Hanae Natsuki’s Cat – Konpei Debuts In Love All Play Anime Series

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Hanae Natsuki cat Konpei debuts

The Love All Play anime series is all set to release its First Episode on April 2, 2022. Asami Koseki’s Love All Play has gained many fans already, as Hanae Natsuki’s cat, Konpei is set to debut in the series. With a new month, a new series will unlock, and sports fans, especially, can’t wait to watch the First Episode. Did you know that a shuttlecock’s initial speed after a smash makes badminton the fastest sport in the world? Hiroshi Takeuchi, who was also involved in making Peacemaker Kurogane, is directing the ‘Love All Play’ series at Nippon Animation.

One would usually know that the animals in the anime series are actually voiced by humans. Rather, they seem so talented in their voice acting that the fans renounce it by saying it as something natural. The fans indeed can’t even distinguish between the human voice or if it was voiced by some animal. However, one recent update from a new series has made fans unable to resist the temptation. What is it?

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‘Love All Play’ Plot

The new series, Love All Play, has an interesting plot, with no resemblance to other series. The series follows the life of Ryō Mizushima. Ryō, a middle schooler, loved badminton and wanted to enter his middle school badminton team. However, because his school’s badminton team did not have a proper coach, Ryō could do no more than just rely on his physical abilities.

Hanae Natsuki's Cat, Konpei, Debuts in Love All Play Series
Ryō Mizushima

Despite lacking, Ryō was able to enter the prefectural tournament on his own. However, that was not enough for him. Passing out of his middle school, Ryō ended up at the prestigious Yokohama-Minato High School, where he joined the badminton team. There, he could see that the team was on a whole another level, and they even had the legendary coach Ebihara. With such a great team and a coach, will Ryō be able to gain the insight he was looking for?

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Love All Play Cast

Directed by Hiroshi Takeuchi, the casting for this new series includes Natsuki Hanae as the voice actor of Ryo Mizushima, Yohei Azakami as the voice actor of Shohei Sakaki, Makoto Furukawa as the voice actor of Kouki Matsuda, Kenshō Ono as the voice actor of Taichi Higashiyama, Tetsuya Kakihara as the voice actor of Yoji Higashiyama, Kaji Yuki as the voice actor of Teru Uchida, Kazuya Nakai as the voice actor of Hitoshi Ebihara, Shimba Tsuchiya as Hiroto Kadota and Minako Kotobuki as the voice actor of Rika Mizushima.

Hanae Natsuki's Cat, Konpei, Debuts in Love All Play Series
Love All Play Cast

Now, did you know the cast that has been recently revealed and who has been making everyone look forward to the series? It’s a cat, you see. Let’s find out more.

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Hanae Natsuki’s Cat – Konpei Debuts In Love All Play Anime Series

Hanae Natsuki, the voice actor of Ryō Mizushima, the protagonist, has brought up his cat along with him to work! He didn’t only bring him to work, but he brought his cat for work! Natsuki is said to be fond of cats, his pet cat Konpei. It will be the first time for Konepi, his debut in a way, that he will appear as a cast member.

Hanae Natsuki's Cat, Konpei, Debuts in Love All Play Series
Konpei debuts as Ramune in the Love All Play anime series, set to be released on April 2

In the ‘Love All Play’ series, there is a cat named Ramune, who wanders around the school, and who will be voiced by Konpei. This surprise casting was revealed in a stage presentation at the Anime Japan 2022. This was also announced on the series’ official Twitter account. Natsuki’s and Konpei’s fans have been pretty excited about this special casting. They are really looking forward to not only Konpei’s debut but also to the anime series.

There has also been news roaming around that the real-life badminton players Yūta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino will be making their appearance in the anime ‘Love All Play.’ This has just made fans look forward to the series more.

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