Anime Similar To The Devil Is A Part-Timer! You Should Watch

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anime similar to the devil is a part-timer
The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

You have just finished (or sometime back) The Devil Is a Part-Timer! and now you are on the hunt to watch something similar. Lucky for you, we have brought a list of a few anime that are similar to The Devil Is a Part-Timer. It does not matter if you have watched The Devil Is A Part-Timer! or not.

Stick to the end of the article, and we are sure you will find some very, very cool articles to binge on, and you will want to thank me afterward. Before looking at anime similar to The Devil Is A Part-Timer! we need to know what is The Devil Is A Part-Timer! about.

What Is The Story Of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!?

Yes, you guessed it correctly, the anime is about a devil working as a part-timer. Demon lord Satan wants to control the world of Ente Isla. He and his entourage are ambushed by the hero Emilia. Satan and Alciel escape to Ente Isla. They both take up the form of humans and start to blend in and live a normal life among them.

Originally started as a light novel, it was adapted into a manga a year later. The manga is currently ongoing since February 2011, so there is not going to be any shortage of new content for the fans. If this did not satisfy you, there is a prequel manga too which ran between May 2012 to February 2015. The first season of The Devil Is A Part-Timer! came back in 2013. It has been almost ten years since the first season came out, and the fans cannot wait anymore.

The second season for The Devil Is A Part-Timer! was announced back in December 2021 and has been in development since then. With the second season almost around the corner, fans might want to brush up on their memories of the first season. If you have already done that, you might want to look at some similar anime down below.

Blood Lad

There is a peculiar vampire in the world of demons. He goes by the name Staz Charlie Blood. He is not the normal everyday vampire that you see. Staz might be the only vampire not to drink human blood. Yes, he does not drink human blood. He does have one interest, though. He is very fond of the items from the human world, more so ever in Japan. Yes, our vampire is an Otaku, just like us all. He loves anime, manga, and games from Japan. One day Staz’s happiness knows no bounds when his dream comes true. A Japanese high school girl named Fuyumi enters the demon world by mistake. Just before Staz could do anything, she was killed.

anime similar to the devil is a part-timer
Blood Lad

Staz vows to bring her back to life. What will he do? How will he revive Fuyumi? All these questions will be answered once you watch the anime. Make sure to check it out.

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Denki-gai no Honya-san (Denki-gai)

Denki-gai revolves around the various employees of a certain shop. What shop? You may ask, well, this shop is a manga shop going by the name Books Umanohone. Umio is our cute protagonist of the show. We see her everyday interactions with people around her. These people she is surrounded with are unique in their own way. Sensei, an aspiring mangaka, Kantoku, a video obsessed person always recording his co-workers on his camera, Sommelier- the I don’t talk much, but I know more than you (quiet kid in short), Kameko, a camera obsessed girl, the shy girl Hiotan, and a zombie obsessed female worker named Fu Girl.

anime similar to the devil is a part-timer
Denki Gai

What follows is something you would not want to miss out on. The show has funny and adorable moments in every episode. Expect a lot of humor from this show and its characters which are as memorable as the show itself.


This show also talks about a god. The god here is named Yato. Yato is not a well-known god. But like every other god, he wishes to be famous and wants to be revered by everyone. To get everyone to like him and treat him as a god, he does any job a human asks for. He does work for the humans for 5 yen.


One day a girl named Hiyori Iki saves Yato. This results in her soul frequently traveling between the human world and the demon world. She then befriends Yato. Hiyori wishes Yato to fix her body, to which Yato agrees. Thereon begins the adventure of Yato, Hiyori, and Regalia (Yato’s weapon).


The anime we have so far recommended are short ones. We do not think that any of those anime have 30+ episodes. Here is a long anime that you can enjoy for a long time. Beelzebub has 60 episodes that aired from January 2011 to March 2012. On top of this, there is an OVA too. So, you can enjoy this anime without having to worry about finishing it quickly.

anime similar to the devil is a part-timer

Oga Tatsumi finds a baby at a riverbank and starts raising him as his own. Unknown to him, this child is the son of a demon lord who is destined to destroy mankind. The story follows the fun adventures of Oga trying to raise the child and managing his high school life. The anime is full of wholesome moments, fun, humor, and parody.

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

Yes, this is the name of the next anime on this list. Unfortunately, only the name is long, while the show has only 12 episodes and one OVA. But, it is worth watching and a real joyride. The name of the anime is often shortened and is called ‘Yuushibu’.

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

Raul Chaser, our protagonist, is a not-so-lucky man. He wants to become a hero, a people’s hero. He trains harder and harder day by day to defeat the demon lord feared by the people. Before he could graduate from school, the demon lord was defeated. With his sole aim not achievable anymore, he takes up a job at a local shop. Raul is living a quiet life until he meets Fino. Fino is the daughter of the now-dead demon lord. She applies at the same store as Raul, and the story takes an interesting turn. The anime is very pretty, not just Fino, but everything else is pretty too. The animation is very beautiful and will make you hooked up.

These are the anime similar to The Devil is a Part-Timer!

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