Assassination Classroom Watch Order: From Specials to Movie

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Assassination Classroom Watch Order
Assassination Classroom Watch Order: From Specials To Movie

Let’s talk about the Assassination Classroom watch order. We’ll also talk about why you should watch this series. Assassination Classroom is one of the popular Shounen anime series in terms of comedy and action. The reason for this is its over-the-top characters and a simple plot that hooks you from the get-go. Many netizens still argue if the protagonist of the anime Koro Sensei (Teacher) is the best anime teacher of all time or not. Assassination Classroom anime is adapted from the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Yusei Matsui.

The Story follows Koro Sensei and the students of 3-E Kunugigaoka Junior High School. One day suddenly with a massive explosion, the moon is blasted into a Crescent and the credit for this is taken upon by a yellow tentacled monster. He threatens the world government that he will destroy the earth in a year. His only demand that stands out is that he wants to be a teacher of Kunugigaoka Junior High school Class 3-E students.

The government accepts and gives the students of Class 3-E the impossible task to assassinate the monster. Will the students be able to assassinate Koro Sensei? Or what is the reason behind the monster choosing a particular batch of students? Well, watch Assassination Classroom anime to find out. Here are all the details about the Assassination Classroom watch Order.

Why watch Assassination Classroom anime?

Assassination Classroom is a hidden gem in itself. The story might seem peculiar but it is far more interesting and inspiring than many anime you have watched so far. The main attraction of the anime is Koro-sensei, at first glance you might notice this character to be a violent creature who descended upon earth to torture children. But in reality, he’s just a simple regular Junior High teacher who comes to class, takes attendance, and teaches while also avoiding deadly attacks from a student at the same time. What Inspiration one might get from watching Assassination Classroom Anime?

Assassination Classroom Watch Order - Koro Sensei Funny
Koro Sensei having fun with students of Class 3-E

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Well, the one message that this anime will give you is to “never give up”. This applies to all the students of Class 3-E, they were known as the worst class of the entire Junior High. All the students of Class 3-E face problems like low self Esteem and Discrimination. And Throughout the anime, you will notice how much change will insight upon all those students due to Koro sensei’s teachings.

Is the Manga of Assassination Classroom better than Anime?

Many fans are curious to know if they should choose reading manga over watching anime. The answer is simple, manga is the main source of the story, and it’s also true that it might contain some important hidden details that one might find interesting. But in comparison to that, the anime of Assassination Classroom is very well Produced and animated. The music is very soulful and most of all the voice artists have done a great job. You will definitely enjoy watching this anime.

Assassination Classroom Watch Order - Anime vs Manga
Assassination Classroom Anime vs Manga

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Assassination Classroom Watch Order

Here is the watch order for Assassination Classroom.

1. Special – Assassination Classroom: Meeting Time

It’s a short Episode with a Duration of 9 Minutes. This showcased a fight between Koro Sensei and a government agent Tadaomi Karasuma.

2. Assassination Classroom Season 1

Season 1 of Assassination Classroom anime has a total of 22 Episodes.

3. Ova Episode – Assassination Classroom: Assassination Room

It’s a single episode with a duration of 30 minutes. It covers important manga chapters.

4. The Season 2 of Assassination Classroom

Season 2 of Assassination Classroom anime has a total of 25 Episodes.

5. Mini-Series – Assassination Classroom: Extracurricular Lessons

This mini-series of Assassination Classroom anime has a total of 8 episodes. It covers important chapters of Volume 19 of the manga.

6. Mini-Series – Assassination Classroom: Koro Sensei Quest

This mini-series of Assassination Classroom anime has a total of 12 Episodes. This is a spin-off series based in another setting.

7. Movie – Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days

This movie is a compilation of the main story of Assassination Classroom anime.

You can watch Assassination Classroom anime on Netflix.

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