Best Berserk Quotes from Manga and Anime

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Griffith and Guts
Best Quotes from Berserk

Berserk began its serialization in 1989 and continued until the death of the late manga artist Kento Miura. The Berserk manga has sold more than 50 million copies and won multiple awards for its brilliancy. The last chapter, chapter 364 for the manga released on September 10th, 2021. Although, it is not the final chapter of the series. Sadly, we might never get to see the end of the dark fantasy story. Though, We can always remember this brilliant work of art and story writing by appreciating its aspects.

One of the best berserk quotes is “In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the Hand Of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.” – Kento Miura. This might be one of the best berserk quotes. It was said none other by our late “Kento Miura”. Every die-hard fan of berserk will know these quotes. Berserk is a dark fantasy series written and illustrated by Kento Miura.

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Why quotes are the souls of the characters and storytelling?

There are a lot of things that make an anime, manga, or any story reach its peak. It could be that great work of art and animation, the awesome uplifting OSTs, character development, story, and many more. But the one that differs for each person and to their liking are the quotes said by the characters. Quotes are so powerful and beautiful that connects the viewer or reader to the emotions of the characters. Sometimes, quotes drive so many emotions that one could relate to them.

Berserk is also an anime with many great quotes. The quotes in this anime and manga are so strong that they will leave a long-lasting effect on the readers. So for today’s post, let’s take a look at some of the…

Best berserk quotes from the manga and anime

1) “Throughout my life, the moments, and people who have defined me… they have all been illuminated by sparks.” – Guts

This is by far the best quote by Guts in berserk. In this quote, Guts is appreciating the people, moments, hardship, failure, and goodness in his life. This quote is highly relatable to all the people in this world. Everyone at least once in their life goes through a hard moment. There are times people take wrong turns, or someone who is been cheated or fraud, or they have faced failure in something.

Smiling Guts

Despite that, there are moments in our life that helps us develop as a character. In the end, these moments give us a life lesson. It teaches us a different view that we did not know. We must overcome this and move on. Throughout this, we also learn that there are people and things who have been by your side and how you should cherish and appreciate them. It’s always so emotional when our favorite anime and manga give us such a good life lesson.

2) “You cry a lot when you are alone, Don’t you Casca?” – Judeau

The final words of Judea in Berserk. This quote from berserk carries heavy meaning. Judeau was smart, moral, innocent and most of all he was kind in Berserk’s immoral world. This is one of the best quotes from berserk due to the heavy meanings and emotions these words carry.

Smiling Judeau
Judeau from the Berserk Movie

While dying in the arms of Casca, Judeau said “you cry a lot when you are alone, don’t you casca?”. He said some words but meant entirely something else. We could see through Judeau’s affection for Casca that he loved her. He wanted to be by her side. Till the end, Judeau was worried about Casca. Regretting that he couldn’t convey his affection for her. Judea died worrying about her.

3) “If you desire one thing for so long, It’s a given that you’ll miss other things along the way. That’s how it is… that’s Life.” – Godo

Being a truly devoted blacksmith, Godo has missed out on lots of other beautiful things in life. He never seemed to do anything other than crafting beautiful and powerful swords. From this quote, you can understand that Godo has left out on lots of beautiful things in life. Only after starting to take care of a small girl “Erica”, he understands the different perspective of life. “The joy of human connection” is what Godo saw in taking care of Erica.

Godo with Erica and guts from the anime
Godo with Erica and guts

Fans of the Berserk community seem to solely know the character as a blacksmith who crafted Guts sword and weaponry. But he is more than that. Godo helped Guts look at a different view of life. He helped Guts have his own mindset of life. Guts have always been over the edge, feeling insecure whether it’s about a person or something else. Only with the conversation with Godo, does Guts realize there are way more different aspects in life. This is one of the best quotes from berserk since it helped Guts develop as more human.

The following are the most beautiful quotes from Berserk. Rather, it is a speech of dreams by Griffith.

