7 Series Which Are Similar To ‘Secrets of Playboy’ That You Can’t Miss

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Secrets Of Playboy

In today’s world, the entertainment industry’s enhancement or advancement is pushing through the boundaries. Since there is a lot of demand, every consumer or viewer wants something that serves their potential fantasy and desires. Some requirements have to be fulfilled being within a basic limit. But other than that entertainment industry is pushing its boundaries. Also if one has to blame the world now. Then the question might arise that earlier day, it was a brand like Playboy which served it on a platter to people who needed them. Recently, a show called Secrets of Playboy had released on the 24th of January 2022. And everyone is just shaken by the nitty-gritty inside the brand Playboy. And since then, viewers are on a roll to find a series similar to Secrets of Playboy.

Secrets of Playboy is a drama series that comprises archival footage and exclusive interviews from all over the world who are involved with Playboy. The series dwells into the dark spectrum of Hugh Hefner’s world. Which was created to push the potential of power and sexuality to a whole new different limit. Many of the interviewes are from different facets of the Playboy world and are certainly coming ahead to share their stories for the first time. Hence, the unravelling truth behind a glamourous and fantasy filled world is at a naked display for the first time. Such TV shows are inspiring and fascinating to binge at, there are many such shows on the platforms and the spectrum. Which may provoke certain unanswered questions. Below are some of those series that may feel similar to Secrets of Playboy to you.

Curse of the Chippendales

This show is all about the misunderstood and the so-called un-forgiven stripper’s community. Considering the specificity, Chippendales is a touring dance troupe best known for its male striptease performances. Just like the Secrets of Playboy, Curse of the Chippendales is a series that involves various and numerous archival clips and interviews from the exotic performer’s industry. The industry is stained and everyone has had preconceived notions before everything. But Curse of the Chippendales explores the cultural juggernauts that went on during the years between the 1980s and 1990s. The bits and pieces of the industry and the premium business leads of the industry were interviewed in the show. The series not only ensure the little details but also explores the unseen bits of the industry through the closest of eyes possible.

Curse of the Chippendales
Poster of Curse of the Chippendales

Pam and Tommy

The show explores one of the most controversial topics of the early days of the internet age. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were involved in a sex tape scandal. And that is the core topic of the show. But the little details of that case were always the topic of gossip back then. In the year 1997, the sex tape was released by a contractor who bootlegged the tape into the VHS market and then there were repercussions. This whole incident then became a huge sensation over the years. And then was transformed into a yellow page piece for many.

This series explores the intersection of privacy and technology complementing each other to cause certain problems for people who desperately want to stick to the shadows for certain reasons but cannot for the advancements. Although, some are somewhat hated by the shadows because they want the light on them. Hence the parallels are showcased very well in this Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s 8 episode Hulu series.

Pam and Tommy
Stills from Pam and Tommy

Ken and Barbie Killers: The Lost Murder Tapes

2021, the controversial serial killing duo documentary series is just the darkest content available on any platform right now. Ken and Barbie Killers: The Lost Murder Tapes is about two of the most good-looking cute couple getting married in the neighbourhood and living happily after. Until a twist in the love tale comes into the play. The happily married couple turned out to be accomplices of each other and were concluded as one of the most notorious serial killers of all time.

The dark path of the couple is a must to watch because if someone likes a gripping and thrilling documentary with a whole lot of authentic real footage it adds up to the eerie-ness. It is on the same track just as Secret of Playboys. Because the hideous married couple turned out to be serial killers. This is just like the hideous Playboy secrets revealed through the sheen of glamour and fantasy.

Real Ken and Barbie killers

BTK: Confession of a Serial Killer

This show unravels the details of the crimes and psyche of notorious serial killer Dennis Rader. Which is by far one of the most interesting serial killers in the world. The documentary showcases the exploration into the serial killer Rader’s mind and psyche. Rader is a person who is said to be serving 10 life sentences. And those particular instances for which he is serving those sentences are to be believed as one of the most gruesome crimes ever committed by a human being. His crimes later became a learning experience to a lot of people who wanted to investigate complex cases like this afterwards.

Still from BTK: Confession of a serial killer
Still from BTK: Confession of a serial killer (courtesy- A&E)

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a fascinating persona and a sex symbol to the world. Technically this 2022 mini-series follows her footsteps from her rise to fall and beyond. Marilyn Monroe was said to be way ahead of her time. Her personality, her symbolism, her agenda was advanced and many could not digest the fact that she was present to push the advancement of the thoughts of society. The mini-series is narrated by Jessica Chastain and her narration makes the show very quirky and fun. This show frames upon fantasy, popularity and glamour with a tinge of controversy. Which fits perfectly to the thematic base which every fan of this genre loves to see, feel and emote. Marilyn Monroe’s legacy is entirely based on certain emotions and tonality, that has been captured fantastically and the older archived videos and interviews are just glittering on it all.

Poster of Reframed Marilyn Monroe
Poster of Reframed Marilyn Monroe

Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a story about a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delvey. Who is an Instagram heiress and sensation who ends up getting loved and then cons everyone she partners up with? The show follows the rule of deceit through innocence and poise. The series is only a season old and has caught hold of a lot of attention over the past few months. Worldwide there has been a huge buzz over this series. The entire show focusses upon a single question; is Anna a con-woman who is by far the most cunning one in the world. Or she is just a woman who is just hustling too hard to get to the usual ‘American Dream’. The tone in the show belongs to the sheer misuse of popularity and fame through the likes of deceit and conning.

Still from Inventing Anna
Still from Inventing Anna

Surprisingly the series was adapted from an article ‘How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People’ written by Jessica Pressler. This makes the show one of the finest ones because of the plot. And given details was thinner than usual as it was just an article content. The series required a huge amount of research which was done halfway by Jessica Pressler. Because she is the investigating journalist who wrote the article and along with the credit of being an Executive producer for the show.

The Girls Next Door

The Girls Next Door is by far the longest-running show in the listicle. The series ran for 6 seasons in total and revolves around the women who are ambitious but through the lit part of the glam world. Hugh Hefner and his fantasy island gets introduced to a dozen women in by the hour and those women loved to lead a life through the lavish taste of Hefner in his Playboy Mansion. So the show follows the women into the world of Playboy and helps the viewers to watch through their eyes.

The girls next door Cast
The cast of The Girls Next Door

Once one looks into the world everyone feels the same and gets sucked into it. But very few realize the real deal. The real deal is a secret beyond the closed doors of the Playboy Mansion. The Girls Next Door is the show which gets the world an insight into the whole Playboy community. This show is directly related to Secrets of Playboy because of the theme and also it makes us realize that Playboy’s name is always directly proportional to class and status.

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