Centipede by shouting provocative words using a megaphone. He managed to draw the attention of the S-class heroes, and the Centipede ended up looking at King. This was intended provocation on Centipede because King knew that there would be only one chance to defeat him before he could notice that it was a trick.

Best Entrances In Anime

Saitama vs Elder Centipede

To make things worse, King mentioned that he brought Blast with him. A hero who once defeated Centipede before, so this will be a good opportunity for Centipede to pay revenge. Unknowingly to Centipede, Saitama was waiting to make his grand appearance. So this means that we will also look at what Episode does Saitama fights Elder Centipede. All this intended action happens in One Punch Man Episode 24 when Saitama enters the battle making it one of the best entrances in anime history. Just when Centipede is a few meters away, King moves out of the way, and Saitama comes in from behind and attacks with his Serious Series Punch.

Natsu Burns The Entire Arena After Training

As we look at what Episode does Natsu return after 1 year of training, we will be able to see one of the grandest entrances in Fairy Tail anime. Because it was also a time when we thought that we would never see the Fairy Tail guild again, and its name had declined. But this was a perfect moment for Natsu to reveal that Fairy Tail isn’t really gone, and he did that in a flashy way.

Best Entrances In Anime

Natsu Returns From Training

Natsu returns from training and finds the grand magic ongoing. This was in Fairy Tail Episode 276. When the Episode reached its end, and it was the final day of the grand magic games, that was not interesting because no one from fairy tail participated. Natsu appeared to challenge the winning guild, where he displayed the results of his year-long training. Without a doubt, this scene has become one of the best entrances in anime history.

Rimuru’s Army Wipes Out A Horde of Orcs

When the Orc army led by Orc Disaster destroyed the Ogre village and set their sights on the Jura Forest, Rimuru’s army with Shion, Benimaru, and Hakurouu, together with the Tempest Wolf and goblin riders, arrived on the battlefield. They managed to arrive a day earlier than the Orc invasion and found Gabli already in the attack. Rimuru started by developing wings and observing the battle from above, and giving command to his subordinates.

Best Entrances In Anime

Rimuru’s Army

This is where we managed to see a grand entrance from Rimuru and his army as they came to save the day. The Orcs proved to be undefeated at first with their “Starving One” ability that kept on giving them an advantage over their opponents. Because whatever they eat, they gain special skills and traits from them. With Rimuru and the army on the move, we managed to see a huge strategical battle ensuing, and their entrance was one of the best entrances in Anime that we have seen so far.

Aniz Ooal Gown Entrance

Ainz appears as a true Overlord in the Overlord anime, and we managed to see this in Overlord Season 2 when Aizen had to assert his dominance with the Re-estize kingdom. He demanded to withdraw from all of the lands around E Rantel as they belonged to the sorcerous kingdom. Gazef also realizes that fighting Ainz would be a terrible idea. But the King refused to yield because this would be a sign of weakness.

We saw Ainz facing the Lizardman in a grand show of force and demanding to speak with the leader of the Lizardmen. This happens in Overlord Season 2, Episode 4. It is Overlord Episode 17, and this is where Ainz freezes the lake, followed by Gargantua throwing forward a huge boulder, and Ainz, seated atop the stone, addresses the lizardmen. To know more details about which Episode Ainz makes a grand entrance, then these are the episodes you should look through because they have already made the best entrances in anime history.

Sinbad Makes His Entrance

When Alibaba and Kouen’s attacks would not even destroy the medium’s barrier. This ended up with the medium assuming a grotesque form draining the white Rukh from everything it touches. In the end, Kouen, and Alibaba got injured, and they combined their attacks to deal some serious damage. As the battle drags on, Aladdin and the others can do very little to stop the medium as it pulls Irah from the heavens, and it seems as if all was lost.

Sinbad appeared with a flashy strike and assisted them, followed by Drakon and the other Kings’ vessels from the alliance of the seven seas. Their sudden appearance even surprised Aladdin, who was informed by Sinbad that they were previously warned about this situation by Yunana and Morigian, who also joined in on the battle against the medium. All this takes place in Magi Season 2 Episode 24 as the Anime was about to wrap up its Season with the best entrances in anime history.

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Itadori Yuji Destroys Mahito’s Dimension

When Itadori Yuji and Nanami went to take out Mahito, things got intense as Mahito figured out a way to defeat them. Their teamwork was perfect, and Mahito managed to separate them. It was easier for him to take out Nanami, but this did not happen, thanks to Yuji’s quick thinking because as soon as Manhito separated them, he activated his dimension expansion trapping Nanami inside and leaving Yujii by himself on the outside.