4) “Why are most men so preoccupied with bloodshed? It’s true that men possess a side that is rather savage as you’ve already observed. But its purpose is to win things that are precious as well as protect them. You could say it’s like a double edge sword. Love and honor are both important things, they are the things a knight is willing to die for. It’s the reason they take up arms. – Griffith

These quotes have been said in many different ways in the berserk series. The one that I have posted here is from the Movie, Berserk Golden Arc 1. This beautiful speech starts with Griffith explaining to princess Charlotte the ways of the men and why men seek violence.

Griffith giving a speech about the “dreams”

He beautifully explains that some men, knights have a purpose to defend. Love and honor, are things they are willing to die for and that is why they must use violence in order to protect.

5) “However, for a man, I believe there is something that goes beyond that. Something even more precious. They’re driven to pursue it, so driven, they do it entirely for their own sake. It’s their dream!” – Griffith

He further explains how a man with dreams and a man with a purpose to protect something are different. A man drove to pursue his dream that he does it entirely for his own sake.

Berserk quotes
Griffith giving a speech about the “dreams”

We can understand that Griffith is explaining that a man becomes selfish to achieve his men. A man is willing to do anything to achieve his dreams.

6) “A dream… Men yearn for their dreams, regardless of their class and no matter what their achievements have been. One can be sustained by their dream, hurt by their dream, revived by their dream, or even killed by it. And though one might be abandoned by his own dream even then it will smolder in his heart forever. One should know what it feels like to strive for such goals. To willingly martyr yourself to the god-named “Dream”. I find it abhorrent to simply live out my life for no other reason than I was born into it.” – Griffith

This is where we see Griffith explaining the dark aspects of men’s dreams. This also foreshadows so much coming into the series later. These might seem like simple quotes but they carry so much weight. He exaggerates the dark ways of dreams. “One can be sustained by their dream, hurt by their dream, revived by their dream, or even killed by it.” These quotes say a lot of different things.

Best Berserk quotes
Griffith giving a speech about the “dreams”

And to conclude his speech of dreams, Griffith says that a man should envision such a life once. A life spent as a martyr to the god-named “Dream”. He says that he cannot abide a life where you are born, and to then simply live for no better reason. A dream is what makes a man keep moving forward.

7) “The man who would be my friend must have a reason for living that goes beyond me. And he should put his heart and soul into protecting this dream, even if it means opposing me. For me to call a man my friend, he must be my equal in every aspect.” – Griffith

Charlotte says that Griffith is such a marvelous man and that is why his friends follow him. But Griffith denies her. He says that they are only his comrade. A man who is my friend must have his own dreams, even if it meant opposing Griffith.

Best berserk quotes
Chapter 12 screenshot from the manga

Guts upon hearing this realize that the man he called his friend sees him as nothing but as another pawn to achieve his dream. He realizes the gap between them. And this is where all things take a turn in the series. These quotes from berserk are from the 12th chapter of the manga. These quotes from berserk were said so early but they are the most important quotes ever in berserk. This is why this quotes, this speech of dreams from berserk is the best.

8) “People bring the small flames of their wishes together… since they don’t want to extinguish the small flame… they’ll bring that small flame to a bigger fire. A big flame named Griffith. But you know… I didn’t bring a flame with me. I think I just stopped by to warm myself by the bonfire.” – Guts

This quote is from chapter 22, Volume 7 in berserk’s manga. The title of the chapter is “Campfire Dreams”. This chapter brings a quality in what guts is thinking and what his mindset is. In this quote, Guts is telling that every member of a band of the hawk has dreams. They all are bringing their flames, their small wishes to a bigger wish, a bigger flame named Griffith.

Guts from the episode “campfire of dreams”

Since Guts don’t have any dreams of his own, he is trying to say that he is leaving the band of the hawk. Guts feel outcasted among the members who are trying to fulfill their dreams with Griffith. He only joined the band of the hawks to see how people have their dreams, own wishes, and purpose in life. Guts, who always seemed alone just wanted to have a different perspective in life. Although, in the end, he thinks that he doesn’t deserve a life with hope and dreams. And overhearing Griffith about how he doesn’t his comrades as friends rather just pawns, Guts feels betrayed. Hence, he is leaving the Band of the Hawk with these beautiful words.

It is so unfortunate that we won’t get to see the end of this dark acclaimed fantasy. Though we can always read the manga by purchasing the digital or prints on amazon. Or watch the anime by clicking here.

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