Amish Witches Ending Explained: Why Did It End Abruptly?

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Amish Witches
Amish Witches

Halloween weekend is approaching, which means you will need something genuinely frightful to watch while watching your terrifying TV binge or getting ready for any additional Halloween celebrations you have scheduled. Well, Lifetime has the movie you’re looking for. On October 29, 2016, the broadcaster debuted the Amish movie Witches: The True Story of Holmes County. The show claimed to be real, but many viewers were not convinced. Nevertheless, the show gained its following, but though the captivating horror had its viewers at the end of their seats, many were confused by how it ended. You know how it is with all these horror movies.

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Given its intriguing idea and excellent actresses like Nicole Rodenburg, Michelle Young, and Hayley Palmaer, the film has developed a sizable fan base. Many viewers, in particular, can’t help but laud the story and suspenseful aspects of the movie. You want to think the Lifetime picture is genuinely based on a catchy phrase they put in that it was actual circumstances. Still, it is not, but what occurred in the movie of this interesting title and the elements that took place in the story mean so much more. So, no need to be disappointed because if you are looking for answers, we have got them.

A Little Synopsis Of The Film

The video certainly swings toward a Blair Witch atmosphere, beginning with caution concerning “found footage” for a television reality show produced in the Amish community of Holmes County in the state of Ohio. To shoot a reality program, Will, Katie Ann, Dave, and Conor travel to Ohio. Isaac, an Amish guy, meets them there. He advises them to conceal their shooting equipment and tattoos, which he refers to as inscriptions of the Beast. Because the Bishop has forbidden photography, it will be a covert production. While shooting, the camera crew comes upon Iva and Rebecca, two Amish witches who live in a home. Isaac refuses to allow them to shoot the house since she has been expelled from the neighborhood.

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Amish Witches
Amish Witches (2016)

Two Amish women, Ruthie and Esther, participate in the encounter. Esther hides her witchcraft despite being descended from a long history of Amish sorcerers. Amish witch grandmother of Esther, Rebecca, passes dead. The Bishop does not favor a conventional funeral since she is ostracized. To help to care for the corpse, Esther, with her pals, relocates into the residence, followed by the reality series cameras. Strange occurrences begin to take place in the Amish Witch’s home. Nighttime sounds, fingerprints, and visitation with a baby are all strange occurrences after dusk.

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Ending Of The Amish Witches Explained

The funeral is held without the presence of the Bishop, and it is not blessed. But things swiftly get out of hand as a frightening scarecrow and a devil’s pentagram appears. An Amish witch visiting the village from Indiana is discovered swinging from a tree. The corpse disappears when the television crew returns with both Amish girls after capturing the scene with their cameras. They cannot see the Bishop since he would find out about the unlawful recording. Following further unexpected incidents, the video crew installs security cameras throughout the property. The camera crew spends the entire night waiting to watch the film. Several video clips show sleeping females and doors being slammed.

In the darkness of the night, Ruthie slips outside to interfere with the cameras. She is the top suspect in connection with the sinister events. The Bishop eventually appears and accuses Esther of witchcraft and sentences her. Ruthie had drugged her and informed the Bishop that they were being filmed. Amish women exhume Rebecca’s corpse.

Then a malevolent spirit appears and begins murdering the Amish. Conor and Esther live despite many others passing away. They discuss it in a cafe. After being shunned and no longer wearing Amish clothing as a result of her defection, Esther is assured that her grandma will watch out for her, and the movie closes on a positive note, or so it seems, but we get to see Katie’s tombstone.

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Return to Amish
Return to Amish

The movie is understandable and obvious, but its abrupt ending has thrown many into a loop. But as it so happens, the movie is supposed to act as a prequel to “Return to Amish,” released in 2014, within Lifetime’s Amish spectrum, along with “Breaking Amish,” where these Amish people seemingly come back to their land after this horrifying incident. The movie is left on the open end to facilitate the audience’s imagination to fill in what happened between the end of this 2016 project and the series.

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