Inside the barrier, Mahito easily overwhelmed Nanami, and things were getting hopeless for him. All this intense action happens in Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 13 in case you were wondering which Episode Yuji managed to break into Mahito’s dimension expansion. This revealed another weakness of the dimension expansion that we did not take seriously before. Because one would think that the only way to do a dimension expansion will be through destroying it from the inside, but its weakest side proves to be its outer side.

Minato Enters Fourth Great Ninja War

When things got heated up in the fourth great ninja war, and the Ten tails was on a rampage on the battlefield, Shikamaru tried to use a last-minute plan to counter the ten tails’ attacks. But all this was not as effective as the ten tails attack managed to break through all of the defenses that the alliance could develop. This meant that something extraordinary had to happen. Otherwise, this would be the doom of the allied shinobi forces.

But in an instant, the tailed beat bomb vanished into thin air before Minato would make his grand entrance. Later on, he revealed that he had teleported it to the other side of the ocean after asking Naruto if he had arrived late in the battle. This was a flashy entrance by the fourth Hokage. And afterward, the other Hokages would arrive as Minato was the fastest of them all. So if you were looking for what Episode Minato joins the Fourth Great Ninja War, then this happens in Naruto Shippuden Episode 372.

Gojo Eliminates The Cursed Spirits

Mahito had his schemes to occupy Satoru Gojo, and they all went according to his plan. This happened during the invasion of the Goodwill event as it came to a climatic end. Initially, there was a barrier that would only keep Gojo out and would let anybody else through. With the students now in danger. Gojo had to figure out a way he could go and save his students. So this managed to occupy him long enough for Mahito to run his schemes in the background.

So we should look at what Episode does Gojo use The Hollow Purple technique for the first time. Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 20 covers all that happens until hell broke loose when Gojo finally undid the barrier that kept him out. He instantly wiped out all cursed spirits with minimal effort, and his entrance into the battlefield made this one of the best entrances in Anime. This was the first time we saw what Gojo was capable of, and it was terrifying as all of the cursed spirits had to scatter as soon as he arrived.

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Naruto And Sasuke Return With New Powers

Just when we have witnessed a great fight between Madara and Might Guy. Things could not get more interesting as we also got to witness the newly revived Naruto and Sasuke rejoin the battle against Madara. This was when Madara decided to play along with Might Guy’s attacks. And in the end, he barely managed to survive with his life thanks to his regenerative six paths powers.

Best Entrances In Anime

Sasuke and Naruto Return in Battle

Naruto immediately returned to the battlefield in a flashy appearance after stipping Guy’s life from fading out. He has possessed the six paths powers alongside Sasuke, who has gained a brand new rinnengan. So instead of taking Madara alone, Naruto declared that he and Sasuke would be the ones to defeat him. So if you were looking for what Episode is Sasuke and Naruto vs. Six paths Madara, then you should head over to Naruto Shippuden Episode 424 as their battle intensifies with Madara prioritizing getting his second Rinnengan.

White Beard Enters Marineford

Another interesting appearance that we have seen in One Piece anime was White Beard in battle. We knew that he was a Yonkou but we had not yet seen him in full power at the time. So seeing him finally making it to the battlefield was interesting. The Marines knew that White Beard would appear but they were not sure from which side or how he will make his appearance.

In the end, he arrived from underwater with his fleet, which was something unexpected. To understand this, we will have to look at which Episode Whitebeard enters the Marineford war. All this happened in One Piece Episode 460 as the world was still shocked by Ace’s true identity. Whitebeard and his allies ended up starting with their invasion from underwater as they wanted to rescue Ace, who was due for execution.

Sasuke Disturbs The Kage Summit

With Danzo appointed as the new Hokage, Sasuke was on his tail as he wanted to revenge on his brother’s death and the harsh life he had lived. So under Obito’s influence. Sasuke would stop at nothing to make sure that he gets Danzo no matter what it takes. Danzo was well aware of this, which explains why he took his best-trusted bodyguards along to the Five Kage summit.

This was after Sasuke had an intense fight with the Five Kage at once and managed to escape. With his only objective being Danzo. He proceeded to Danzo’s location and made a grand entrance right before Danzou’s eyes. But Danzo used this opportunity to make an escape as he was already trapped at the summit. For more details on this, you should check out Naruto Shippuden Episode 204, as it is the Episode in which Sasuke appears at the Five Kage Summit.

It is these moments that give most anime uniqueness because grand entrances like this one make fans follow a certain anime strictly because they will want to see more and more of that action and how things would continue going forward. With more Anime coming this Season, there will be more things to look at regarding what would make the best entrances in anime history.

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