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How To Watch School 2021? The Famous High School Rom-Com

where to watch school 2021

School 2021 has a talented cast as well as a very interesting storyline. The plot of School 2021 follows the story of high school students who follow their ambitions rather than taking an entrance exam and going off to school. The viewers follow the student discovering more about love, friendship, and passion by living in this intense environment. The main chaarcetsr fo School 2021 consist of Kong Ji Joon, Jung Young Joo, Jin Ji Won, Kang Seo Young, and Lee Kang Hoon. Kong Ji Joon is a very hardworking person whether it be in his school or his workplace, he always works hard. 

Due to an injury, he can’t continue his eleven-year-old dream of Taekwondo and feels reasonably lost. Jung Young Joo is a transfer student that is harboring a secret that is related to Kong Ji Joon’s past. In the group of friends, there is Jin Ji Won is really confident about the path she wants to take even though she and her mother are in conflict due to her decision. As for Kang Seo Young, she is a really bright and intelligent student who is preparing for her college entrance exams all by herself. Not only that, but Kang So Yeon is also targeting one of the top five colleges in Korea. 

The guide of these four students is their teacher Lee Kang Hoon who is a new addition to the Department of Architecture. He is now thirty-nine years old but still grows along with his students. The cast of School 2021 also consists of former X1 member Kim Yo Han ( A Love So Beautiful), Cho Yi Hyun ( All of Us Are Dead), Choo Young Woo ( You Make Me Dance), Hwang Bo Reum Byeol (Can I Step In?) and Jun Suk Ho (Misaeng: Incomplete Life). 

Looking at the storyline and cast you might have figured out why so many people want to watch School 2021. We will be cleaning all your doubts regarding where to watch School 2021, so hop on!

Where To Watch School 2021: Know All The Streaming Details

School 2021 is available to watch exclusively only on one official streaming website. You can watch School 2021 on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription. Then, you can comfortably enjoy the cast’s chemistry and the touching story of School 2021 in high quality with subtitles in many languages and without any interruptions. Not to forget, that this K-series is part of the iconic School series, one of the favorite series of K-drama fans.

how to watch school 2021

A still from School 2021

The show was initially going to be called School 2020 but due to its delayed release, the producers changed the K-drama’s name and even revised the scripts. Through, School 2021 Kim Yo Han won the Best New Actor at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards, and Kim Yo Han and Cho Yi Hyun won the Best couple award at the 2021 KBS drama Awards. Now that we have filled you up on everything from where to watch to how to watch School 2021, get some popcorn and start watching the K-drama already!

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