Berserk Ending Explained & Plot Summary

berserk ending explained
Berserk (2019)

Well, let us clear one thing first, this is not the anime or manga Berserk, this is the 2019 dark comedy movie that had managed to blow people’s minds. However, this movie did not get quite an appreciation or recognition because of its dark comedy. Most dark comedies usually cannot come to the mainstream, because everyone cannot catch the standard of the humour that is set in the movie. Hence, for people who want to understand the movie, and enjoy it. Hence, in this article, we will be going over Berserk Ending Explained and also more about the movie.

Unfortunately, the rating of the movie was quite low.Of course, Berserk is not something that is to be watched with your friends in the theatres, perhaps that is the reason why the movie did not get much recognition. If you like dark comedies, then you might enjoy this movie. If you are not into such movies, then we would recommend you not to go for it.

Berserk Plot

Before we get into the ending of the movie, and what it could mean, let us go through the plot of the movie Berserk. So the movie begins with two friends Evan and Raffy trying to complete their script on a zombie movie which would also help them to get their big break. However, they feel that the script should be more authentic, and decide to go on an “acid trip” or just take in weeds and stuff to stimulate the fear among them. However, what follows is a crazy string of events that will leave anyone feeling confused. The storyline needed a bit more strength and even comedic timing, which would have held everything together.

berserk ending explained
A scene from the movie.

However, we get to find out that both the friends face a lot of fear as first their friend gets murdered by them, then Raffy’s crazy ex-girlfriend also comes up with a gun and tries to shoot Raffy. Soon after which, a policeman named Duane comes to their house to search. All of this leads to a massive commotion, where we find both the friends trying to kill each other even. There is a lot going in the movie at one point and you may find yourself lost in the whole game.

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Berserk Ending Explained

As we come to the end, things seemed to be more bizarre and out of control. Evan has tied Raffy up in a chair as he had tried to kill him before. What follows next is a climax that no one had anticipated. Raffy reveals that he was only pretending everything. Previously, it was said that Evan had been thrown out of his agency. Raffy reveals that it was all his plan, as he saw potential in the zombie script. However, Evan was not paying much heed to the script once he was in the agency. They also come to know that Duane is not a policeman but a crazy stalker who was paid by the media to get pictures of Raafy and his ex-girlfriend.

berserk ending explained
A scene from the movie.

Duane tries to kill Jazz with the gun, however, Evan tries to fight him, and gets shot instead. As he is dying he tells that a hero should die in the end. However, what is ironic is that Jazz tells Raffy that they need a new writer now that Evan has died. There is a high chance that the makers of the show might be hinting at people’s roles in their own lives and others. In his own life, Evan was a hero, who had died nobly for his friend and others. However, for his friends for whom he gave his life up, he was merely anything but just a writer of their breakthrough script. This is quite disheartening that we die thinking that we might be the main character, but we are just a small side character or a prop for someone and nothing else.

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